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Roaring Women Business Organization Membership Information


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Watch this presentation to learn a little about Roaring Women. To learn more visit us at

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Roaring Women Business Organization Membership Information

  1. 1. ?W h y jo in u s ?W h y jo in u s We believe in success on our own terms…
  2. 2. W e a r e a B u s in e s s O r g a n iz a t io n  Geared towards the needs of small and medium sized business  Offering services and opportunities that foster business and personal growth  Supporting members through services that  Promote their good name and that of their business  Educate them, keep them innovative and on the leading edge of business  Connect them to clients, services, and opportunities that help them provide great services and products to their clients
  3. 3. N o R u le s O r g a n iz a t io n  No silly rules  Enough business for everyone  Good business revolves around education, support, innovation, leadership and mentorship  Our core values are  Respect  Empathy  Courage  Innovation  Diversity
  4. 4. Th e w e b s it e h o m e p a g e
  5. 5. N e t w o r k in g B u s in e s s M e e t in g s
  6. 6. –A d v is o r y B o a r d s f o r s e r io u s b u s in e s s o w n e r s  Advisory boards run by a certified business coach  4 hours monthly – 8 member maximum  Two hour workshop followed by problem solving for each business  Intimate networking amongst members  Support from the coach and other members
  7. 7. ….P r o f ile S ilv e r a n d G o ld le v e ls
  8. 8. Th e b e n e f it s o f a s ilv e r o r g o ld  Promotion on the web  10-15 Professional Business Photos  Professionally written profile/story  E- newsletter  Add articles, sound-bites, coupons to your profile  Members area – workshops, message boards  Google-able, ranking in top 5  Merchant services  Health Benefits, Phone services  Reduced prices on business services of all kinds  Free display tables at all meetings/reduced entry fees  30 minutes free coaching  3 months of free membership on  Plugged into National Network
  9. 9. ’M e m b e r s a r e a  Access to your profile, free workshops and more!
  10. 10. R e s o u r c e s a n d S e r v ic e s  Roaring Women Radio (be a guest!)  Business Articles  Recommended Book List  Health Benefits for entrepreneurs  Merchant Services  PR Services  Business and Marketing Services  This is only the beginning!
  11. 11. …M o r e t h a n t h e b a s ic s  You can find basic business organizations in any town and on the internet  We are committed to excellence, innovation and communicating new skills and services to our members – we will never be just another business organization  If you are looking for more than just the basics, and want to be in on the leading edge of business strategy – you have come to the right place
  12. 12. S u c c e s s o n y o u r o w n t e r m s  We accept applicants who  Have their own definition of success and live by it  Are determined to succeed and serious about what they do  Love what they do and find joy in doing it  Are willing to ask for help  Are willing to help others  Believe in fair trade for fair value  Make no excuse, are willing to risk to propel their business forward  Make no complaint but instead take leadership in change
  13. 13. G o ld m e m b e r s h ip w it h !c o a c h in g
  14. 14. S ilv e r m e m b e r s h ip le v e l
  15. 15. B r o n z e m e m b e r s h ip le v e l
  16. 16. A r e Yo u a R o a r in g ?W o m a n  “Building a ‘Roaringly Successful’ business is not for the faint of heart, or for those who do not have the courage to stretch beyond what they previously reached.  We want to be partners in your success and then to help us to help others do the same. To do this we all must take a firm stand, follow our gut, become more innovative and be the best at what we do.  We are changing the way business is done – and we are teaching our daughters to do the same.”  Are you a “Roaring Woman?”
  17. 17. W e a r e a c c e p t in g a p p lic a t io n s We are currently accepting applications for membership. Please go to for more information If you have already decided that you are a Roaring Woman we look forward to connecting with you If you need more information please contact us at 1 888 726 3361