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Capgemini Consulting Business & Information Strategy Overview


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Business & Information Management Overview

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Capgemini Consulting Business & Information Strategy Overview

  1. 1. Business & Information Strategy Overview May 2008
  2. 2. Content  Business & Information Strategy Vision  Our approach  Business & Information Strategy presentation  References BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 1
  3. 3. A new “techno-business” revolution that forces companies/organisations to continuously transform themselves Techno trends * Business trends Increasing business competition, globalisation, standardisation, commoditisation, amount of information & change Business & IT + New competitors, new markets and new products Transformation is becoming inevitable Specific Industry Sectors drivers Compliance for Public sector, Convergence for Telco, CO2 reduction for Utilities, … In this fast changing world, IT is both a driver and an enabler of changes * Source : Technovision – Capgemini 2007 BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 2
  4. 4. Due to the importance of IT for business success, the pressure on CIOs is higher than ever Examples of typical challenges External Forces CEO • Integration with suppliers and customers systems • Role of IT in business strategy and • Increased demand for customization by shareholder value customers • Right level of IT investments • Direct interaction customer/core systems • IT & other business processes outsourcing and alliances • Increased interaction with IT suppliers require • IT capability to handle a major incident standardization • Major corporate project decision-making process The new CIO? • IT value measurement • Technology-driven innovation to deliver more value • IT cost allocation across client businesses • Reduction of IT operating costs • IT cost structure • Ensuring service continuity and IT security during IT projects • ROI of major corporate projects, tracking hidden costs • Efficiency leap on IT projects • Types of IT assets to own • Visibility of progress on large Business & IT • Risk management and intrusion / fraud prevention transformation programmes • Compliance CFO COO / Business Across all industries, senior executives are asking challenging questions about IT and its role in the business - which naturally places CIOs in Executive Committees BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 3
  5. 5. In this context, we have 5 key convictions 1 Business and IT should no longer be separate in your thoughts. 2 CIOs must be the natural leaders of IT-driven business innovation 3 Organise IT in two worlds : innovation and industrialisation 4 Promoting “hybrid” populations is mandatory for true business / IT cooperation 5 Design and manage Business and IT transformation concurrently, so as to ensure continuous alignment and to maximise value in an uncertain environment BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 4
  6. 6. Content  Business & Information Strategy Vision  Our approach  Business & Information Strategy presentation  References BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 5
  7. 7. Transformation challenges generate combined Business and IT challenges The Business & IT agenda NEW BUSINESS MODELS ENSURING PROGRAMMES’ GOVERNANCE STAKES GROWTH SUCCESS AGILITY COST REDUCTION & VALUE MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 6
  8. 8. Our approach identifies 5 key levers that contribute to solving the IT/Business transformation challenge The five key levers of IT management • Does our structure support our strategy? • Do we have the right leadership? • Are business leaders driving critical • Is the skill and experience mix decisions? right? • Do we have standard, repeatable processes that assure frequent successes? Governance, IT Organisation & Competencies IT Processes & Sourcing • Do we have a set of operational metrics that are tied to business performance? IT Control • Are the benefits of the IT & initiative tied to the business Performance IS sponsor’s P&L? Management Architecture • Are we investing only where • Is maintenance consuming too much of clear business value is our development resource? demonstrated? • Does the design of a new application • Do business leaders agree IT support our future architecture vision? priorities are aligned with Technical business priorities? Infrastructure • Is our infrastructure delivering regular reductions in unit costs? • Are service levels set at the right balance between need and cost? BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 7
  9. 9. Based on this Business & IT framework, BIS offers four approaches to its clients, from vision to transformation Vision Transformation Strategy Transformation Business Innovation through IT Concurrent Transformation (Ensure sustainable results by linking (Create or transform Business Business & IT in large transformation programmes) models) IT Strategy (Decide to invest in a IT Organisation & IT Governance transformation plan) (Transform the IT function to manage it like a business) BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 8
