What business people need from Twitter


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This is what Twitter can do to become more of a force in the business communuty

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What business people need from Twitter

  1. 1. WHAT WE NEED FROM Richard Meyer
  2. 2. Time is the new currency
  3. 3. We never seem to have enough time • To do all our work • To keep up to date with all the news in our industry • To listen to what consumers are telling us • To stay updated on new trends so we can leverage them before competitors do
  4. 4. And who has time at work to surf the Internet for business intelligence?   With downsizing many employees are doing the work of 2 or more people.   There is a lot of great information out there but it can be hard to find even with search engines.   Bookmarked sites are fine but what about all the other information we’re missing?
  5. 5. Media fragmentation=too many sources of information
  6. 6. Even social media is fragmented
  7. 7. So how can we stay up to date on relevant information we need
  8. 8. Well there are RSS feeds Problem:   Still requires a click through to get needed information.   Can quickly overwhelm you if you subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds.   Not all sites allow RSS subscriptions today.
  9. 9. Then of course there is Problem:   Who do you follow ?   How do you find people who provide good business intelligence without getting overwhelmed with Tweets?   How do you convince your CIO that Twitter is a good tool for business intelligence.
  10. 10. What we need is a new tool   To get information to us as quickly as possible.   To summarize key points of articles in the trade and public press.   That brings ME the information I want WHEN I WANT it.
  11. 11. A tool like Twitter Summary summary Summary of article key points and data via a Twitter feed so that executives can get the information without having to read whole article.
  12. 12. Media would have an option to read the Twitter summary   By offering a Twitter summary we could read a lot more articles in a lot less time and be given the option to subscribe to similar articles via Twitter summary Twitter summary
  13. 13. Imagine   Being able to read a lot of articles in a matter of minutes instead of hours.   Subscribing to Twitter summary articles that are of interest to YOU from your favorite information sources.   Being able to archive the information and tag it so that you can access it later.
  14. 14. This is where the web is headed
  15. 15. Web 3.0   Is all about getting relevant information to people as they need it so that it does not require a lot of time to sort through lots of Websites.
  16. 16. To get there all media needs to evolve
  17. 17. Because… It’s about US not you
  18. 18. And we can make or break you Consumers have the power to make your site relevant or to let it pass to obscurity
  19. 19. Who are you   Richard A Meyer http://www.richardameyer.com   Rich’s BLOG on Marketing http://www.richsblog   Rich’s BLOG on DTC marketing http://www.worldofdtcmarketing.com