Twitter as a marketing tool with proven ROI


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Why use Twitter ? Because it can provide proven ROU unlike print and TV. Here is why marketing one to one is better than mass marketing and can lead to more sales dollars

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Twitter as a marketing tool with proven ROI

  1. 1.  as  a  Marke4ng  Pla9orm   Can  it  help  me  meet  marke4ng   TWITTER  MARKETING   objec4ves  ?   Rich  Meyer   Online  Strategic  Solu3ons   @richmeyer  
  2. 2. TWITTER  MARKETING   Babson  Study   2010  
  3. 3. Hard  Fact   “Social  media  is  more  measurable  than  tradi4onal  broadcast   TWITTER  MARKETING   media”   Jacob  Morgan   twi7aced  
  4. 4. TWITTER  MARKETING   What  ?  !  
  5. 5. It’s  true   •  Today  social  media  can  be  measured  right  through  to  conversion.   •  Tradi3onal  adver3sing  is  measured  in  reach,  frequency,  impressions  and   TWITTER  MARKETING   other  outdated    metrics  that  have  liHle  bearing  on  conversion.   “I  might  remember  your  TV  spot  but  that  doesn’t  mean  that  I’m  going  to   buy  your  product”  
  6. 6. So  then  what  is  relevant  today  ?   •  Engagement  &  discussions  by  brand  ambassadors.   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  Loyalty  of  customers  as  a  result  of  social  media   collabora3on.   •  Number  of  visitors  to  your  site  and  number  of   conversions  from  those  visitors.   •  Increase  in  sales  that  can  be  directly  aHributed  to   specific  measurable  brand  collabora3ons.  
  7. 7. How  can  TwiHer  help  me   meet  by  marke3ng  goals  ?   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  8. 8. Well  size  does  maHer   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  9. 9. 36  Million  TwiHer  users  in  the  US   Social  media  can  produce  quan3fiable  results   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  10. 10. Which  means  TwiHer  can     increases  leads   TWITTER  MARKETING   =  
  11. 11. TwiHer  marke3ng   3  P’s   •  Provoca4ve   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  Provide  value   •  Personable     Remember  that  TwiHer  is  about  communica3ng,  not   marke3ng.  Focus  on  adding  value  to  the  conversa3on,   not  selling  something  to  someone  
  12. 12. It’s  all  about  the     influencers  (promoters)   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  13. 13. The  social  media  effect   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  14. 14. Start  with  a  social  media   business  process   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  15. 15. Then  develop  a  strategic  approach     to  Using  TwiHer   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  16. 16. Including  a  formalized  system   for  using  TwiHer  by  employees   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  17. 17. Should  brands  be  Twee3ng?   The  commandments     1.  We  can  ar3culate  the  company  vision  in  140-­‐characters  or  less  without  PR  garbage  and   clichés.     2.  We  are  willing  to  give  to  great,  innova3ve  and  thought-­‐provoking  ideas,  even  if  they  come   TWITTER  MARKETING   from  outside  the  company.   3.  We  are  willing  to  challenge  someone  who  has  something  nega3ve  to  say  even  if  our   posi3on  generated  cri3cism.     4.  We  are  first  willing  to  listen  to  what  others  have  to  say  before  engaging  them.   5.  We  are  not  going  to  get  carried  away  and  Tweet  about  banal  corporate  achievements.   6.  We  are  going  to  dedicate  resources  to  listen  to  what  others  are  saying  about  us.   7.  We  will  never  include  a  press  release,  CEO  speech,  or  annual  report  via  TwiHer  because   that  is  not  engagement.   8.  We  understand  that  we  only  Tweet  when  we  have  something  meaningful  to  say.   9.  We  will  not  try  to  be  all  things  to  all  followers.   10. We  will  use  TwiHer  not  just  to  give  you  the  good  news,  we’ll  also  use  it  to  let  you  know   the  bad  news  like  product  recalls  or  bad  media  news.   11. We  are  willing  to  try  TwiHer  and  understand  that  along  the  way  we  will  probably  make   some  mistakes.   12. We’ll  empower  our  employees  to  address  any  issues  customers  have  with  our  brand/ products  without  requiring  a  lot  of  3me  because  we  understand  consumers  don’t  want  to   wait  long  for  an  answer.   13. We  understand  that  everyone  is  a  poten3al  influencer  via  TwiHer.  
  18. 18. Using  TwiHer  for  Business   1:  Engage  &  sell  your  followers   •  As part of Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracy campaign, the soda company empowered Flavor Nations — fan communities for new Dew flavors — to own a flavor of soda that the company is now TWITTER  MARKETING   testing on the market. Mountain Dew literally ceded control of the go-to-market strategy for each of these flavors to the consumer communities.
  19. 19. Using  TwiHer  for  Business   2:  Reward  your  loyal  customers   •  Tasti D-Lite’s initiatives are defining the social media loyalty program. A huge part of their strategy is automatically rewarding customers with TreatCards when they tweet about the brand. It’s also an TWITTER  MARKETING   important part of their plan to build brand awareness so that they can open more stores across the United States.
