API Building Blocks for a Data Driven Workshop


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How to Build, Secure and Share Data APIs – Chris Irving, Solutions Architect, Layer 7 Presentation from Data 2.0 Summit

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  • Enterprise Data is critical for mobile, hybrid cloud, partner integrations and IoT initiatives
  • Data spread out out across diverse internal and external silos like relational databases, hadoop, caches, cloud services like salesforce
  • how do create a lens onto a small snippet of data in petabyte forest
  • APIs provide a convenient way of sharing data across Web, cloud, mobile and IoT. Render once.
  • Can aggregate backend information and then create composite APIs Views
  • But data monetization depends on an ability to regulate data which gateway solves
  • API Building Blocks for a Data Driven Workshop

    1. 1. API Building Blocks for aData Driven EnterpriseWorkshopChris IrvingLead Software Developer
    2. 2. Layer 7 Confidential 2Layer 7 Confidential 2There Are Increasing Drivers for SharingEnterprise Data ExternallyMobile AppsInternet of ThingsExternalDevelopersOutside Partners / Divisions Cloud Services
    3. 3. Layer 7 Confidential 3Layer 7 Confidential 3But How Do Provide Focus AcrossDistributed Data SilosEnterpriseData Silos Applications &Data…Outside Partners / DivisionsExternalDevelopersMobile AppsCloud ServicesInternet of Things
    4. 4. Layer 7 Confidential 6Layer 7 Confidential 6Layer 7 API Gateways Let You Talk to MultipleData Back-ends and Create Custom API ViewsOutside Partners / DivisionsExternalDevelopersMobile AppsCloud ServicesInternet of Things
    5. 5. Layer 7 Confidential 7Layer 7 Confidential 7At The Same Time Gateway Can Control How Data isShared Which Creates Monetization OpportunitiesWhoWhenHow WhatWhereWhy
    6. 6. Layer 7 Confidential 8Layer 7 Confidential 8How
    7. 7. Layer 7 Confidential 9Layer 7 Confidential 9API Composition• High Level tooling for APIs• XPath• XSL• XML Schema• Regular Expressions• JSON <-> XML• REST <-> SOAP• HTTP Query Parameter validation
    8. 8. Layer 7 Confidential 10Layer 7 Confidential 10API Composition
    9. 9. Layer 7 Confidential 11Layer 7 Confidential 11Big Data Direct Access• High Level Logical Constructs for Data Silo Access• SQL/JDBC• REST/SOAP/POX/JSON• Hadoop/HANA and many others• JMS/Message Oriented Middleware• Caching: Local and Memcached/Terracotta/Coherence etc.• Parallel Queries for Really (slow) Big Data
    10. 10. Layer 7 Confidential 12Layer 7 Confidential 12Big Data Direct Access
    11. 11. Layer 7 Confidential 13Layer 7 Confidential 13Security in Infrastructure• Strong Security Tooling• LDAP• PKI• SAML• WS-*• Oauth• Http Basic Authentication• SSO Tooling (CA SiteMinder & others)• Attribute based decisions• Physical (Time, IP address, etc)• User Attribute ( LDAP Group Membership, SAML Attribute)• Quota/Throttle
    12. 12. Layer 7 Confidential 14Layer 7 Confidential 14Security in Infrastructure
    13. 13. Layer 7 Confidential 15Layer 7 Confidential 15Layer7.cominfo@layer7.com@layer7