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Zinio overview mar13


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Zinio overview mar13

  1. 1. Library Staff Meeting 6th March 2013 @ Bannockburn
  2. 2. Zinio - digital magazines• Full digital copies of popular magazines• View magazines on your computer or mobile device.• Web based service or download for offline use• Unlimited access - 24/7• Access available in branches or remotely.• Latest magazine immediately available.• Interactive magazines hyperlinks.• Changeable print size.
  3. 3. What’s the catch?•No catch!•No charge•No late fees•Unlimited users can download simultaneously•You don’t need to return them – keep them onyour device as long as you like.
  4. 4. Compatible Devices• Apple (iPad iPhone)• Android
  5. 5. • PC• Mac
  6. 6. • Blackberry Playbook• Windows 8• Kindle Fire
  7. 7. How to access• Council website• Library catalogue
  8. 8. Zinio
  9. 9. Anyquestions?
  10. 10. Have a go• Use an iPad to browse a magazine• Use a PC to browse the collection