  10. 10. VISION Business Innovation through IT The “Business Innovation Through IT” offering is focused on creating or transforming business models by using technologies in an innovative way Business Innovation through IT Content Details A shared understanding by business managers of what the new Enabling a shared technologies are enabling and how other companies (either competitors or understanding of Technology companies from other industries) are making the most of it, and therefore gaining competitive advantage. Identifying either new business / services or new ways of working that can Business Use cases be invented thanks to technologies in order to create business differentiators or new business positioning. Design an operational business:  Organisation, competency model  Service Marketing and Promotion Operational framework  Process framework  Tools  Controlling, governance, … Selecting business partners who can help: Business Partners  Deliver the new business /service,  Capitalise on R&D and business vision,  Build an end-to-end offer for clients Formalised business plan reflecting the business model changes for decision, Business Plan & quantifying : implementation approach,  Business revenue growth and margin impacts go/no go decision  Investment costs and running costs  Implementation plan & planning  Change management approach BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 9
  11. 11. VISION & TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY IT Strategy The “IT Strategy” offering delivers the project portfolio that will enhance the current business capabilities IT strategy content Details A target in terms of performance ambitions with regards to:  IT Effectiveness Vision  IT Efficiency  IT Agility The trajectory best suiting the company priorities :  What degrees of uncertainty should you take into account? Roadmap  How to get to the desired end-state from your starting point?  What are the transformation stages? A project portfolio enabling the chosen trajectory :  Short-term quick wins Project portfolio  Longer-term initiatives A business case in order to:  Assess the proposed solutions soundly Business Case  Build credibility of decisions  Obtain go-ahead Collaborative ways of working to ensure:  Integration of uncertainty in the decision-making process Shared convictions  Value-creating reconciliation between Business and IT  Lower implementation risks BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 10
  12. 12. TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY & TRANSFORMATION IT Organisation & Effectiveness The “IT Organisation & Effectiveness” offering helps CIOs run the IT function like a business IT O&E content Details Value Management  Promoting the value added by IT towards the Business  IT Cost Reduction  IT Charge-back  Implementing IT management processes that articulate operational & economic effectiveness  IT Controlling  IT Balanced Scorecard  Providing the right steering tools to make sure that IT delivers cost effectively.  IT Projects Portfolio Management Governance, organisation &  Defining an Enterprise IT Governance that provides the overall framework for how IT shall be governed, and should comply to regulations (SoX, etc.) processes  Business / IT relationship  Designing IT Organisation and IT Processes in a way that enables implementation of the IT Governance framework  IT globalisation  IT resource consolidation (data centre  Promoting the use of IT Processes based on best practices provided by consolidation, shared services) frameworks like ITIL and COBIT.  IT Industrialisation & certification  Defining a vision of the competencies required for an IT department based on IT Competencies its sourcing strategy and the future needs of IT  IT Skills Management  Designing sustainable processes to assess IT employee profiles and competencies in order to align them with required needs.  Defining the areas which should be kept in-house and which should be IT sourcing & external partnership outsourced to strategic partners  Sourcing and offshore strategy  Assessing the opportunity to implement new IT delivery models that lever off-  IT Procurement efficiency shoring  Defining how the outsourcing deal should be managed. BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 11
  13. 13. TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY & TRANSFORMATION Concurrent Transformation The “Concurrent Transformation” offering aims at achieving sustainable results by linking Business & IT together in large transformation programmes Concurrent Transformation content Details General framework of the Business & IT programme:  Organisation of projects and streams Governance & Organisation  Committee roles and composition  Relationship & delegation definition between Programme & Enterprise management  Change and roll-out strategies The different levels of Business & IT concurrent transformation : Programme Management  Steering committee preparation and decision-making process facilitation Cockpit  Internal control and quality  Programme management office (planning, budget, risks, scenarios)  Capgemini Consulting accelerators management (ASE, RSW) A day-to-day alignment :  Business strategy changes identification and anticipation Business Strategy Alignment  Evaluation of programme impacts  Target and road map actualisation The business results management : Securing Achievement of  Business case actualisation Results  Benefits tracking Change management and capabilities management for two specific populations :  Programme team (team building, team events, team spirit development) Human Factor Management  Management team (project approach and transformation best practice awareness)  Capabilities management BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 12
  14. 14. Content  Business & Information Strategy Vision  Our approach  Business & Information Strategy presentation BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 13
