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Roadwatch presentation


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Roadwatch presentation

  1. 1. Road Watch 2011 Click to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. Click to edit Master title sPresentation ‘s Objective Share some key aspects of the “Road Watch” volunteer program Share some accomplishments and results Thank the Citizens of Pickering/Ajax, Pickering and Ajax Mayor andCouncil as well as Durham Regional Police Services for their incrediblesupport !
  3. 3. Click to edit Master title sOur Mandate ….. …To reduce automotive collisions and fatalities throughawareness, education and enforcement of road safety...
  4. 4. Click to edit Master title styleHow a “Speed Board” is triggered Public Chief Of Police or Police Municipal City/Town Mayor or City Councilors Any Committee Member
  5. 5. Click to edit Master title style How violations are reported  Public reporting of road violations  Hard copy forms placed throughout the region in public places or stores (together with road watch drop off boxes for completed hard copy forms)  Committee members check & empty boxes on a regular basis  Quick and easy form available on-line via the Internet – directly to Police Officer for the region  Road Watch via Speed boards  Twice a month on average – except for the winter  Record information of anyone speeding over 15 km over and review & send to police (make, color, license plate, date and time)  On occasion, we also ADD Police with Radar, after our speed board display handing out speeding tickets
  6. 6. Click to edit Master title styleHow violations are handled (public complaint or road watch pure volunteer program) Confidentially by a designated Police Officer for the municipality Check run through the Police Database comparing car make/model/color and address Check through the database for previous violations reported through the Road Watch overall program Determination of action (by the Police) to be taken next (letter, phone call or visit) Verification of all information by an Inspector Validation of action to be taken
  7. 7. Click to edit Master title style Pickering & Ajax our results (last 6 years 2005 – 2010)  Total number of speed boards 110  Total number of letters mailed by DRPS 3,037  Total number of 2nd offenders 57  Total number of 3rd offenders 09  Besides speeding DRPS/Road Watch handled  Drive in Careless Manner  Disobey Stop sign  Disobey Red Light  Follow too Close  Unsafe Lane Change  Tailgating  Road rage  Fail to stop for School Bus   Year over year we are seeing a positive trend !
  8. 8. Click to edit Master title styleRoad Watch - About UsOur Website – Is also part of the Durham Regional Police Services Website Standing Committee Executive all volunteer members with elections Formal monthly meeting with minutes (except for August of each year) Volunteers, Pickering and Ajax town reps, Durham Regional Police Liaison Officer, some Council members as required  support from town and various corporations $$ Display booths at malls, advertising in local papers, attendance at parades and other town or city events Street signs throughout the Durham region indicating road watch program with our logo Road watch decals on Police Cruisers, City Buses and Fire Trucks  “own” our own equipment (2 speed boards plus a radar gun, Jackets/Vests) We
  9. 9. Click to edit Master title styleOur Challenges Overall  Hard to gauge our contribution to the overall positive trend we are seeing  Vast majority of People are very supportive, but always want more done (e.g. traffic calming) and want us to attend more frequently  Large area and many streets to cover  Rumor in some circles that people “speed up” just to trigger off the speed board (is just not true based on our experience) Road Watch Volunteer ProgramDon’t have a “follow up/reply” process in place for those that sent in a complaintDon’t have a “follow up/reply” process in place for the street(s) we covered with a speed board with the residents of that street Public Complaint ProgramUse on-line complaint form more often and correctly record key information
  10. 10. Click to edit Master title styleOur Successes: Overall Have contributed in slowing traffic down and improving overall traffic safety Public Complaint Program Increase year over year in registered complaints through on-line reporting The Manitoba Government Insurance recognized us and invited us to speak at their conference and paid our expenses ! Road Watch Volunteer Program Municipal offer of a rotating speed board for neighborhoods is now available. Ajax/Pickering has become “the poster child” for new road watch type programs Volunteers/Police/Town/City Reps are dedicated and have sustained the program Opportunity for People to provide on-the-fly feedback in their neighborhood directly
  11. 11. Click to edit Master title styleFuture Continue to focus on our mandate via boots on the street speed boards Looking to have a winter speed board initiative Participate in a school guard crossing program Opportunities for safety synergy with M.A.D.D and Durham Health/DRPS Baby Car Seat Inspections Opportunity to perform “traffic assessments” at intersections and report results to Durham Police for follow up and action Learn from other similar programs/organizations and apply best practices to our program
  12. 12. Click to edit Master title styleSecrets to Our Success.. Dedicated and Passionate Committee Members Solid Support (Mayor and Individual City Council members every single year and at every opportunity) Solid Support (Durham Regional Police – Equipment, Police Resources and Officers) Community involvement and participation Real opportunity to make a difference Meet socially & have some fun when we can !
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