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iGateway an Intelligent Gateway Platform - Branding Model


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1.Live Tracking for Vehicle, Personal, Pet animals, Assets, Remote workforces and Livestock
2.Positioning for GPS and LBS tracking.
Offline and online tracking.
3.Driver and passenger identification, and their travel time and distances.
4.Geofencing, Landmark, live traffic, weather reports.
Automated Routing mechanism, trip schedule, dispatching
5.Live alerts on SMS and email.
6.Integrated with SMS Gateway and Email server, Chat server for messaging/text communication.

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iGateway an Intelligent Gateway Platform - Branding Model

  1. 1. BRANDING MODEL iGateway ESP Enterprise Smart Platform for GPS Muthu Swamy S January 27, 2014 Monday
  2. 2.  Public facing Interface  Providing Cloud Data Service  Providing Platform Service  Providing B2B, B2C and C2C Services    BRANDING BENEFIT  Improved Scalability On-Demand Velocity Flexible Licensing Model   Better Control Pay-as-you-Go Non-Linear Alliances approach
  3. 3. Master Service Provider Service Provider ACCESS LEVEL POLICY Company
  4. 4. Branding Model
  5. 5. Master Service Provider  Master Service Provider    Enterprise License Model Controls One or more State Define and Manage Licenses Market and Control Reseller/dealers  Market and control Companies   Geo Based Selection  Authorized Business Alliance Partner [BAP]  Controlled by Super Administrator Device Distributor
  6. 6. Service Provider   Service Provider   Platinum License Model Controls One or more City Define and Manage Licenses Market and control Companies   City wise Selection  Authorized Alliance Network [AAN]  Controlled by Super Admin or Master Service Provider Device Distributor
  7. 7. Company Application Clients or Company   Manages Fleets, users  Company    Manage Agents Manage Geofences Manage Fleet/Location History Manage Location, Driver etc.  Company users  Use Web Application/Mobile application  Controlled by Super Admin or Master Service Provider or Service Provider
  8. 8. • Navigation Image • Navigation Text • Application Icon • Url Routing Terms & conditions Contact us Registration Enquiry Help Desk French German Irish Arabic Thai Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada System Message • Label Message • Error Message • Warning Message Application Message • Maintenance Message • Events • News • Mails Email Alert SMS Alert Email Notification SMS Notification Subscription Templates App Settings English Message • Theme • Color • Logo Language Pack Branding White Label Branding
  9. 9. Type Storage Media Details Folder Database Database CSS files #eeeeee Logo Folder Database Folder Database Database Database Database Database dll dll dll dll dll dll Fleet, history etc caption of Top Menu Vehicle Type icon, running vehicle icon etc. TC details Contact details Registration details goes to email Enquiry goes to email link to their help desk agent or phone Database Database Database Control text can be changed Error message can be changed Warning Message Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Circular Branding Message Language Pack White Label Themefile Colortext Logo Imageimage Templates Branding Model Features Application Settings Navigation Imageimage Navigation Texttext Application Iconicon Terms and Conditions HTML Text Contact us HTML Text Registration HTML Text Enquiry HTML Text Help Desk Link Managed API Managed API Managed API Managed API Managed API Managed API System Message Label Message Text Error MessageText Warning MessageText Application Message Maintenance Message Text User warning MessageText EventsText NewsText MailsText Email Alert HTML Text SMS Alert Text Email Notification HTML Text SMS Notification Text Email Subscription HTML Text SMS Subscription Text
  10. 10. URL Routing System Sub Domain Customer URL Customer Main Domain Type of Customer customer 1 white label custmer 2 customer 3 regular client white label customer 4 regular client
  11. 11. Contact +91(901)901-1841