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  1. 1. Presented by Celia Bandelier
  2. 2. What is Google?  “Googol” is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros.  The company’s mission is to organize the immense amount of information on the Web.  They sell the advertising displayed on their site and on other sites across the web.  Google’s founder are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  It is now widely recognized as the world’s largest search engine—an easy-to-use free service that usually returns relevant results in a fraction of a second.
  3. 3. How does Google work?  Like other search engines, Google uses a Web crawler program (aka spiders or robots) to search its vast databases, looking for keyword(s) you typed in and bringing back a list of results that match those keyword(s).  You scroll through the results, read the little blurb that accompanies each one, and click on the blue, underlined link to go directly to the specific page.
  4. 4. Let’s go to Google  Type in the Address window and press enter.
  5. 5. Ways to Search-Keyword  Keyword search-uses multiple keywords.  example: kona vacation rentals  Google ignores common words and certain single digits and letters. It also adjusts keywords to broaden a search.  Example search for “dietary needs” will also return “diet needs”.
  6. 6. Query Suggestions  As you begin typing keywords, a list of suggestions will appear. If one of them is what you’re looking for, click on it. (You can turn this off using Options/Search Settings/Google Instant)
  7. 7. Spell Checker  If you spell a word incorrectly, Google will prompt you with correct spelling. Click on the correctly spelled link at the top of the page.
  8. 8. Quotation Marks  Use quotation mark around keywords to get more specific results. This will search for the exact words.
  9. 9. To Narrow results  To narrow results use a – (minus) before the keyword.  Example: virus –computer : finds information on viruses but not computer viruses.
  10. 10. Roman numerals  To find information that includes Roman numerals or to include common words (where, the, how, etc.) –use a + (plus) before the numeral.
  11. 11. Synonym Search  Use a ~ (tilde) to search for similar keywords  Example: ~auto loans : Finds auto, car , automobile, truck, etc.
  12. 12. Questioning strategy  Try doing a search in a question format  Example: how to cook a turkey or how to sew a button
  13. 13. Fill in the blanks  Use an * (asterisk) for missing words  Example: four * and * years ago
  14. 14. What’s on a Google result’s page?  The number of pages found with mentions of your keyword(s)—look under the Search window.
  15. 15. Result’s list  A result’s list; each result contain a blue link to a specific page, the page’s web address, and a blurb about the information you will find on the page.
  16. 16. Options for Searching  On the left are options for searching specifically for Images, Videos, News, result time frame, etc.  You will also see specifics, such as when you search for recipes, you’ll see options to choose ingredients, cooking time, etc.
  17. 17. Paid Advertising  On the top (in a colored area) and on the right you’ll find applicable advertising.
  18. 18. Live Results  If something newsworthy is taking place, you may see live results scrolling on the page.  Click on a link to view it.
  19. 19. Images  If images appear, click on the one of your choice to go to that webpage or see a larger view, if available.
  20. 20. Related search links  At the bottom, find related search links and the numbered links or arrow to get to the next page of results.
  21. 21. Next page  At the bottom of the page you will see numbers. The page you are on is in a different color and not underlined.  You can click on any number to be taken to that page.  Clicking “Next” takes you to the next page.
  22. 22. Other Helpful tools—Area Code  To find the geographical area covered by an area code, type in the 3-digit code
  23. 23. Address  Search for an address and find it on a street map. Once the map appears, you can get directions To here or From here
  24. 24. Book search  Type the author name and click on Books on the left to see books that are in Google Books (mostly classics).
  25. 25. Calculator  You can let Google do the math for you:  To add, use a + (plus) 10+22  To subtract, use a – (minus) 24-12  To multiply, use an * (asterisk) 14*2  To divide, use a / (forward slash) 48/12  To figure out the percentage of use % (percent) 25% of 10
  26. 26. Range of numbers  To search for a range of numbers– use the … (ellipsis)  Example: dvd player $100…$250 : will find dvd players in the 100-250 dollar range  or Willie Mays 1950…1960 : will find pages about Willie Mays during that time frame.
  27. 27. Currency conversion  Type in the amount and currency code and the currency code you want it converted into  Example: 3. 5 USD in GBP  To find 3-letter currency codes go to
  28. 28. Dictionary definitions  Try define: and your keyword  Example: define: flabbergast
  29. 29. Phone numbers Getting annoying phone calls? See an unknown number on caller ID? Type it in
  30. 30. Local search  To find a store, restaurant, or business, type in the name or type of business and the Zip code or city and state
  31. 31. Medications  Search for information about most generic and brand name prescription drugs to get a summary and more information
  32. 32. Movie showtimes  Type the word movies or the specific movie with your Zip code
  33. 33. Public Data  View population trends and unemployment rates in the U.S. and countries by typing population or unemployment rate with the state or country
  34. 34. Real estate  Type homes and the Zip code. Then click on Maps.
