Some truth around social media marketing


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Some truth around social media marketing

  1. 1. Finally, some truth around social media marketing Rich Meyer
  2. 2. For it was told….“Social media is the answer to bad marketing & declining sales”
  3. 3. But…Too many people bought into the hype
  4. 4. Rather than the reality1.3 percent of Facebook users who Like a Page also engage with it. If you subtract new Likes, only 0.45 percent engage with the Pages they Like Source: brands/8142
  5. 5. HA ?
  6. 6. Time to get back to basics !
  7. 7. This means you need to know your customer better than they know themselves What do they really want from you ? What do they expect from you ? How do they want to connect ?
  8. 8. Do people really want to engage with all the brands they purchase ?
  9. 9. Of course NOT !
  10. 10. Who has the time ?
  11. 11. And what’s in it for them ?
  12. 12. They want brands to live up to theirexpectations and the brand promise
  13. 13. So you need to understand what is most important at the “moment of truth”Moment of truth is when a consumer decides to become a customer
  14. 14. It could be, for example, a POP display
  15. 15. Or great packaging
  16. 16. Or even a promotion
  17. 17. So ask yourself a key questionDo consumers really want to talk with us on social media ?
  18. 18. And do we have anything interesting to say ?
  19. 19. Because at its heart social media is a conversation
  20. 20. And that conversation has to be personally relevant and meaningful To get people to talk about you and your brand
  21. 21. To get them talking about you and your brand
  22. 22. The key is to understand..Do people want to talk about our brand ?Can we make the conversation interesting enough forpeople to talk about/with us?
  23. 23. So does this mean I don’t need social media ?
  24. 24. Consumers expect YOUR brand to be on social media
  25. 25. They want you to listen to them
  26. 26. And respond in Internet time
  27. 27. So you need to decide……Where is the best place to spend my marketing dollars ?
  28. 28. But also ensure that all your marketing is fully integrated
  29. 29. Putting more money into social media marketing could be big mistake while ignoring your own brands websiteBrand’s web sites still trumps its Facebook page and Twitter stream as a mom-trustedresource. •Moms ranked social media sites behind other online sources in terms of trustworthiness when it comes to brands. •While 32% ranked a brand’s web site as a trustworthy source of information, just 10% said the same of its Facebook page, and just 4.4% said they considered Twitter streams to be trustworthy
  30. 30. Or other important brand touch point
  31. 31. But don’t buy into the social media hype
  32. 32. Without asking the key questions that need to be asked
  33. 33. The key questions that need to be asked when it comes to social media marketing1. Do consumers want to talk with us?2. Do we have magnetic content ?3. Can we make the conversations personally relevant ?4. How important is our brand in their life ?
  34. 34.