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Cyber Crime - The New World Order (v1.0 - 2016)


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In this session Rui Miguel Feio will discuss how cyber crime is affecting nations, companies and individuals, and how it’s compromising our world and modern society. The speaker will address how hackers, criminal organisations, and nation states, are drawing a new world order where criminality flourishes in the dark web and everyone and everything is a target, and how personal data is worth billions.

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Cyber Crime - The New World Order (v1.0 - 2016)

  1. 1. Delivering the best in z services, software, hardware and training.Delivering the best in z services, software, hardware and training. World Class z Specialists Cyber Crime – The New World Order Rui Miguel Feio – Senior Technical Lead
  2. 2. Agenda Conclusion Summary of what was discussed and key points to remember Questions Ask away any questions that you may have! The value of data Why is data being targeted in the cyber world? The relevance and importance of ’knowing’ The Dark Web How the Dark Web has been helping the cyber criminals to take control of the cyber world Cyber Crime How criminal organisations are taking advantage of the cyber world Society &Technology Evolution of society and technology and the ever more dependency on the online world
  3. 3. Who Am I? RUI MIGUEL FEIO • Working with RSM since 2010 • Working with mainframes for the past 17 years • Started with IBM as an MVS Sys Programmer • Specialises in mainframe security • Experience in other platforms Bio: SENIOR TECHNICAL LEAD
  4. 4. Society and Technology
  5. 5. Evolution of man
  6. 6. Evolution of technology
  7. 7. “Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” Joseph Wood Krutch
  8. 8. Evolution of business
  9. 9. Value of online business *
  10. 10. Evolution of crime
  11. 11. Evolution of crime
  12. 12. Cyber Crime
  13. 13. Cyber Crime • 80% of Hackers work with or are part of an organised crime group * • Cyber crime organisations: – Are highly organised – Adopt a business approach (Cybercrime Inc.) – Use typical corporate strategies – Use anonymity methods: • Crypto currencies • Dark Web * 2014 study by the Rand Corporation
  14. 14. Cybercrime Inc. - Business model • Take advantage of ‘anonymous’ services to advertise and sell their ‘normal’ products and services online • Some of the new ‘business’ opportunities: • Identity theft • Intellectual property theft • Trade secrets • Industrial espionage • Sensitive data theft • Online extortion • Financial crime • Data manipulation
  15. 15. Cybercrime Inc. - Tactics used • Some of the tactics and methods used by Cybercrime Inc: – Phishing and spear phishing – Man-in-the-middle – Vulnerabilities – Trojan horse software – Spam – Botnets – Scareware – Ransomware – Malware – DoS and DDoS
  16. 16. CyberCrime Inc. - Example *
  17. 17. Cybercrime Inc. – Example
  18. 18. New World Order - Hackers
  19. 19. Cost of Cyber Crime (UK)
  20. 20. The Dark Web
  21. 21. The Dark Web • Is a set of anonymously hosted websites • That requires a special browser to view them • The most popular browser is TOR ( • TOR is all about online privacy • Typically associated with bad and illegal activities (cyber crime)
  22. 22. Crypto currencies help cyber crime
  23. 23. Hacking-as-a-Service http://5eme2auqilcux2wq.onion/
  24. 24. Hacking-as-a-Service http://hacker4hhjvre2qj.onion/
  25. 25. Hacker for Hire – Prices http://hacker4hhjvre2qj.onion/
  26. 26. The Value of Data
  27. 27. Let me ask you something… • How much do you value your privacy? • How about your friends and family’s privacy? • What do you think could happen if your data was misused? • Have you ever searched or visited an online website that you would rather like to keep it a ‘secret’? • I know I have J
  28. 28. Who would want your data? • Everyone! Every single company wants it! • Why? – Because now they have a way of profiling you – They know who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what you do, whom you do it with, who are your friends, what your habits are… – An insurance company knows your habits, and can now decide if you are ‘worthy to be insured’ – A financial bank can decide if it will lend you money or not – They know you from your ‘online’ profile!
  29. 29. What do they have in common?
  30. 30. Interesting facts • On a daily basis Google processes around 24 Petabytes of data • This data is then stored and sold for advertisement • The use of Cookies: – Fingerprints that allow you to be traced and catalogued • What you see online is customised for you based on your ‘online profile’
  31. 31. Value of a Company • Why do you think Facebook or Google are worth billions of dollars? • A study published by the Wall Street Journal on Facebook: – Each long-term user is worth $80.95 – Each friendship is worth $0.62 – Your profile page is worth $1,800 – A business page and associated ad revenues are worth $3.1 million
  32. 32. Interesting facts • Data broker company Acxiom Corporation: – Has more than 23,000 servers – These servers collect, collate and analyse more than 50 trillion unique data transactions per year – 96% of American households are in its DBs – Has more than 700 million user profiles from around the world – Each profile has more than 1,500 specific traits • One quote stated ‘This is the age of the stalker economy’…
  33. 33. Data breaches
  34. 34. Conclusion
  35. 35. Everyone is a target
  36. 36. Targets • Organisations of all sizes (companies, governments) • Individuals • Mobile devices • IoT devices • SCADA devices • GPS Systems • Tracking Systems • Implanted medical devices (IMDs) • And so many more!!...
  37. 37. Shodan
  38. 38. Shodan
  39. 39. Have you been pwned?
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. Rui Miguel Feio, RSM Partners mobile: +44 (0) 7570 911459 linkedin: Contact