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Church Of Saint Thomas More


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Church Of Saint Thomas More

  1. 1. Church of Saint Thomas More<br />Glendale, Arizona<br />United States<br />Architect of Record – DLR Group, Inc<br />Designers<br />Richard Drinkwater, AIA<br />Renée Thomas, RA, IESNA<br />
  2. 2. Design Abstract<br />The design of the main sanctuary at Saint Thomas More is strongly influenced by the unity and equanimity of the circle. It was the intent of the designers to incorporate daylight to give form and depth to the architecture as well as reinforce a sense of spaciousness and openness. Both the siting of the building and design of the fenestration was explored using both scale model studies and complex computer modeling using the lighting design software Lumen Micro. This software tool allowed the designers to craft the best balance between daylight and artificial light entering and exiting the sanctuary. The resultis a environment in which carefully directed natural light softly suffuses the interior of the space during the daylight hours and interior light celebrates the spiritual life of the congregation and it’s place within the community at night. <br />