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Is December 21, 2012 The Rise Of The Man?


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Answers to What is really going to happen in December of 2012... and exactly how millions will be affected, your world will be turned upside down... forever! This might blow your mind!

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Is December 21, 2012 The Rise Of The Man?

  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About What is Going To Happen December 21, 2012 ====The FolktaleIn the early winter of December in the year 2012, the Mayans and many other ancient cultures ofantiquity have predicted the return of the gods in their literature and other records. This return isactually the return of a consciousness that humans have not seen in tens of thousands of years,going back to when we were humans in spirit form. It is this divine consciousness that we lost longago that is now termed the fall of man. In a nutshell the fall of man was a series of events thatcaused human beings in the spirit to become desirous for themselves and thus become humanbeings in the flesh which was the fall part. Our selfishness (desire to seek for the self alone)separated us from God and so we then manifested physical bodies in the physical world and stillreside in these physical bodies today.This means, in simple terms that the frequency that our consciousness operated on was loweredbecause of our lack of sharing, and it was lowered to a point that we could not maintain ourspiritual bodies (today known as the light-body) and as a result we became physical creatures withphysical creature issues, like needing to eat and getting rid of bodily waste as well as the need tobreathe air to survive. We no longer had Gods divine essence surging through us in sufficientenough quantities and so needed to live like the physical creatures that we had become. Theproblem with this is obvious in that if you have all of these physical needs and symptoms thatmake you selfish, how can you get back to the spiritual body where none of these physical issuesexist.The CycleWhen the fall of man occurred, it happened to us as a collective. This meant that everyoneexperienced this fall together as a race of beings. In December of 2012, we collectively willexperience a raise of our consciousness through a raise in our frequency of our nervous systemand this raise in our frequency is the return of the gods that the Mayans spoke of.aise in. This willhappen to us as a result of a shift of our solar system and galaxy that occurs every thirteenthousand years.Our planet takes a year to go around our sun one time, and our sun takes twenty-six thousand ofour years to go around the center of our galaxy one time. High energy particles escape from theseries of black holes in the center of our galaxy shooting out cosmic material in only one direction(instead of all directions) in a way that divides our galaxy in half with one half (equaling the firstthirteen-thousand years) getting a constant fresh supply of new matter, and the other half of ourgalaxy getting no constant fresh supply of direct new matter material (equaling the secondthirteen-thousand years). We need twenty-six thousand years to make one full revolution of onehalf fresh new cosmic energy and the other half no fresh new cosmic energy.
  2. 2. When we are in the thirteen-thousand years with no fresh new cosmic energy we experience alack of sufficient light and as a result we become selfish and desirous to ourselves instead ofsharing. When we are in the thirteen-thousand years where we get constant fresh new cosmicenergy, we have an increase of light from our galactic center which increases the frequency thatour nervous system operates on and as a result we experience an increase in our consciousnessand the desire to share everything and help each other ceaselessly. This happens to us everytwenty-six thousand years. Half of our solar systems revolution around our galactic center is happyand positive (the girl cycle) and the other half of our solar systems revolution around our galacticcenter is sad and negative (the boy cycle). We are at the point that we can become divine againwhen we are going through the girl cycle. This is what Jesus explained to his apostles and othersduring his time among us. As we go around our galactic center we experience either one or theother of these two states throughout history.It is unfortunate that most people have been brainwashed to believe that humanity has only beenaround for a mere sixty-five hundred years or so. They have been prevented from knowing aboutmiracles!The ResultWhat does this have to do with December of 2012?In December of 2012 we will officially enter the girl cycle of our revolution around our galacticcenter and that is what the Mayans and others meant when they said that their gods would return.This will be the start of thirteen thousand years of happiness, peace and positive energy. Manyearly cultures spoke of this cycle like the ancient Mayans, the Hopi, the Essene community andThe Cathars of early France, as well as many great souls that have counseled us over thecenturies like Buddha and Jesus. We have not been openly taught of this cycle, how and why ithappens and have been deprived of its secrets, the greatest of which is that the girl cycle (divinefeminine) it is coming again in December of 2012 and we can regain our divinity again when thishappens.We have been led to believe that we are not worthy of Heaven or of God but this is false andmisleading. We are simply going through the boy cycle and it is not our fault that we are like this.In December of 2012, there will come great difficulties with this coming change. Those in powerwill not give up all that they have without a fight and that fight will be an attack on you and I. Anattack on our consciousness!They have committed horrible acts and atrocities against their fellow humans and will continueleading up to December of 2012 which includes many so-called natural disasters, the intentionalspread of disease and the spreading of negative energies through the use of the television, radioand newspaper. These people will make us fight each other and call it competition and claim thatit is good for us when they are fully aware of the devastating effects that it has on us as acollective.Oddly enough, their efforts will fail miserably and the new era will start as scheduled. In the fewyears that we have left in this era, we had better brace ourselves for some very difficult timesahead. It would be prudent and smart to find out what is being said about 2012 and how to
  3. 3. prepare for it whether it be good or bad. It is always wise to be prepared instead of sorry,especially if you have kids to care for.Bob FinkleaGet your FREE information report about 2012 sent to you and get prepared. Find out the truthabout 2012 NOW and the return of the Mayan Gods!http://2012apocalypseormiracle.comArticle Source: ====The Truth About What is Going To Happen December 21, 2012 ====