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Do your employees need a wellness program?


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Interactive presentation that goes over the benefits of a workplace wellness program.

One of the most common questions asked by HR and Management team is "Do my employees really need a wellness program?" The answer is always a yes. The slideshow describes how wellness programs can result in surprising benefits. Additionally, you will also find some useful tips to create your own wellness program.

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Published in: Healthcare
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Do your employees need a wellness program?

  1. 1. Benefits of a WORKPLACE WELLNESS PROGRAM And why you need one.
  2. 2. employers admit that employees' poor health habits is a major challenge in controlling healthcare costs. Source: Workplace Wellness Programs Study by RAND Health 7 out of 10
  3. 3. SECTION B OVERLAP 93% Out of 950+ employees surveyed, acknowledged that healthier employees are more productive employees. Source: Willis Health and Productivity Survey 2014
  4. 4. What do the numbers imply?
  5. 5. A healthy and active employee takes fewer sick leaves compared to a sedentary employee.
  6. 6. Benefit 1 Healthy Employees = Reduced Absenteeism
  7. 7. Chronic illnesses and mental issues such as depression and anxiety can severely impact an employee’s ability to concentrate.
  8. 8. Benefit 2 Employees' good health gives a significant boost to organization's productivity.
  9. 9. Healthy employees are not only productive, but also happy and satisfied with their work-life.
  10. 10. Exercising 30 minutes everyday can lead to greater energy levels and higher self esteem.
  11. 11. Benefit 3 Healthy and happy workers show high job satisfaction, which reduces the employee turnover in the long run.
  12. 12. Balance between physical activity and proper nutrition can lower the risk of chronic diseases.
  13. 13. Investment Return The average ROI is up to $6 for every dollar spent on wellness programs Source: "Workplace wellness programs can generate savings." By Katherine Baicker, David Cutlerand, Zirui Song. Health Affairs.
  14. 14. But hold on! What really is Wellness?
  15. 15. Wellness programs need to focus on all 3 aspects to improve the health of employees.
  16. 16. Very Reactive Approach A traditional wellness program assess the employees’ health risks and then offer programs to reduce their health risks.
  17. 17. Proactive approach Wellness programs need to adapt a preventive method and focus on improving all the aspects of an individual’s health.
  18. 18. So just launching a wellness program solve the problem?
  19. 19. Engagement is the key If you just build it, the employees probably won’t come. You will need to call them.
  20. 20. Employees won’t see the improvement in their health in just few days. Sustained Engagement is crucial
  21. 21. Let's face it! We all are selfish and look for instant gratification.
  22. 22. We like to be rewarded for all the actions we take. H um an N ature101
  23. 23. The SECRET to engagement is Incentivizing employees Prizes Honor Rewards
  24. 24. A built­in social recognition mechanism can also considerably increase engagement.
  25. 25. We are likely to exercise or eat healthy when we see our friends do the same. Employees motivate each other to achietheir health goals and develop an empowering and supportive community.
  26. 26. At this point, wellness programs go beyond managing employees’ health as employees start developing strong bonds with each other.  
  27. 27. Need help with designing a wellness program? can help you with that!
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