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ECS Corporate Capabilites


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ECS Corporate Capabilites

  1. 1. www.ecs‐ www ecs federal comElectronic Consulting Services, Inc. CORPORATE CAPABILITIES 2011
  2. 2. About ECS• Electronic Consulting Services, Inc. (ECS) was formed in 2001.• Established $125M professional services firm diversified across 14 departments/agencies of the Federal Government.• Prime contractor on over 90% of current contracts/revenue.• Quality Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 CMMI Level 3 PMP ITIL and HDI 9001:2008, 3, PMP, ITIL, HDI.• Over 75% Performance-based contracting and service level agreements.• Dun & Bradstreet customer survey rating: “Exceeds Customer Expectations.” p Platinum Member 2
  3. 3. ECS Contract LocationsOffering Solutions Throughout the United States 3
  4. 4. Markets ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE • Department of the Army, PEO STRI • EPA, OEI IRMD • Department of the Navy, NSWC • EPA, OEI EDSDFEDERAL CIVILIAN• USDA N ti l Institute f Food and Agriculture (NIFA) USDA, National I tit t for F d d A i lt• USDA, Farm Services Agency (FSA)• Department of Commerce, US Patent Trademark Office HOMELAND SECURITY • Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) (USPTO) • Customs and Border Protection (CBP)• Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) • Transportation and Security Administration (TSA)• Department of State (DOS) • Federal Air Marshall Services (FAMS)• Department of Labor (DOL) • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)• Federal Communications Commission (FCC)• Ginnie Mae (GNMA) 4
  5. 5. ECS Solutions Architecture Program Development Management & Execution Application Support & Application Records ECS Development, IV&V, TestingManagement Offers S Services Solutions l ti & Design, Solutions Design &Integration & ImplementationManagement Information Assurance & Help Desk & Compliance Support 5
  6. 6. Modeling and Simulation M d li d Si l iAn integral part of the systems engineering support we provideto our clients, we provide modeling and simulation processesthat include project management, system engineering softwaretesting and quality control, dynamic testing, and verification andvalidation. US Army Program Executive  US Army Program Executive  Office  (PEO), Simulation,  (PEO), Simulation,  DHS, Customs and Border  Training & Instrumentation  Training & Instrumentation  Protection (CBP) (STRI)  Performance Engineering Services Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance  Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Support Scope: Providing both tactical (performance management)  Scope: Providing both tactical (performance management)  Scope: Provide modeling, simulation, simulator training  Scope: Provide modeling, simulation, simulator training  and strategic (capacity planning) analyses to ensure that all  device, and instrumentation development, documentation,  CBP mainframe and distributed computers have sufficient  fielding and execution. We also provide system analysis and  capacity to meet all CBP data processing requirements. capacity to meet all CBP data processing requirements. integration, integrated logistics support, independent  verification and validation as well as test and evaluation,  prototype development, sustainment and operation, and  analysis of emerging technologies.  6
  7. 7. Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance S t E i i dT h i lA i t(SETA) / Advisory & Assistive Services (A&AS) Supporting SETA and our A&AS consulting services work is a high priority for us, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our seamless, performance driven approach with technical knowledge, management expertise, flexibility and agility. We are driven to provide our clients with superior support. US Army Program  DHS, Transportation  DHS, Federal Emergency  Executive Office  (PEO),  Security Administration  Management Agency  Simulation, Training &  Simulation, Training &  (TSA) (FEMA)  Information Technology Support  Instrumentation (STRI)  Services (ITSS) Total Asset Visibility (TAV) Systems  Systems Engineering and Technical  y g g Integrator Support Assistance (SETA) Support Scope: Enterprise IT engineering, management,  Scope: Enterprise IT engineering, management,  Scope: Planning and overseeing integration of  Scope: Planning and overseeing integration of Scope: Provides the Army PEO STRI with a Scope: Provides the Army PEO STRI with a  acquisition, strategic planning, and  Total Asset Visibility (TAV) systems to provide comprehensive, feasible, and cost‐effective comprehensive, feasible, and cost‐ programmatic support for  TSA’s IT  status and reporting for FEMA disaster logistics enterprise solution for the Systems Engineering  infrastructure; including oversight of a $1B IT  O&M contract for infrastructure operations,  from operational readiness inventory to in‐ from operational readiness inventory to in‐and Technical Assistance (SETA) contract, enabling them to carry‐out their mission with enabling them to carry‐ g y data centers, IT communications, security, and  transit visibility of shipments and assets through continuity and reliable systems.  end user support. end user support. fi l d li td l t i t final delivery at deployment points. 7
