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My first travelog


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This is my first travelog - my travel diary from Hyderabad to Bangalore

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My first travelog

  1. 1. Travelog – Hyderabad to Bangalore
  2. 2. Ensure you know you wanted to drive just to the place you want to – if you are bored on the way, all you have to do is to painfully return back  Pick your destination
  3. 3. The road you pick should make you enjoy even if it is zig zag, should stimulate you even if you are tired. I picked NH7 which is the best road I ever travelled Pick your road
  4. 4. Well, this is the easiest part – love your car, and you will have a nice journey, so clean it, keep it ready and in a good long driving conditions Pick your car
  5. 5. That’s not easy to say, but especially in long distances, try to maintain a cool composure. Light dress materials, sunglasses, relaxed sleep before the journey…get the idea? Be Cool
  6. 6. In case you drive alone, get good company – like, this one helps me by falling down on the sides, or slides very often, I pick it up and put it back, so the strain of looking at the long stretching roads are reduced  Get Company
  7. 7. These photos are taken using a 2 MP cell phone camera, while in motion by an expert (he he ) - do not attempt to do this while driving, unless you got the license to thrill !  Break the limits
  8. 8. These roads are pristine enough for starting a journey, and you’ll enjoy warming up…the one on the extreme right are ‘Help Line Booths’ recently installed for every 2 kms stretch while approaching the destination Warm up – Hyderabad to Thimmapur (approx. 37 kms)
  9. 9. These roads are where you can pick up speed in your journey, and this stretch is very popular for a number of sunflower fields – albeit now is not the season to see them. The middle picture is how solar powered lamp lights look like  Pick up speed – Thimmapur to Jadcherla (approx. 50 kms)
  10. 10. You could pass here only to wonder at Krishnaveni – one of the longest rivers in southern India – I could never see the end of it, but it’s a good view. Peak yourselves – Jadcherla to Kurnool (approx. 130 kms)
  11. 11. It begins with newly laid roads, and in the middle you see narrow roads, railway gates and guava fruit-sellers, backed by a contour change in the form of barren lands, red-soil lakes and fresh breeze Contour change – Kurnool to Gooty (approx. 95 kms)
  12. 12. This is probably the longest stretch of roads, and loneliness will engulf you Get Lonely – Anantapur to Penukonda (approx. 74 kms)
  13. 13. Cross this stretch and you will get to see water bodies, small lakes, and fresh wind – your mood is bound to light up Get Lonely – Anantapur to Penukonda (approx. 74 kms)
  14. 14. Smooth, inviting roads are back, and this stretch is very green – there are people, trees and breeze everywhere ! Roads are back – Penukonda to Hebbal (approx. 130 kms)
  15. 15. But this will excite you for sure, so ensure you don’t drive so fast, and end up like the last one  Roads are back – Penukonda to Hebbal (approx. 130 kms)
  16. 16. The last leg – the shortest of all, is this drive, and if you are lucky, the traffic will be less, otherwise, this will test your patience Last leg – Hebbal to Bangalore (approx. 10 kms)
  17. 17. So where are you driving next?