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Qt Tutorial - Part 1


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Published in: Technology
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Qt Tutorial - Part 1

  1. 1. Intro to Qt GUI programming with C++ by Đức Phạm Organized byQt is a registered product of Digia
  2. 2. Đức Phạm Email: Bachelor of IT since 2009 Linux enthusiast Worked in Gameloft and now is East Agile Interest in Game and Web development
  3. 3. History Developed by Trolltech Acquired by Nokia Commercial license took over by Digia
  4. 4. In a nutshell Qt is ‘cute’ Cross-platform GUI library for the C++ programming language A complete interface environment with support for Webkit API, media streamer, file system browser, OpenGL API, etc.
  5. 5. VLC 2.x running inWindows, OS X 10.7 and Debian Linux
  6. 6. In a nutshell (continue) Support embedded Linux Smart phones: Maemo, Meego, etc. Electronic devices: Car, TV, etc. Feature road map including support for popular mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
  7. 7. Legal stuff Qt offers three licenses:  GPL v3  lGPL  Digia commercial license
  8. 8. Installation Official download:  Official IDE: QtCreator  Visual Studio add-in Debian repository:  sudo apt-get install qtcreator qtcreator-dbg
  9. 9. Technical features Customized precompiler: signal and slot
  10. 10. Technical features (continue) Signals don’t need to be implemented, but rather called Signals and slots can be connected:  Regardless of which object  Many-many relationship  Could be disconnected
  11. 11. Technical features (continue)Features the parent-child relationship A child widget when created could reference to a parent widget. This allows:  Hierarchy search: findChild() and findChildren()  Chain destructor on parent de-allocating
  12. 12. Tech demo
  13. 13. Qt in the world Industrial  Skype  VirtualBox  Maya  Opera  Various embedded software
  14. 14. Qt in the world (continue)KDE Complete desktop environment in Qt Including the Plasma Window manager Projects including Office Applications Development suite: Kdevelop Common desktop applications
  15. 15. Qt in the world (continue)Open source projects Qt razor
  16. 16. Further references
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Thank you!