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  1. 1. DJ Moody McFly
  2. 2. Intergalactic Energy EP DJ Moody McFly • Featuring New Single “Space Troopers” and “Smoke and Mirrors” • In Stores May 2010 Intergalactic Energy
  3. 3. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Very Portable Limited Budget Big Target Market A lot of Competition Multiple Genres Low Awareness in Market
  4. 4. Building Awareness • DJ Moody McFly has many fan pages on social networks such as Facebook, Purevolume, Youtube, Bleep and Myspace. • Promotion will be done at Ultra Music Festival by handing out glow sticks with DJ Moody McFly written on them, as well as a code for a free download on his NIMBIT site. • DJ Moody McFly will be performing at many spring break parties as well as hosting contests during the day, on the beach to win free goods. • Radio spots are very good for building awareness as well, and DJMM has been set up to air on 1Club.FM in Chicago as well as Live365 and internet radio station.
  5. 5. CDs Vinyl 15 Tracks $12.99 in Collectors Edition/DJ Edition stores $10.99 Download $19.99 .99 Singles
  6. 6. Online Distribution Chain iTunes eCast DJ Moody CataPult VCast iLike Consumers McFly URGE PureTracks Catapult charges a setup fee of $25 per album 95% of all payouts on sales are paid to the artist
  7. 7. CD Distribution Chain Uncle Sams Music DJ Moody Disc IndieRec UrbanWax McFly Makers Independant Records FYE Disc Makers charges approx .75 cents each Consumers for 20,000 units in 4-panel digipaks IndieRec Charges $295 for the first title and $150 per title in the same year. Additional one year options are available for $100
  8. 8. Vinyl Distribution Chain The Record Bin DJ Moody Pirate City Hall Park Ave CDs Music Stack McFly Press Distribution zzSounds Consumers Pirate Press will manufacture vinyl for $1.33 per record
  9. 9. Strategic Partnerships Technics • $89.99 Head Phones • DJ Moody McFly Model With Custom Graphics and colors • This will be an endorsement to help in building awareness which will result in higher sales of the album
  10. 10. Strategic Partnerships • Belvedere will sponsor and album release party at Club Space in Miami • DJ Moody McFly Custom Designed Bottle
  11. 11. Future Services • DJ Moody McFly is pending his own nightclub in Miami • Galaxy Night Club with a Space Theme
  12. 12. Future Services • DJ Hero McFLy Edition • Build a bigger fan base • Boost Publicity and Popularity.
  13. 13. Promoting Future Releases • Promote on DJ gear websites such as Planet DJ, Musicians Friend, 123DJ etc • Hire street teams • Post webstreams of live shows for viewers to experience online. • Buy online advertisements on Pandora, iTunes and Twitter etc