Engaging And Marketing To Women Online


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85% of brand purchase decisions are made by women and women are using the Internet, and social media, to research brands and make purchase decisions but are marketers really listening ?

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Engaging And Marketing To Women Online

  1. 1. Marke3ng  &  Engaging     MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Women  Online   Richard  Meyer   Online  Strategic  Solu4ons   @richmeyer  
  2. 2. The  ques4on  that  has  stumped   the  brightest  minds..   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   The  great  ques4on  -­‐  which  I   have  not  been  able  to  answer  is:    "What  does  a  woman  want?”   Sigmund  Freud  
  3. 3. A  women’s  view  of  things…   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Sure  God  created  man  before  woman.    But   then  you  always  make  a  rough  draJ  before   the  final  masterpiece.   A  woman  can  say  more  in  a  sigh  than  a  man   can  say  in  a  sermon.   Women  really  do  rule  the  world.    They  just   haven't  figured  it  out  yet.    When  they  do,  and   they  will,  we're  all  in  big  big  trouble.  
  4. 4. But  women  feel  vastly  underserved   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Despite  the  remarkable  strides  in  market   power  and  social  posi4on  that  they  have   made  in  the  past  century,  they  s4ll  appear   to  be  undervalued  in  the  marketplace  and   underes4mated  in  the  workplace.     •  They  have  too  many  demands  on  their  4me   and  constantly  juggle  conflic4ng  priori4es —work,  home,  and  family.     •  Few  companies  have  responded  to  their   need  for  4me-­‐saving  solu4ons  or  for   products  and  services  designed  specifically   for  them.   2008  the  Boston  Consul6ng  Group  
  5. 5. Yet  women  are  a  powerful   marke4ng  force   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  6. 6. MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   A  snapshot  of  women  today  
  7. 7. MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Segments  of  women  in  the  U.S.  
  8. 8. Women  have  different  priori4es  by   their  age  segments   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  9. 9. Women  share  informa4on   via  social  media   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  On  message  boards  and  forums  both  sexes   seek  informa4on  and  advice,  but  women   tend  to  get  more  personal.     •  Women  want  to  learn  about  real  people   experiencing  similar  conflicts.  "Women  are   online  solving  real-­‐  life  issues.”   •  Women  don’t  want  to  be  sold.    Take  the   approach  of  leYng  them  know  how  your   product  can  make  their  lives  beZer.   •  They  use  social  media  for  reassurance  and   will  reach  out  to  others  who  share  similar   views.   •  If  you  sa4sfy  their  needs  they  will  talk  about   your  product  to  others  and  become  brand   advocates.    
  10. 10. What  really  influences  women  to   purchase  ?   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  "Online  coupons”  68%   •  “Store  coupons”  66%   •  “Consumer  reviews  on   shopping  sites”  61%   •   “Recommenda4ons  from   family/friends”  59%   Among  other  online  resources  cited  as  strongly  influen4al  on  women’s  purchases:      "e-­‐mails  from  companies/brands”  45%    "content  on  brand/company  sites”  36%    "blog  recommenda4ons”  33%      "Facebook/TwiZer  posts  from  friends”  19%.   iVillage/SheSpeaks  survey,  April-­‐May  2010   Things  that  are  especially  influen6al  in  women’s     purchases  of  food,  beauty  and  household   products.  
  11. 11. The  importance  of  community  online  and   brand  purchase  decisions   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Asked  to  say  how  "reading  consumer   reviews  about  products  on  community   message  boards"  influences  them:   •  77%  of  respondents  said  it  makes   them  "more  likely  to  look  for  the   product  in  the  store."     •  70%  said  it  makes  them  "more  likely   to  choose  the  product/brand  over   another"     •  67%  "more  likely  to  purchase  the   product  in  a  store.”   iVillage/SheSpeaks  survey,  April-­‐May  2010  
  12. 12. Age  is  a  factor  in  how  women  use  social   media  for  purchase  decisions   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  66%  of  respondents  in  their  20s,  vs.  54%   of  those  in  their  50s,  said  they're  highly   influenced  by  consumer  reviews  on   shopping  sites.     •  The  20somethings  were  also  more  likely   than  the  50somethings  to  cite  friends'   Facebook/TwiZer  posts  as  major   influences  in  their  shopping  behavior   (26  percent  vs.  4  percent).     •  The  50  somethings  were  more  apt  than   the  20  somethings  to  put  brand  Web   sites  in  that  category  (46%  vs.  31%)  or  to   say  the  same  about  company  e-­‐mails  to   them  (56%  vs.  41%).     iVillage/SheSpeaks  survey,  April-­‐May  2010  
