Introduction to the beehive for website


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Introduction to the beehive for website

  1. 1. How to use our site
  2. 2. This slideshow will tell you:  Who produces the beehive and why.  At least three important ways you can use the beehive to help yourself.  How to set up a My Beehive account.  How to use The Beehive to get local resources.
  3. 3.  The Beehive is made and maintained by One Economy Corporation  One Economy is a Global Nonprofit Organization  There are native language Beehives in South Africa, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon
  4. 4. Our Mission is to maximize the potential of technology to help underserved communities improve their lives and enter the economic mainstream through:  Affordable broadband in low income housing.  Access: Provide public-purpose media properties online (Like the Beehive).  Adoption: Employs youth to train their community members to use technology.
  5. 5.  350,000 people have learned about Medicaid  Over 80,000 people have learned about how to achieve their GED  500,000 people have learned about filing for unemployment benefits  235,000 people have learned about creating a family budget  $1.8 million in tax refunds was returned to Beehive Users
  6. 6. Rate your effectiveness in each of the following areas:  I have a good understanding of my money management. True/False  I can diagnose most illnesses, and am knowledgeable of the health providers in my community. True/False  I know how the Internet can help students in the preparation of homework assignments and research projects. True /False  I know how to write an effective resume and cover letter. True /False  I am aware of what makes a good child care provider. True /False If you answered false to any of these questions…. The Beehive can help YOU!
  7. 7.  Hyperlinks: underlined, take you to a new page
  8. 8.  Go to  Click on Yahoo! Mail on the left hand side of the screen  Under “Don’t have a yahoo ID?” click on Sign Up  Fill out the personal information in the first set of boxes  Choose an email name (i.e. jdoe or jane1978 –not too long or embarrassing)  Choose a password you can remember but is not too easy to figure out. It needs to be 6 characters long. The bar near password strength should be more than halfway filled. If it is not, add a number or two to your password.
  9. 9.  Write down your user name and password  Choose a security question from the drop down list  Type in your answer  Read the letter combination and type it in the space provided  Print out the terms and conditions and read them carefully. Check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions.  Click on create my account Great, now you have an account!
  10. 10.  Go to and click on the Yahoo! mail link.  Type in your user name and password, and you’ll be brought to your mailbox. Your new mail will appear in the center.  To compose an email, click on Write Mail on the Right Side of the page
  11. 11.  Click on the Sign in or Register link on the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you’ve already registered and signed in, the link will be called “My Beehive”  In the User Login box that pops up, click on the Create new account link  Enter your user name: what you want the website to call you i.e. your first name, nickname, or screen name  Enter your email address. Re-enter it on the line below for confirmation  Create a password that you can remember but is hard for someone else to figure out.  Re-enter your password  Enter your first name  Enter your last name  Do the math problem and enter the response in the box  Click Create New Account –an email will be sent to you
  12. 12.  Check your email and open the Welcome to the Beehive! Email from  Click on the link that says:  Login using your new user name and password  You’re all set! Next time you can simply click on login in the upper right hand corner of the webpage and enter your user name and password.
  13. 13.  Click on the My Beehive link in the upper right hand corner of the page.  There are two tabs there, one that says view, and one that says edit. Click on the Edit tab.  Scroll down to where you can see a section that says Beehive. In the drop down box, select your city. This will be your default home page when you sign in.  Under Language, select the language you would like to view the beehive in. Click the circle beside the language you want to use.  Under Time zone, click the Time zone that shows your current time.  Click the Save button
  14. 14. Find: All the resources in the section Act: Do something, get involved, get local resources Learn: Main content area
  15. 15.  Click on Health  Paying for Healthcare  Scroll down to local resources and click on Health information
  16. 16. Now that you have some initial information about the Beehive, reflect on the following questions:  What areas of the Beehive are going to be most important to me?  What is going to be my primary Beehive language?  How is email going to be used in my everyday life?
  17. 17. Thanks for taking the tour! To organize beehive trainings in your area visit are/contact and call the closest office to you.