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The Gril With The Dragon Tatto


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Tips on Picking The Right Tattoo...All designs have been drawn by exclusive artists and currently not be found anywhere else.

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The Gril With The Dragon Tatto

  1. 1. ==== ====Suggestions and Tips on Picking The Right Tatto ====I think what I have to do here is to write about the trilogy. You can read the first and not the restbut I believe that they work together the best. Overall there are several stories throughout all of thebooks but the main theme is about the girl with the dragon tattoo. She is described as an anti-herowhich is a pretty apt description. She is brilliant, prickly and downright antisocial but you love heranyway.I was asked the other day if I thought that kids could read these. I told the mom to read themherself first. There are some pretty disturbing scenes in all of the books and there is somelanguage but it is the way he writes that conjures up amazing images and not all good ones either.The first book covers a brilliant story where we meet many of the characters who will continuethrough the series. Blomkvist is a journalist who follows a story doggedly. He is asked to look intoa disappearance that happened many years previously and to devote his entire life to the task.The payoff is too good to refuse and thus he is thrown into a world of privilege, lies, abuse andfamily sagas. He enlists the help of someone at a security firm who excels in research especiallythrough the internet and this is where we meet Lisbeth aka the girl with the dragon tattoo.To say a whole lot more would take away from the content of the story, so go ahead and readthem yourselves. I know they have been raved about for months now and I finally got around toreading them but primarily because a friend recommended them highly. There is somewhat of amystery in each book but mainly huge amounts of suspense and intrigue. Our main characters arevery likable and the villains are just that, villainous. I actually cant wait to see the movies now tosee how they have been interpreted. The first two books have been shot in Swedish and the first isbeing redone in English/American with Daniel Craig as our hero.You can find more of my book and movie reviews at: Source:
  2. 2. ==== ====Suggestions and Tips on Picking The Right Tatto ====