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VIP Lunch Presentation given by CTO Scott Morrison at Gartner AADI Sydney

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  • One of Churchill’s best. And this was the man who said “we will never surrender”Meditate on democracy and ITIs IT about democracy? Hell No! More a case of authoratarianismSome shops are totalitarian dictatorships
  • Sounds like something an analyst would come up with.Coincidently, it was, from a firm that’s name coincidently also starts with “G”
  • Ie: Tech brinding about democracy. A component in addition to people, process and tech
  • We are part of the ad-hoc toolchainYou could therefore “buy” governance
  • Forced processInward facing, like government
  • Think here about role. This is top down governance that is about controlling, not enabling.More dictatorship than democracy.CHANGE AGENT NEXT
  • Words are powerful. Let’s look at some and think about out reactionWe all understand this pair. Goes back to the power builder daysBut it’s important because it defines traditional developer roles too. These are usually different peopleThis one: Tech, also hierarchy
  • But now we are bringing in the sense of where you belong in hierarchy. RoleContractors are OK, but now we are transposing into the unknown. This is a tough one for many organizations because it breaks down traditional control.
  • Now location
  • OK, here’s some relief, we know how to work with these kind of people.
  • How do we deal with this???
  • Here’s why it matters. This is who you need to deal with. These are change agents too.No affiliation clients, inside server
  • The long tail is bullshitBut there is still important diversity.Bass players, skaters, farm animalsGOVERNANCE FAILS HERE is NEXT
  • NO room in directory for farm animals
  • You should be afraid of this.But I can help you…
  • Best of all, you get to take ownership of this interesting new stuff (mobile development, high energy, agile, etc). Great place to be. Now: Let me show you the way…
  • XML was a conceit.ITS ABOUT THE APP is NEXT
  • Use tools and process we naturally gravitate towardFind inspiration in what we already do naturally. Where do we flow to?
  • The point is relationship is being created here. This is a crucial interface point.
  • Point (as prev): Increase app dev velocity
  • No. Note:#1) These tools support both client and server equally#2) Though we designed for external, we noticed the following percentage of our customers use it internally. They have the same problems here..
  • Everyone here needs to choose.Ignore the middle groundAre you fearfulOr are you confident?
  • If I give you anything here, it’s that we’ve hit upon a certain truth.
  • The New Governance - Scott Morrison CTO Layer 7 Technologies

    1. 1. The New Governance July 2013 K. Scott Morrison SVP and Distinguished Engineer
    2. 2. Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. Sir Winston Churchill
    3. 3. Governance
    4. 4. Governance appeals to the architect in us
    5. 5. Yet there is an imbalance between run time and design time governance
    6. 6. Secure Zone Application Servers Firewall DMZ Trading Partner Vendors are happy to provide tooling Enterprise Network PEP Registry Directory Repository Workflow This is a typical example of SOA Governance, circa 2007
    7. 7. But this never caught on with the developers
    8. 8. Controlling, no t enabling
    9. 9. Change Agent
    10. 10. Client Server
    11. 11. Contractor Regular
    12. 12. Outside Inside
    13. 13. Partner Enterprise
    14. 14. Partner EnterpriseNo Affiliation
    15. 15. UsThem
    16. 16. Here is the new group to manage
    17. 17. The New Roles API Client Developers API Server DevelopersExternal Internal
    18. 18. Governance Fails Here
    19. 19. Marketing is taking control CMO API Developer Security Officer Business Manager Product Manager
    20. 20. IT Needs To Own This
    21. 21. Learn from modern development
    22. 22. Agile Simple Courageous
    23. 23. Bug Report: File properties.xml isn’t, well, XML…
    24. 24. It’s about the app
    25. 25. But simple can under define
    26. 26. Look to habit
    27. 27. Combine components to solve problems
    28. 28. What do we really need?
    29. 29. What Do Client-side Devs Need? Discovery Sign up Learning Experimenting Social Promotion Search CMS Wiki Browser/Explorer Forum Blog This is SDLC, 21st century-style
    30. 30. Don’t reinvent
    31. 31. Let’s Build It.
    32. 32. The Challenge Firewall 1 Enterprise Network API Client iPhone Developer API Server Firewall 2 Phone User
    33. 33. First We Need Identity Firewall 1 Enterprise Network API Client iPhone Developer API Server Firewall 2 SiteMinder & IdentityMinder
    34. 34. We could try this to deal with firewalls… Firewall 1 Enterprise Network API Client iPhone Developer API Server Firewall 2 SiteMinder
    35. 35. An API Gateway Is A Better Solution Firewall 1 Enterprise Network API Server API Client iPhone Developer API Proxy Firewall 2 SiteMinder
    36. 36. Finally, Add In An API Portal To Enable The New Governance Firewall 1 Enterprise Network API Server API Client iPhone Developer API Portal API Proxy Firewall 2 SiteMinder
    37. 37. Our customers led us here
    38. 38. Have we swung too far outside the enterprise?
    39. 39. 50%
    40. 40. What Is The New Governance? Documentation Discovery Approval Enforcement User Provisioning Community WSDL Reg/Rep G10 Platform Gateway IAM What’s that? Wiki/Blog Search Email Gateway Portal Forum Old New What’s that? This is the list of what all developers and operators really need
    41. 41. Simple wins (But simple takes courage.)
    42. 42. Democracy wins
    43. 43. Picture Credits  Antelope Canyon 4 by klsmith– stock.exchg  Band silhouettes by mr_basmt– stock.exchg
    44. 44. July 2013 K. Scott Morrison Chief Technology Officer Layer 7 Technologies 1100 Melville St, Suite 405 Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A6 Canada (800) 681-9377 For further information: