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Trad mod china japan


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Trad mod china japan

  1. 1. Traditional martial arts in China and the modern Chinese army
  2. 2. Modernskyscrapers next totraditional Chinesebuildings andculture
  3. 3. “Gourmet Chinese food” andtraditional shabu shabu ingredients
  4. 4. A Chinese man walks by a traditional/modern building of a Starbucks in Beijing, China
  5. 5. Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport, baseball was brought to Japan in the 1800’s
  6. 6. A traditional Japanese ceremony looks very different than a Japanese dance club
  7. 7. Chinese celebrating a traditional and Western weddings
  8. 8. Traditional Chinese art pay close attention to nature. Does anime?
  9. 9. This is in Beijing, China, not in the US
  10. 10. Can Mickey Mouseharm other cultures?