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Cataloge RNS-USA 2011


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RNS International, your partner for test application solutions.

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Cataloge RNS-USA 2011

  1. 1. Test Equipment for Incircuit,Functional & Special Test Applications Test Probes & Interconnect SolutionsISP In-System-Programming Solutions Fixture Services & Customization Equipment, Accessories and Tools for Test Applications and Production
  2. 2. About RNS International Founded in 1983, RNS International started developing the Regardless of your test equipment needs, RNS is here to US market as the distributor in North America for Ingun test serve you. probes. If you require a Turnkey Solution, RNS works with In 1985, RNS International started developing test fixtures strategic software professionals (partner) to provide you for the ATE market. Also in 1989 RNS opened its own pro- both high quality programming and superior performance duction for Automated Test Equipment. Today RNS is well- in a complete package. known as a high quality test fixture manufacturer in the Electronic Industry. Since 2007 we are ITAR certified, and because of more request for lead-free materials, in 2007 we updated RNS not only provides high-tech and cost-saving equip- everything to meet the RoHs requirements. ment for ICT and Functional Test, but also develops solu- tions for many other test applications and production pro- RNS International was the first test fixture manufacturer cesses. who incorporated 25 Mil test probes in ICT fixtures. With our “Super Guidance Technology” we are able to RNS always is in the forefront in developing and presenting guarantee the same accuracy as with 40 and 50 Mil test new technologies in the fast changing electronic market. Many of the today’s standards, RNS was one of the first probes. test fixture manufacturer in North America where following technologies were developed and established: RNS is your partner for any test and/or production solution you need and we can provide the largest assortment of test • Pneumatic Test Fixture probes and interconnect components from many establis- • Split Top Plate hed manufacturers. • Guided Probe Technology • Super Guidance Technology Your advantages with RNS Whether 5, 500, 5000 or more test points, RNS builds to • Over 25 years experience customer needs adding value through both service and • High quality and precision support. • Service and Support Our capabilities are diverse and adaptable. RNS brings • Cost efficiency holistic experience to each test or production equipment, • Turnkey solutions while keeping the imagination flowing to meet any new • Absolutely flexible challenging designs.2
  3. 3. Technical InformationTest Systems Test & Production Equipment• GENRAD • Manual / Vacuum / Pneumatic / Electrical Actuation• TERADYNE • ICT / FCT and both combined• HEWLETT PACKARD • Any other test application• AGILENT • Automated equipment for Test and Production• SPECTRUM • Wireless test equipment• PXI / VXI • RF test equipment (Radio Frequency)• and other standard and custom interfaces • HiPot Test equipment (High Voltage Test) • Single or dual sided application • Single well or dual well • Side and top access unit (SAU and TAU)Accuracy • Test Stations (Rack Mount)Currently, we guarantee to hit 18 Mil targets, but we are • System Integrationable to manufacture fixtures for 15 Mil test pads (see SIXSIGMA), in utilizing “Guided Probe Technology” in sin-gle sided and dual sided applications. ISP (In-System-Programming) With Algocraft we added another strong partner and areThe smallest probe size we currently incorporate is 25 now able to provide the best solutions for In-System-Mil. 40 and 50 Mil test probes are standard in fixtures Programming applications. WriteNow is available as abuilt by RNS International. single, 4 and 8 Site unit and supports most programm- able device manufacturer.SIX SIGMA DimensionsWe have completed a Six Sigma review by one of our We are able to build fixtures of any size:major customers and due to the high accuracy of our From a hand held/bench top unit up todrilling and our “Super Guidance System“, we can offer 38" x 38" (approx. 96 x 96 cm).probing of 15 Mil targets. We have the technology and Any custom sizes between this range on request.confidence to offer this technology in all applications. Larger equipment and machinery on request.And we continue the development of our GuidanceTechnology to guarantee 100% accuracy for even smal- Certificationler targets. ITAR certified SIX SIGMA RoHs complientContentAbout us 2Technical Information 3ICT Incircuit Test Fixtures 4FVT/FCT Functional Test Fixtures 5Test Probes & Interconnect Products 6Accessories, Kits & Components 7ISP In-System-Programming 8Quality & Additional Test Services 10 3