  8. 8. Enterprise Systems Development E i S D lMeeting the operational needs and requirements of our clients, we g p q ,use cutting edge technology tools and methodologies, includingindependent verification and validation, software applicationdevelopment and legacy migration and modernization. p g y g US Navy,  NAVSEA,  US Navy,  NAVSEA,  US Navy, NAVSEA, US Department of  US Department of  NSWC, Crane Div.  Housing and Urban  Labor (DOL) Configuration Management  Employment Standards (CM), Independent  Development (HUD) Administration (ESA) ADP  Administration (ESA) ADP  Verification & Validation  Single Family Insurance  Software Support Services (IV&V), and Software  System & Single Family  Repository Claims Systems Claims Systems Scope: Supporting multiple applications  customized to meet Wage and Hour Division’s  Scope: Provide Configuration Management  Scope: Provide Configuration Management Scope: Applications development for mission Scope: Applications development for mission  (WHD) mission critical functions of enforcing 15  (CM), Independent Verification & Validation critical applications; full lifecycle development to  labor laws and acts. These acts regulate include plan, define, design, test, verify, validate,  employer fair treatment and compensation of  (IV&V), and Software Repository support of and implement highly‐customized and complex and implement highly‐ employees, and assure employers do not treat  Tactical Software and/or any Government‐ Tactical Software and/or any Government‐main‐frame and client‐main‐frame and client‐server based applications. employees unfairly or deprive them of legal  owned software. rights rights. 8
  9. 9. Systems Integration S I iAs today’s world becomes more connected, systemsintegration needs are an increasing priority, fromintegrating existing and often disparate systems, theprocess of integration adds value and provides design,architecture and development and installation. DHS, Office of the CIO EPA, Information Technology  f i h l Common Operational Picture (COP) and IT  Support‐Environmental  Support‐ Enhancements Protection Agency II (ITS‐ Protection Agency II (ITS‐EPA II)  Smart Conference RoomsScope: Developing a Common Operational Picture (COP) to Scope: Developing a Common Operational Picture (COP) to  Scope: Providing the necessary personnel, expert analysis and  Scope: Providing the necessary personnel, expert analysis and  d h l l dprovide situational awareness (SA) for the entire Federal  assistance to EPA offices Agency‐wide for enhancing and assistance to EPA offices Agency‐wide for enhancing andor Government in the event of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or  upgrading their conference rooms. This includes a requirements other man‐other man‐made disaster; and ensure that critical terrorism and  analysis, design, cost estimate, procurement of equipment, disaster‐related information reaches Government decision‐disaster‐related information reaches Government decision‐ installation, testing, and the training of personnel.makers. 9
  10. 10. IT Infrastructure Support IT I f S ECS offers the services needed to provide information technology infrastructure support, creating reliable networking environments, which are secure and nimble. Our innovative engineers combined with our superior performance, offer clients a solution they can trust. US Patent and US Patent and  EPA, Information  , Trademark Office  USDA, National  USDA, National  Technology Support‐ Technology Support‐ (USPTO) (USPTO) Institute of Food and  Environmental  Facilities Management  Agriculture (NIFA) Agriculture (NIFA) Protection Agency II (ITS‐ Protection Agency II (ITS‐ Support IT Infrastructure Support EPA II) Scope: Scope: Providing centralized operation, Scope: Providing centralized operation : Providing centralized operation,  Scope:  Scope: IT infrastructure support services to  Scope: IT infrastructure support services to : IT infrastructure support services to  Local Infrastructure Support ppmanagement, administration, installation,  include computer network management, maintenance, and technology insertion of  desktop & server monitoring and  Scope: Providing support for the telecommunications  Scope: Providing support for the telecommunications USPTO’s Windows‐USPTO’s Windows‐based systems comprising  administration, network router and firewall  systems that provide services to the EPA staff located approximately 1000 Windows Automated  management services, WAN interface  in the facilities within the Headquarters environment. Information System servers and VMWare  management, system level and policy based  The facilities located within Headquarters are located ESX servers. security management, management of wireless  throughout Washington, DC and the surrounding  devices, email administration and IT help desk  devices, email administration and IT help desk  metropolitan area. services services.   10
