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Google summit preso


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My preso for Google Summit Charlottesville, VA - March 16, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Google summit preso

  1. 1. Getting Started with GAFEThis session will be a discussion on planning how to introduce the GAFE tofaculty and students. I will share the process we used to create a successfulprogram at our school including faculty and student training, as well asintegration. Dont think it is all roses at the start. We have had struggles as wellas success!
  2. 2. Administrator● Apply for GAFE account● Webinars● Conversion from First Class● Domain name decision teachers/students● Google Admin Group● Manual if under 5000 or purchase automation software
  3. 3. Principal● Total "buy in"● Time for training● Model use of GApps● Encourage mentors
  4. 4. Trainers●● Begin with GMail ○ desktop ○ mobile set up on device ○ show SMS● Chat off in beginning● Show signature
  5. 5. Skills
  6. 6. Teachers First
  7. 7. Students ● 6th - Literacy ● 7th - Literacy ● 8th - as requested ● GMail ● GDocs ● GCalendarNOW.... ● Google+ and H
  8. 8. Timeline
  9. 9. Other Staff● Office staff● Paraprofessionals● One-on-one aides● Open sessions
  10. 10. Extra Support● After school sessions● Create mentors● Planning time● Clerical Days● Informal
  11. 11. Success● Everyone on the same page● Ease of use● School to home● Work on any computer in school● No worries about version differences● Common for any platform● Mandatory for staff● DO Admin was on time
  12. 12. Struggles● New students● Need building level administration● HS - by department as ready● Time for adequate training
  13. 13. Presentation Link