Customer Case Study - Layer 7 API Management Workshop London


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This presentation was a customer case study presentation in Layer 7's API Management Workshop - London to show how the Layer 7 API Proxy can help enterprises expose APIs to leverage innovative ways for reaching new customers, create new revenue opportunities and transform business' into platforms. The API Proxy makes it simple for enterprises to:

- Secure APIs against attack and misuse
- Define and enforce API rate limits and SLA metrics
- Implement OAuth and SAML access methods
- Translate between JSON and XML
- Track and report on API usage and performance
- Mediate between API versions

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  1. 1. Moneysupermarket Helping everyhousehold to make the most of their money Neels Burger Sept 2012
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. About Me Cornelius Burger
  4. 4. Holidays FlightsAnalytics Hotels Car HireCampaign Motor Insurance Home InsuranceESP Data Layer Energy Data Integration Data Warehouse Investments Travel Insurance About the BusinessCIS Cards SavingsFinance Loans
  5. 5. Architecture Then and Now
  6. 6. Nirvana
  7. 7. Roadmap Business and Platform Amnesty
  8. 8. Reality New Technology Change focus Realise original Technology
  9. 9. Problems Authentication Scale and scalability Time taken to implement Buy-in by all Stakeholders Versions of API’s Cost of System and its Implementation Development Process and Environments
  10. 10. Benefits Was it worth it
  11. 11. Next Steps Where to now for Moneysupermarket
  12. 12. Some thoughts  We kept our focus on the Gateway’s core responsibilities  While it can do a lot ensure that you utilise it’s sweet spot Can serve as an accelerator, but know what debt you are building up  Take advice and guidance during initial deployment  Market the concept to internal stakeholders  Don’t underestimate the effort to get it right
  13. 13. Questions
  14. 14. Thank you