  4. 4. ICT Incircuit Test RNS International continues to establish itself as a leader in high-quality In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Verification Test (FVT) equipment. We offer a full range of products and services for the “industry standard” test systems, including HP/Agilent and Teradyne (Genrad, Spectrum and Zenthel), VXI, PXI and any other test system. RNS also has strong capabilities in developing and manufacturing of wireless test fixtures. ICT Backer Gate RNS Backer Gates are manufactured of extruded alumi- num to surround the circuit board under test and allow for mounting of push elements and sensors, as well as keeping the board under test flat and free of stress. This fixture design is suitable for a large variety of products. Our most common test fixture contains a backer gate, also known as a Mechanical Over-Clamp. ICT Vacuum Cover The “Vacuum Box” or „Vacuum Cover“ utilizes the tester vacuum to lower the board under test onto the test points with the aid of the upper plate, with its push elements. We constantly design variations of this product, and appre- ciate challenges that allow us to continually expand our con- siderable library. The smallest probe size we currently incor- porate is 25 Mil. Test probes for 40 and 50 Mil are standard in fixtures built by RNS. ICT ZSK Clamshell If a particular application requires testing of top side points the use of a Vacuum Box and a ZSK, or Clamshell unit is the answer. While similar to other companies, Vacuum Clamshells (ZSK) contains proven innovations that give it superior action and reliability. ICT Pneumatic If vacuum is not an option, and node count exceeds the capability of a manual fixture, a Pneumatic Fixture may be the answer. RNS has developed and built pneumatic fixtures to satisfy this need. Turn to RNS to solve all your test fixture needs. ICT Manual Actuation If vacuum and pneumatic actuation is not an option, and node count is less than 500, a manual actuation will be the most suitable solution. Please contact us for more informa- tion. Any of the aforementioned hold-down systems can be equipped with Beside our main field of developing test equipment, we also develop mechanical and/or pneumatic Side & Top Access Units (SAU, TAU) to equipment for special test applications and equipment for produc- probe connectors or other components mounted perpendicular to the tion (offline or inline). unit under test (UUT). Regardless of the requirements and specifications, we will provide We also provide both standard and custom inducer units for testing. • Commitment • Service • Quality to assure a robust, durable equipment that performs equally well today According to the application, the tester and customer specifications, and tomorrow. We stand behind this pledge categorically. we utilize Test-Jets, Polarity Checks, Opens Express, Junctions Express, Frame-Scan Plus, etc.4
  5. 5. FVT/FCT Functional TestDevelopment and manufacturing of reliable(Automated) Test Equipment suitable for testing: • Components only • Cable assemblies • RF (Radio Frequency) • HiPot (High Voltage) • Wireless • Completed PCB assemblies • Completed unitsThe launching pad for our functional design is the particu-lar application. From here, we can customize the fixturesfor virtually any requirement or contingency.Our expertise enables us to design functional fixtures withthe same care and concern used to create our ICT fixtures.An additional service we offer is the restoration and up-dating of existing fixtures manufactured by other vendors.We have extensive experience not only modernizing suchfixtures but also improving them.At RNS we are equipped to adapt existing fixtures tonewly automated systems. We have taken fixtures fromother vendors and update them utilizing new technologyto improve performance.Whether the requirement involves interfacing with currentfunctional equipment, assisting with selecting or updatingfunctional systems, or simply minimizing the labor incurrent functional testing, RNS and its partners are staf-fed and prepared to execute the necessary task.While we are known mostly for the quality of our ICTfixtures, our Functional fixtures are equally as sturdy andreliable. 5