  11. 11. Cyber Security C b S iWith the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies that foster onlineinformation sharing, cyber security has never been more critical to theFederal Government. From intrusion detection and mitigation toproviding support for the ongoing needs of FISMA compliance, ECS isdedicated to focusing on this growing need, offering secure solutionsand services to support our clients. Government National  USDA,  Farm Services  Mortgage Association  Agency (GNMA) Information Security Office (ISO)  Information Systems Security Services Information Systems Security Services Services Scope: Provide security support services to assist  Scope: Provide security support services to assist  Scope: Provide application access support, password  Scope: Provide application access support, password  GNMA in meeting NIST SP‐ GNMA in meeting NIST SP‐800, FISMA, OMB, etc. by  resets, documentation of policies and procedures,  performing transition analysis, complete C&A for new  certification and accreditation, Disaster Recovery  and existing applications, and adjust Security  planning, Federal Information Security Management  Procedures to ensure compliance. Procedures to ensure compliance Act (FISMA) reporting security incident reporting Act (FISMA) reporting, security incident reporting  and project management. and project management. 11
  12. 12. Contact Centers C CContact centers demand detailed management, immediate g ,response, agility in responsiveness, design, and processstrategy. We have experience with performance-based metricsfor collection and reporting, as well as the integration of callcenter environments. Our deep expertise in this field provides environmentsclients a dependable and secure solution. US Department of Housing  Federal Communications  and Urban Development  (HUD) ( ) Commission (FCC)  Client Management Center (CMC) Auctions/Licensing & Telephonic  Support Services Scope: Design/implementation/operation of large‐ Scope: Design/implementation/operation of large‐ scale contact center receiving over 50,000 contacts  Scope: Front desk and nationwide help desk call center  Scope: Front desk and nationwide help desk call center  per month via telephone, e‐mail, live chat, and  per month via telephone, e‐ services. High volume with over 35,000 calls per  Internet website. Internet website month with over 98% call resolution. 12
  13. 13. Programmatic Support P i SThe dynamic needs of our clients result in complexprograms requiring program support expertise th t i on ii t ti that isschedule and aligned to meet client objectives. Fromlogistics management to records management to the on-demand needs of acquisition support, ECS supplies ourclients with services supported with our disciplined li t ith i t d ith di i li dprocesses. US Army Program Executive  US Patent and Trademark  Office  (PEO), Simulation,  Office (USPTO) Office (USPTO) Training & Instrumentation  Records Management (STRI) Systems Engineering and Technical  Scope: Providing Records Management policy and  Scope: Providing Records Management policy and  Assistance (SETA) Support implementation, and data quality support to enterprise‐ implementation, and data quality support to enterprise‐ wide databases. wide databases. Scope: Provide program support to include acquisition  Scope: Provide program support to include acquisition  and budget planning, business and financial programming  and execution and program oversight as well as strategic  l i ti d i i t d idi planning, contingency and mission support and providing  subject matter experts on military tactics, techniques, and  procedures. 13
  14. 14. Prime Contract Vehicles Pi C V hi l• GSA, Federal Supply Service Schedule 70 (Contract No. GS-35F-0601K)• Alliant Small Business (Contract No. GS-06F-0612Z)• GSA, COMMITS NexGen - Tier 2 (Contract No. CM130105CT0004)• US Department of Homeland Security EAGLE SB Functional Category 1 - System EAGLE, SB, Design & Integration (Contract No. HSHQDC-06-D-00061)• Environmental Protection Agency, Information Technology Solutions (ITS-EPA II) (Contract No. ITS-EPA II-0002)• Total Information Processing Support Services, (TIPSS) - 4 ITS (Contract No. TIRNO-11-D-00019 )• SeaPort Enhanced, All Functional Areas, All Zones (Contract No. N00178-05-D-4311)• US Department of Agriculture, Farm Applications Services and Technologies (FAST) (Contract No. AG-645S-C-08-0015)• US Department of State, Hybrid Information Technology Services for State - HITSS (Contract No. SAQMPD07D0076) No 14
  15. 15. Points of Contact P i fCRoy Kapani Jeff PowellPresident & CEO Executive Vice President & Jeff.Powell@ecs-federal.comPhone: 703.270.1540 Ext. 1001 Phone: 703.270.1540 Ext. 1018Anthony Schulien Scott WeaverSr. Vice President & CFO Sr. Vice President, Business Scott.Weaver@ecs-federal.comPhone: 703.270.1540 Ext. 1002 Phone: 703.270.1540 Ext. 1016 ECS Headquarters is Located at: 2750 Prosperity Ave., Suite 600 Fairfax, VA 22031 703.270.1540 15