  35. 35. Sport scores  Find sports scores and schedules for teams, type the team name or league name in the search window. This works for leagues like NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB
  36. 36. Time  To find the current time anywhere in the world, type time and the name of the city.
  37. 37. Unit conversion  Type in measurement information  Example: cups in gallon or 10.5 cm in inches
  38. 38. Weather  To see weather conditions and a 4-day forecast for a US location, type weather followed by the location.
  39. 39. Some other helpful tricks  Earthquakes— to find information on a current earthquake, type the city and state or country followed by earthquake  Flu Vaccine Search— search for flu to find ways to stay healthy from US Health and Human Services and a flu shot locator. Type in the city and state and a map with locations will appear.  Package tracking— type in the UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking numbers  Stock Quotes— to get live stock quotes, type in a ticker symbol  Vehicle ID (VIN) number— type in the car’s VIN number to learn more about the vehicle based on CARFAX information
  40. 40. Google’s links  In addition to searching Google’s database, you can perform specific searches using the links on the left of the page or across the top of the page, depending on which version you are using.
  41. 41. Google Links  You+ --click here to access Google+, Google’s social networking tool.  Search—is the default search.  Images—to search for images, including clip art.  Maps—to search for a geographic location and get directions  YouTube—to search specifically for videos  News –to search for up-to-date news stories  Gmail—to login into a personal or work Gmail account.  Documents –a quick link to Google Docs and Spreadsheets.  More—more search features.
  42. 42. Images  Click on Images to search for a variety of images.  Be aware that every image on Google is the property of the person who created it.  You can use the links on the left to narrow the image search by size, etc.
  43. 43. Maps  You can search by typing in a city, state, country, street number or Zip code  Example: 126 n. main street roanoke in  Once the map appears, you can get driving, bus, walking, and even biking directions and the estimated time it will take to complete a trip.
  44. 44. Street View  Click on the view that appears (with the little yellow man or drag the man to the map) to see the street view, if it’s available.  Click an drag on the street view to move up and down the street or do a 360 spin to see both sides of the street.
  45. 45. Other views  Rest the mouse pointer on the image in the upper left area to see more options. Not all options may be available.  Satellite -shows an aerial view  Earth –(if you’ve downloaded it ) you can see photographic images and search the globe  Traffic –see live traffic information for major roads  Photos –see photos of the area that have been posted by viewers  Webcams –look for available webcams in the area  Videos –look for available videos of the area  Map – is the default view
  46. 46. Get directions  Click on Get directions to type in a beginning and ending address for step by step directions.
  47. 47. To navigate  Click on:  The up arrow button to move north  The down arrow button to move south  The right arrow button to move east  The left arrow button to move west
  48. 48. Navigation cont’d  The center button returns to previous view  The + button zooms in  The – button zooms out  Double-click with the left mouse button to zoom in  Double-click with the right mouse button to zoom out  The mouse spin dial also acts as a zoom control
  49. 49. Find a business  In the search window, type in the name or type of business, city and state or ZIP code, and press Enter.
  50. 50. My places  You can go to a place on the map, sign in to your account and save the location or share it with others.
  51. 51. iGoogle  Customize Google’s home page by adding news, games, weather and more!
  52. 52. Mobile  Find links to help you use Google with your cell phone.
  53. 53. Media --Books  Books– if the full-text version isn’t available, you can find a local library that has it or can get it for you!
  54. 54. Other Media  YouTube – download and/ or view videos  Picnik –to edit photos  Picasa –to find photos on your computer, edit and share them  Google Music –access your music collection instantly from anywhere  News –keep up-to-date
  55. 55. GEO  Google Offers –get amazing deals at places where you shop, eat or play  Latitude –see where your friends are right now  Google Earth –explore the world  Panoramio –explore and share your photos with the world  SketchUp –design the house of your dreams
  56. 56. Home and Office  Google Docs –do word processing, create spreadsheets, presentations, etc.  Talk –instant messaging  Voice –enhance your phone with custom features, including free calling in the US  Checkout –purchase items online  Gmail –free email service  Sites –create websites  Wallet –make your phone your wallet
  57. 57. Social  Google+ --links to social networking and information  Blogger --search/create blogs or online journals  Reader --get news through a RSS feeder  Groups –create mailing lists and discussion groups
  58. 58. The end  Any Question?  Please fill out the questionnaire  For more information, contact the Library at 260-672-2989 or or come in and talk to a librarian.