  6. 6. Test Probes E-Type Probe GKS Standard Test Probe HFS Radio Frequency Probe HSS High Current Probe HMS Stroke Measuring Probe PKS Pneumatic Probe SKS Switching Probe KS Receptacle Tools & Accessories RNS International is a distributor for test probes in North America. For example the German-made Ingun probe is well-known for its quality and durability and is the choice of many fixture and contract manufacturers. RNS offers a large number of probe styles and sizes to assure the ability to suit virtually every test fixture appli- cation and is suitable as a component in unit etc. Whether the need is for a 40-mil probe, a high current probe or a non-rotating probe, RNS is able to meet every requirement. Our test probes are accurately designed and built to assure the maximum life possible. These probes are available in a number of various materials to meet your testing needs. In addition, we can custom manufacture probes to your and our specification. Depending on the complexity, material requirements and application, custom probes are available in a matter of weeks. For the highest-quality test probe, with a broad variety of manufacturers, series, types, sizes, applications, tip sty- les and materials RNS can provide any probe and inter- connect component. If necessary we develop a special probe or component exactly to your specifications and needs. More than 10.000 variants in over 300 series With over 50 Tip Styles, you can be certain to find the right solution for Unique Variety: your testing demands - and if not, well work together with you to deve- We offer the largest assortment of Test Probes worldwide. lop your individual solution. Spring-loaded, Pneumatic, Switching, High frequency or High current Test Probe, Rotating or Non-rotating Test Probes. And this not only in regard to classical testing tasks. Test Probes are namely also suitable as a component in unit etc.6
  7. 7. Fixture Kits & ComponentsGenRad & Teradyne Fixture KitsStandard GenRad fixture kits from 12” x 12” to 28” x 30”,including backer gate, plates, interface etc.HP & Agilent Fixture KitsHP kit for 3070 Small or 3070 Large including top plate,probe plate, personality pins, handles, counter, fixturedown probes, fixture rails and all required hardware.Backer Gate KitsCurrently we offer four standard sizes of our Backer GateKits for GenRad and HP or other interfaces.Standard sizes can and will be utilized depending onapplication and requirements.ZSK Clamshell Gate KitsFor top and bottom test of the board a ZSK Clamshell GateKit is the solution. For that type of hold-down method wealso offer four standard sizes for GenRad and HP.Customized Fixture KitsAll our standard fixture kits can be customized to your spe-cification and size up to 38” x 38”.Customized Hold-down KitsAll our standard hold-down gate kits can be customized toyour specification and size.GenRad & Teradyne InterfacesRNS offers high quality interface panels for GenRad,Teradyne 18xx Series, Teradyne Spectrum Series. We cancustomize any of our interfaces and load them to the leveldesired. We also offer interfaces of any other test system.Please ask!Components standard and customizedFurthermore, you can purchase any of our fixture compo-nents. Regardless of your need, we supply you everythingfor your test application.Please ask for prices and detailed data sheets of all our standardfixture kits, gates and components. We customize our standardproducts to your specifications and requirements. 7
  8. 8. WriteNow! Single and Parallel In-System programmers Key Features • Ultra-fast, universal In-System Programmers • True parallel, program up to 8 devices at once • Industrial-grade reliability • Standalone operations or host controlled • Easy to install and to use • Compact size, fixture friendly It is a common need nowadays, to program microcontrollers with over 1 MB of Flash or serial memories with over 64 MB. The faster the programming the lower the production cost. Frequently PCBs are grouped into PCB Panels. To program all devices in a panel, a traditional approach consits using either multiple programming tools (which adds cost and complexity) or a de-multiplexing solution (with slow overall programming speed). To address the combined need for both fast and parallel programming, Algocraft has designed the innovative WriteNow! ISP technology, which allows to reach the theo- retical programming speed for any given device on up to 8 devices at once. This drastically reduces programming time, costs and system complexity. The WriteNow! technology has been created with speed and reliability