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Biomass gassifiers presentation kct , cbe


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Biomass gassifiers presentation kct , cbe

  1. 1. • Necessity for electricity has been increasing in Rural areas• Price of diesel and petrol has hiked up• Biomass Gasifiers provide a very great alternative• These systems basically convert woody biomass /agricultural wastes like rice-husk, coconut waste etc into a combustible gas
  2. 2. • High conversion efficiency of 70 - 80% from solid biomass to gaseous fuel.• Each Kilogram of Biomass produces around 2.5 to 3.0 cubic meters of gas having a calorific value of 1000 - 1100 kilocalories per cubic meter.• A Liter of liquid fuels (diesel / gasoline) can be saved with only 3 to 4 kilograms of biomass.• Extremely clean and complete combustion of gas due high hydrogen content.• Wide turn down ratio.• Positive environmental impact through saving of biomass in mot cases.• Positive impact on global climate i.e. reduced threat of global warming
  3. 3. • Biomass Gasifier Systems for pumping requirements ( 5 hp to 10 hp)• Biomass Gasifier systems for Power Generation ( 3 KW to 500 kW)• Biomass Gasifier Systems for thermal applications ( 15,000 Kcal/hr to 1.25 million Kcal/hr output)
  4. 4. • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS AG SERIES ( Non Rice Husk Feed etc.) FBG SERIES (Using : Rice husk, Saw-dust; Mustard stalks etc.)• AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS Agricultural/IrrigationalUses: Thermal Applications (Drier) Brick / Tile Kiln running on Biomass Gasifier• CHILLING / COLD STORAGE APPLICATIONS• CO-GENERATION APPLICATIONS• CAPTIVE POWER GENERATION
  5. 5. • Burnt like a convenient gaseous fuel through appropriate burners in case of thermal applications.• Fed into diesel engines (C.I. Engines) to save 65 to 85% of the normal diesel consumption, and,• Fed into gasoline engines (S.I. Engines) to replace gasoline etc
  6. 6. More than 500 systems has been installed of 3 HP , 5 HP , 10 HP etcin rural areas for irrigational purposes.More than 150 systems of 20 Kw have been installed of 20 HP forDirect Electric GenerationInstallations of 100 Kw have been installed in more than 35 placesand at the same time quite a few have been done in gridEight 500KW systems are running at different places in India.40 Kw Gasifier systmes is running successfully in Zimbabwe againsta UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
  7. 7. • National Award for Technology Development Best SSI Unit Award from FGMI• Certificate of Merit for Research in Science & Technology• Award from FGMI for Research in Science & Technology• Technology with International Recognition
  8. 8. THANK YOU