  15. 15. The global BIS network : 500 consultants across the globe Europe 350 consultants Norway : Finland : Jukka-Pekka Riihelä Gunar Deinboll Sweden : Ulf Larson Canada : Marc Finkelstein UK&I Denmark : Daniel Paëtsch David Blackwood Netherlands : Eric Kruidhof / Robert Morsch Belgium : Sanjay Jhamb USA : TT: Kieran Draper France : Eric Monnoyer TCG: Brad Newman Austria : Alexander Kun Spain : Central Europe : Oliver Bittner Christophe Mario BIS Lab* North America 100 consultants China : Joshua Zhang Asia : 50 consultants Australia : Andrew Williams * Center of world KM resources and benchmarks BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 14
  16. 16. Our recent publications BOOKS POINTS OF VIEWS « Mash-up Corporations, the end of Business as usual » by Andy Mulholland, CTO of • Accelerate your strategic evolutions : how to Capgemini. transform the SOA dream into reality ? The book tells the story of fictional appliance maker Vorpal Inc. and its pursuit of creative sales methods for its popcorn poppers. Over months Vorpal goes • Ensure the future of your ERP with a on a mashup-fuelled journey from popcorn popper Competencies Center manufacturer to Service-Oriented Enterprise, with new markets and new revenue streams. This book is a cultural, rather than technical, guide to Service- • Program management: Almost the entire world Oriented Architectures and Web 2.0 technologies. knows the good practices and still … something goes amiss « ERP, lever of company transformation », by Claude Quelennec, a VP of Capgemini • Controlling IT costs : from a tactical approach Consulting (BIS) to a transformation journey This book tells the story of Valoneix, a company which CEO decided to launch an ERP to revamp and realigne its business. This book also exposes • Controlling outsourcing: Defining a realistic best management practices in order to succeed outsourcing strategy, choosing the right partner one’s implementation of an ERP. and ensuring sustainable performance BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 15
  17. 17. Capgemini Consulting surveys on Business & IT trends (digest) European CIO Survey Special subjects (annually) IT Trends (annually) BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 16
  18. 18. Capgemini Consulting world-class expertise in various industries (digest) BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 17
  19. 19. We have developed packaged approaches to bring targeted and timely solutions to our clients OFFER METHOD RESULTS • Quick diagnosis of the • Mirror Core Business / IT division • A summary report outlining the overall IT function interviews based on standard weaknesses and strengths of IT FLASH (among IT division, questionnaires the IT function, and the ANALYSIS ® Management and clients), • Analysis using the BIS knowledge directions for improvement from three to nine weeks base • Quick diagnosis of the • CEO/CIO/Core Business leaders • A photography of the maturity of evaluation of the maturity interviews based on standard the economic monitoring of the IT VALUE of the economic questionnaires IT department and position on MANAGEMENT monitoring of the IT • A summary report showing best pratices department on 6 key synthetic results • Evolution plan of IT value themes management • Accelerated graphical view • A strategy combining advice / tool • Sharing the vision (graphical of IT capabilities portfolio creation representation of existing skills, IT SKILLS VISION and skills management (six • A three-stage procedure : needs evaluation) weeks), based on the use of • Data collection • Prioritization of initiatives and existing documents • Modelization strategic diagnosis • Operating seminar • Quick diagnosis of the ability • Focus interviews with key • An executive report with the to bring a transformation stakeholders of the program Program Management analysis PROGRAM project to a successful • Facts and data collection over the 5 axes and an MANAGEMENT FLASH ANALYSIS conclusion over 5 axes • Benchmark of the program improvement plan (Governance, HR,Strategy, management maturity against etc), in 6 weeks market best practices BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 18
  20. 20. BIS, a leading team in its market  500 management consultants in the World (350 in Europe), Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost specialized in business and IT issues providers of Consulting, Technology and  Management consultancy know-how in a traditionally Outsourcing services, has a unique way of technical domain: working with its clients, called the • Understanding the challenges of core businesses Collaborative Business Experience. • A global and consistent approach to all issues involved (core Backed by over three decades of industry and service business, IT, HR, etc.) experience, the Collaborative Business Experience is  A consulting team backed by an independent IT services designed to help our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results through seamless access to our group (ability to mobilise the group’s skills and know-how) network of world-leading technology partners and  A transversal vision of IT stakes and the ability to mobilize collaboration-focused methods and tools. deep industry knowledge within Capgemini Consulting Through commitment to mutual success and the  A global database on IT management achievement of tangible value, we help businesses  Strong presence among the world’s top 50 companies implement growth strategies, leverage technology, and thrive through the power of collaboration. 500 consultants at the heart of core business and information systems BIS – Overview ©2007 - Capgemini Consulting June 3, 2009 19