as key features and contains state-of-the-art components and techniques. WriteNow! programmers easily allows to custom program each single device with variable data such as serial number, product vendor ID, batch number, barcode data and any other variable data. The data encryption feature coupled with LAN connectivity allows manufacturing companies securely synchronize local data with distant production faci- lities. A built-in relay barrier allows ISP lines to be disconnected from the target system, thus allowing other operations (i.e. functional test) to be performed by other euqipment. These and many other features makes the WriteNow! pro- grammers the most complete, powerful and cost-effective solution for every in-system programming need. Please do not hesitate and request detailed information. ATMEL - Cypress - Freescale - Fujitsu - Holtek - Infineon - ISSI - Microchip - Numonyx - NXP - ON - RAMTRON - RENESAS - Rohm Sanyo - SII - Silicon Labs - SST - STMicroelectronics - Texas Instruments - Winbond8
  9. 9. Hardware Features • Supports microcontrollers, serial memories, parallel memories, CPLDs and other programmable devices • High-speed, parallel programming • Compact size (fixture friendly) • Standalone operations or host controlled • Designed for easy ATE interfacing (Agilent,Teradyne, TRI, SPEA, etc.) The Project Generator wizard makes it easy to • Supports multiple interfaces setup projects and saves valuable time (JTAG, BDM, SPI, I2C, UART, etc.) • Memorizes data on a built-in memory card • Programmable power supply output (1.5-13V) • Programmable I/O voltage (1.6-5.5V) • High-speed I/O • USB, LAN, RS-232* and low-level interface* • ISP I/O relay barrier (available on the single-site model) • EOS/ESD I/O protection • Wide range power supply (12-24V) Saving time is a big factor in production and test flow Applications • On-board programming for Automatic Test Equipment • On-board programming for standalone stations • Functional test • Automotive Software Features • WriteNow! Project Generator - easily create and debug a programming Saving time and being able to program Project in a few guided steps multiple devices at once saves a lot of money • Built-In Utilities: File Merge, File Manager, Easy ISP Signal Connections • WriteNow! API - for custom application (Visual C, Visual Basic, LabView, etc.) • ASCII-based command line protocol • Variable data handling for serial numbering, MAC addresses, production codes, etc. *(isolated)UNIVERSAL DEVICE SUPPORT - Engineering time and costs saved - More time to dedicate to the quality of the programming/testing flowA single programming tool supporting various devices and manufacturers means:- Only one system to learn Currently are more than 3000 devices supported and every week Algocraft is- Less spare parts adding more to the device list.- Only one company to interface to Please send us the manufacturer and the device part number and we confirm WriteNow! support usually the same day. 9
  10. 10. Quality & Additional Fixture Services In-process QC and Final QA To RNS, quality counts. RNS always ships a quality working product. Our workflow entails several steps to ensure the highest possible quality. Quality Control (QC) at RNS begins at the Engineering Department and goes through the entire production process. Each component is carefully checked, with in-process QC, to assure both dimensional accuracy and suitability for the application. After wiring is completed the fixture goes onto our verifying machines to make sure the wiring is to customer require- ments. Before the fixture will be shipped, it has to pass a thorough final Quality Assurance (QA) inspection. Every aspect of the fixture is carefully tested. Additional Services for Test Equipment and Manufacturing Process RNS provides the following additional services: • FEA Board Stress Analysis • Strain Gauge Testing • 3D Modeling (Autodesk Inventor) • Test Fixture redesign and optimization from other vendors (incl. maintenance) • Local fixture maintenance & support (Global Service Partners) • Sub-Assembly and Final-Assembly Services • Wiring Services (Wire-Wrap, Soldering, Crimping etc.) • High Precision Machining, Drilling and Milling (CNC) • Engineering Services and Development *RoHs complient INTERNATIONAL Contact: RNS International, Inc. Phone: (704) 329-0444 5001 Sirus Lane Fax: (704) 329-0404 Global Support & Maintenance: Charlotte, NC 28208 Taiwan • China (Shenzen) • China (Suzhou) E-mail: P.O. Box 19867 Malaysia • Singapore • Thailand Charlotte, NC 28219 Mexico • Europe10