  20. 20. Using  TwiHer  for  Business   3:  Market  Research   •  Power Twitter users have learned the advantages of keeping a careful eye on the network’s trends, and that they can perfect the market research capabilities of Twitter by using Twitter Lists. TWITTER  MARKETING   Business users should absolutely follow suit.  
  21. 21. Using  TwiHer  for  Business   4:  TwiHer  Metadata   •  Used in combination with the simplistic developer tools, this could be a powerful way to add Twitter integrations to your site, append notes about visitors’ on-site Twitter behaviors, tag tweets that TWITTER  MARKETING   originate from your site, or attach your own identifiers and figure out ways to reward actions (perhaps even loyalty). There’s definitely opportunity to be creative and better track Twitter-related data at the same time.  
  22. 22. Using  TwiHer  for  Business   5:  Sponsored  Tweets   •  Sponsored  Tweets  is  a  new  TwiHer  adver3sing  plaiorm  that  connects   adver3sers  with  tweeters.  Adver3sers  can  create  sponsored  conversa3ons   on  TwiHer.  Tweeters  can  earn  money  for  spreading  the  word.   TWITTER  MARKETING  
  23. 23. Some  examples  of  Brands   TWITTER  MARKETING   Using  successfully  
  24. 24. Brands  using  TwiHer   •  @delloutlet  uses  TwiHer  and  Facebook  to  send  coupons  to  customers.  In   just  one  year,  Dell  recorded  upward  of  $3  million  in  sales  directly  sourced   from  TwiHer.   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  Coffee  Groundz  uses  the  direct  message  channel  on  TwiHer  to  receive  and   prepare  orders.  Using  TwiHer  as  a  promo3on  and  marke3ng  channel,   Coffee  Groundz  reports  20  to  30%  increased  sales  and  market  share.   •  Moonfruit  offered  11  Macbook  Pros  and  10  iPod  Touches  to  celebrate  its   10th  anniversary.  In  order  to  qualify,  contestants  had  to  send  a  tweet  using   the  hashtag  #moonfruit.  One  month  following  the  comple3on  of  the   contest,  Moonfruit  site  traffic  was  up  300%  and  sales  also  increased  by   20%-­‐-­‐and  all  because  of  a  meager  investment  of  $15,000  
  25. 25. Brands  using  TwiHer   •  436  Zappos  employees  use  TwiHer,  including  CEO  Tony  Hsieh.   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  Frank  Eliason  of  Comcast  and  Richard  Binhammer  of  Dell  are  paving  the   way  for  service-­‐focused  organiza3ons  on  TwiHer.    Eliason,  whose  3tle  is   director  of  digital  care  at  Comcast,  uses  TwiHer  to  help  200  to  300   subscribers  a  day.   •  Over  3  million  men3ons  of  Starbucks  populated  TwiHer  in  May  2009  and,   as  the  company  learned,  the  price  for  paying  aHen3on  is  less  than  that  for   a  caramel  macchiato,  but  the  value  is  priceless.  
  26. 26. Brands  using  TwiHer   •  Morgan  Johnston,  Manager  of  Corporate  Communica3ons  at  JetBlue,  was   inspired  to  change  policy  because  of  TwiHer.  He  helped  eliminate  a  $50  fee   for  carry-­‐on  bikes  aser  hearing  complaints  via  TwiHer.   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  Brian  Simpson  has  helped  The  Roger  Smith  in  New  York  monitor  dialogue   related  to  hotel  stays  and  travel  in  order  to  offer  specials  in  the  hopes  of   aHrac3ng  new  guests.  Using  TwiHer  search,  he  can  iden3fy  prospects  and   offer  them  a  10%  discount  on  the  lowest-­‐rate  rooms.  Simpson  es3mates   that  TwiHer  and  other  forms  of  social  media  have  neHed  between  $15,000   to  $20,000  in  addi3onal  revenue.   •  The  Michigan  Department  of  Transporta3on  uses  Facebook  and  TwiHer  to   alert  friends  and  followers  of  traffic  and  road  closure  
  27. 27. Brands  using  TwiHer   •  U.K.-­‐based  Wiggly  Wigglers    a  marketer  of  farming  and  gardening  supplies,   was  surprised  to  learn  that  Bri3sh  Telecom  overcharged  the  company  by   $10,000.  Aser  five  months  of  a  stalemate  and  without  any  promise  or   TWITTER  MARKETING   hope  of  resolu3on,  company  owner  Heather  Gorringe  took  her  story  to   the  TwiHerverse.  Within  30  minutes,  the  company  responded  with  help   and  two  days  later,  the  bill  was  adjusted.   •  and  provide  real-­‐ 3me  insight  into  the  most  ac3vely  discussed  brands  and  celebri3es  on   TwiHer  at  any  moment  in  3me,  while  also  revealing  the  sen3ment  that  is   most  associated  with  each.  
  28. 28. So  in  summary…   •  TwiHer  can  be  a  very  useful  tool  in  helping  you  meet  your  business   objec3ves  and  its  ROI  can  be  directly  measured.   •  However,    it  requires  a  well  thought  out  business  strategy  and  process  to   TWITTER  MARKETING   be  successful.   •  It’s  OK  to  target  influencers  via  social  media  but  anyone  can  be  an   influencer  it  they  are  not  treated  as  a  person  and  with  respect.   •  Experiment  and  op3mize  your  social  media  strategy  as  you  learn  what   your  audience  wants  and  expects  from  you  via  online  collabora3on.   •  Using  TwiHer  as  a  business  driver  is  not  easy.    It  requires  a  lot  of  3me  and   the  right  axtude.    Remember  consumers  are  in  control  when  you  use   social  media.   •  The  use  of  social  media  can  be  measured  right  through  to  conversion.     Can  you  say  this  about  TV  or  print  ?  
  29. 29. Richard  Meyer   •  My  resume    hHp://   •  My  marke3ng  BLOG    hHp://   TWITTER  MARKETING   •  MY  DTC  BLOG    hHp://   hHp://   hHp://   hHp://