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Organizational Change Management offerings from Akili


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Companies typically implement “change” for the purpose of driving improvements in organizational performance.

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Organizational Change Management offerings from Akili

  2. 2. COMPETELIKENEVERBEFORE Organizational Performance Improvement Companies typically implement “change” for the purpose of driving improvements in organizational performance. • Objectives typically include: • Cheaper – Lower cost • Better – Higher quality • Faster – Less time • Customer Satisfaction – Happier customers • Quality of Work Life – Happier employees The only way to accomplish these goals is to change the way people work. • This means changing your business processes: o What is done o How it is done o Who does it o When it is done • This always creates organizational disruption. 2
  3. 3. COMPETELIKENEVERBEFORE How Akili Defines OCM OCM is… • A conscious, deliberate, and collaborative effort to… o proactively help people (individuals, groups, and departments) understand and choose to embrace, as quickly as possible, the… − organizational, − procedural, and − technical o changes that will be introduced with the implementation of any change solution; o and to accomplish that objective with the least possible degree of disruption to business operations. Why? Because disruption is expensive. 3
  4. 4. COMPETELIKENEVERBEFORE OCM Pursues Balanced Solutions Aligned & Balanced Change People ProcessTechnology The Iron Triangle of Success Akili focuses on business needs as much as technical needs. Our projects are not deemed complete or successful until the stated technical and human objectives have been met. Akili’s logo reflects our commitment to the delivery of balanced solutions. 4
  5. 5. COMPETELIKENEVERBEFORE Value Proposition OCM is about success and survival • It’s not just about “soft stuff” or “touchy feely” – That notion is false! • It’s about Organizational Agility o The best adaptors survive • It’s about achieving your technical and human objectives o Success = Implementations are On-time and On-budget Akili’s approach to CM is a best practice methodology focused on that goal. We achieve that by promoting… • Strong Sponsorship • High Collaboration o (Leadership, End Users, IT & IT Partners) • Vigilant Listening • Leverage good tools to provide constant and timely delivery of Great Information 5 Quickly & Effectively = Competitive Advantage
  6. 6. COMPETELIKENEVERBEFORE Value Proposition – Adoption & Usage 6 Adoption Usage Benefits Adoption Usage Benefits Why does Change Management matter? • We assert that it’s about Realized Benefits! • The people dependent portion of Project ROI • …because 75% to 100% of the benefits you expect to realize from change initiatives depends directly upon employee adoption and usage! Lost Opportunity Realized Benefits
  7. 7. Akili’s Engagement Methodology Our Approach Incorporates Prosci’s ADKAR & 3-Phase Models 7 DA K A R Enablement Zone Blueprint Project Prep Realization Final Prep Go-Live Planning for Change Managing Change Reinforcing Change Strategy Plans Measures Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Individual Change Organizational Change Extended Engagement Zone Engagement Zone Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability Awareness