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Media target audience


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Media target audience

  1. 1. • The target audience of many psychological thrillers are 18+ This is because they include a lot of violence and some psychological issues which can be disturbing for many younger viewers There are usually warnings on the back of the DVD cover which states why it is rated as it is e.g. contains extreme violence or sexual scenes
  2. 2. • Our target audience is for males and females directed at a older more mature audience but can still appeal to a small percentage of younger adults and teenagers. Our decision was made from researching the target audience of the thrillers we are basing our title sequence on
  3. 3. We researched our film and our audience on pearl and dean this iswhat we found that 22% of the audience were 15-24 year olds, 15%of the audience were 25-34 year olds, only 9% were 35-44 and themain audience was 54% which were 50+
  4. 4. Memento-Directed By Christopher NolanFollowing-Directed By Christopher NolanInsomnia-Directed By Christopher Nolan
  5. 5. The mise en scene of our film is mysterious objects andsigns our film is based on envy and obsession with acertain thing the costumes in our film will be very modernbecause it is set in modern day and in a city so the clothesare very normal. The lighting that we are going to use willbe quite dull and dark for some parts of the film but themajority of the film will be under natural light because it isset in the city and we are trying to make it as real as life aspossible. We are trying to make the film and shooting veryclever so it keeps the audience puzzled and keeps andenigma. Our soundtrack for the titles will be very simpleslow and dull not to build suspense but to show that arefilm is not about action its about keeping the audienceguessing a physcological thriller.