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Mission driven capital

25k in each region



Think outside box of
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Yes We Code


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Mindmap of concepts

Published in: Education
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Yes We Code

  1. 1. Nairobi Mission driven capital 25k in each region Brooklyn Atlanta Services Portal Detroit Think outside box of traditional funding methology How to facilitate self-sustainability Addis Ababa Capital Shared/Balances Sustainable revenue models Niches can align as well Strategy Clear Accountability Oakland Chicago Assets Alignment We already have great organizations in the room which we can support & scale Vision Stake is clear Resources Leadership/direction Telling the story Stakeholders are clear Leadership Treat it as a new product being launched into the community Shared language How to tell the narrative Will be excluded at youth level Hackathons everywhere Personas of scale Do not sieze opportunity Portal Shared talking points Cooperative education metrics Create visibility into our own sectors with technology Regions Access We need visibility into our own sector Nothing happens Scale Confidence Self-limitation Partners Measurement Not being able to deliver Culture Scaling of skill How to get 100k kids we know coding Confidence Talent Ecosystem vs pipeline Fear of scarcity We need a network Metric to indicate success Ecosystem Ego-centeric power struggle Opportunities Network Blackballed in industry because of power Scale How do we avoid having great intentions and no great stuff? One form - fill out and implement How do we avoid a lot of great stuff no one knows about? Corruption/Conspiracy That no one or few "win" Not talking about billions Movement being co-opted Needs assesment database Proof of concept Fears Leadership not seen as ligitimate Leverage regional partners to generate great entrepreneurs for the pitch/product/team worth 1 million Infrastructure mapping Addictive element to user experience Tactics and strategy required are different for these Hi-jacked Fiber of our dna we want to coopt out to get the million don't have knowledge/access Infrastructure Racial/wealth/class divide still remains When we mve to one place we mve out of our community Rebuild The Dream Staying beyond silicon valley bubble Exodus DNA Not about bringing brown faces into the room Deficit based Understanding (how to scale) Eastern and african centric values Fragmentation Values All the futurists are white bring integrity Current State belief/perception/challenge Fail to collectively exercise and understand power Hopes Scale what we've got now All the historians are black Love the people we've got now and grow them Economics create joyfully addictive experiences Turn business models into vision to create equity Passion for the solution rather than idea evolve to create "futuristic" products, apps, platforms, + vision create prosperity, not millionairres, billionarres Non-competitive, collaborative Engage Black Social Media Marketing Engine Community Foster an internal Meritocracy create bold vision for collaboration tools to face problems of our day Education everyone online in next decade Use tech to uplift re-brand STEM as Art get comfortable working in "uncomfortable" spaces (incarcerated + formally incarcerated) using tech to support workers (around food, shelter) self-exploration, freedom, creativity recognizing tech as our ancestry/legacy Relevant training pulled from previous models (industrial) coding as universal language of transformation Reorganize our power, our time, our learning style positive imagery put on pedastool introducing/redirecting values focused on community thriving international movement that changes status quo reconstruction of culture changing self perception of people of color independent distribution of art, creativity on our own terms