Travels API Case Study


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Travels API Case Study

  1. 1. KEY BENEFITS  Optimized ready made Search engine for Hotel, Flight, Car, Cruise thus saving time and effort  Cloud readiness to scale the B2B or B2C portal application Case Study  Enhances the quality and competitiveness System Integration of Expedia, Galileo, Amadeus, HotelsPro, Redbus, etc. service APIs“DeepBiz System Integration  Simple UIs for Mobile devices  Stimulates productivity and developmentapproach ensures that a for agency, developer, IT and servicecustomer gets that they want, providers involved in the travel andwhen they want and on budget leisure industryin bringing together  Quickly recognized high Return Oncomponent subsystems into a Investment (ROI) on the investment madewhole and ensuring that thosesubsystems function together.” Travels API SOA Partners Cloud Readiness New Jersey, US Bangalore, India +1(201)340-0285
  2. 2. Travels API will be the leader in stimulating innovative technology platform to travel and leisure industries by creating common platform service monopoly HTML 5 Mobile Readiness Business Challenge About Travels API  Local Database Maintenance  A division of DeepBiz for Travel and Leisure Industry  Regular content updates COMPANY  A Unique Concept, not available at this point  Organized sustainable congresses for big and small  Data duplication and consistency is Dynamic organization committed to providing, agents/companies across the globe a big challenge  Software Development  Developed by Technology and Domain Experts Services,  Technical Support resource should o 20+ years of Microsoft technology experts  Infrastructure, Consulting be required to do content update and Knowledge Transfer o 10+ years of Travel and Leisure Industry experts services  Highly dedicated Microsoft Technical Evangelist team from  Managing largest number of user  Operating from US, UK and o IIM Calcutta, account had caused low application India  Back-office Support & o IIT Calicut performance  Management Consultancy  High investment and lowest return Provided SolutionTechnology SOA White label Mobile Cloud : Windows Azure,  Separated Flight, Hotel,  The sample B2C application has been  Developed Mobile portal SQL Azure Car, Cruise services as a developed and hosted in the Microsoft using HTML 5, CSS 3 and Big Data: SQL 2012, common Service and JQuery. Cloud using ASP.NET, C# 4.0 and CSS3 Hadoop hosted on windows  Tested with Blackberry,  Improved Search engine optimization Android, Windows Mobile Mobile: HTML 5, CSS 3, Azure.  The common database for Hotel, Car, Flight search 7.1 and iPhone/IPad. JQuery, RIM, iOS, Android, iPhone has been hosted in SQL  Easy to scale out/off the application’s  Optimized Database and Web: ASP.NET, c#, Azure performance Queries using SQL 2012 VB.NET, ASP, EF  SOA has been designed for  Affordable branding system for each  Highly scalable branding Service: WCF, oData, JSON Microsoft Cloud Readiness country’s search engine for every country’s portal and scalability using C# 4,  Excellence performance EF, WCF, oData/JSON