  13. 13. Women  use  social  media   for  purchase  decisions   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  86%  of  women  are  now  using  popular  social  networks,  a  48%  increase   compared  to  2008.   •  53%  of  women  are  making  purchase  decision  based  on  informa3on  they   find  in  blogs,  up  from  27%  in  2008   •  43%  of  women  are  making  decisions  based  on  advice  found  in  social   networks,  also  up  from  27%  in  2008   •  72  %  of  women  log  into  their  social  networking  site  at  least  once  per  day.   Last  year  only  53%  logged  in  that  frequently,  indica3ng  a  36%  increase  in   this  high-­‐level  engagement  
  14. 14. Marke4ng  to  Women     via  social  media   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Make  it  a  quality  engagement   –  Women  are  bombarded  by  marke4ng  messages  all  day,  every  day.   –  Make  it  sure  you  use  a  quality  approach  to  engagement.   •  Use  emo4on  to  connect   –  Connect  with  them  by  providing  content  that  women  can  relate  to.  Something  that  ignites  a  reac4on   like  “Wow,  this  is  great”  will  encourage  women  not  only  to  respond  to  your  messages,  but  actually   remember  them.     •  Make  sure  it’s  a  useful  engagement   –  Create  a  series  of  posts  that  your  fans  can  look  forward  to  on  a  daily  or  weekly  basis  —  something   they  will  feel  a  real  connec4on  to  and  will  teach  them  something  they  can  use.    Use  success  stories  of   how  women  used  our  product  to  enhance  their  skincare.   •  Listen  and  allow  our  audience  to  be  heard   –  Women  like  to  be  heard.  Stand  out  from  the  crowd  and  engage  them.  By  crea4ng  a  two-­‐way   conversa4on,  we  are  personalizing  our  brand  and  making  it  one  that  can  be  trusted.   –  Show  that  we  are  listening  by  addressing  her  concerns,  issues.  
  15. 15. Par4cipa4on  by  Ac4ve  U.S.  Women     in  Social  Media  by  Age  Group   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  16. 16. Demographics  of  women   using  social  media   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  17. 17. Female  Social  Media  Profile     How  they  make  connec3ons  online   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   *   (*Significantly  higher  than  male  Users)   Perceived Benefits of Using SNS Top 5 Staying in touch with friends 87% Staying in touch with family 75% Sharing photos/videos/websites with others 73% It is relaxing 57% Learn about new things 51% Female  Users  see  these  benefits  significantly  higher  than  male  Users   17  
  18. 18. Female  Social  Media  Profile     MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Joining  SNS  earlier  or  later   Online activities engaged in the last month than  friends/colleagues   Watched an online video 65% Uploaded pictures 60% Made an online purchase 53% Read someone else's blog 51% Read posts on a discussion board 45% *   Commented on a discussion board 32% Posted your own blog entry 19% Uploaded a video 17% (*Significantly  higher  than  male  Users)   Subject/Content Posted Frequently Online Pictures of family/friends 74% What I'm doing now 71% Top reasons for joining SNS Specific hobby 27% Keeping in touch with friends 77% Pets 25% For fun 52% Links to articles I find interesting 24% Keeping in touch with family 47% 76%:  “would  never  pay  to  use  a  social  network   service”  (Significantly  higher  than  male  Users  -­‐-­‐  69%  )     Significantly  higher  than  male  Users  (95%  Confidence  Level)   18
  19. 19. Topics  of  interest  for   women  using  social  media   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  20. 20. Social  media  marke4ng   planning  process   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  21. 21. Three  things  you  can  do  to     speed  up  a  woman's  buying  process   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Address her concerns and objections. –  It's important to find out what her concerns and objections are as early as possible. If a woman says no, it's usually because she has a concern that hasn't been adequately addressed. •  Use testimonials. –  Let women share, in their own words, what they like about working with you. Let the women sell you rather than selling yourself. The second reason why you lose a sale with a woman is because she does not trust you. •  Sell with stories, not facts. –  Don't just list out features and benefits. Share a story about how someone in a similar situation used the product or service. Stories are more memorable and make that emotional connection that motivates women to take action.  
  22. 22. Crea4ng  brand  evangelists   Clinique   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Clinique’s  instruc4ve  approach    with   YouTube  how-­‐to  tutorials  on  applying   makeup  has  earned  it  a  stronger  social   currency.   •  Educa4ng  and  empowering  users  is  part  of   their  process.    To  do  that,  the  company   chooses  20  "insiders"  a  year,  customers   who  post  candid,  unedited  product   demos  and  cri3ques.     •  The  results  more  than  speak  for   themselves.  "Clinique  has  moved  away   from  finding  a  core  influencer  to   conver4ng  any  customer  into  a  brand   evangelist."  
  23. 23. Beware  social  media’s  downside  though   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Social Media has given women more power over marketers.
  24. 24. P&G  learns  a  hard  lesson     via  social  media     MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Procter  &  Gamble  Co.  is  scrambling  to  put  out   an  Internet  wildfire  over  the  safety  of  its  new   Pampers  diapers,  a  crucial  brand  that  accounts   for  about  11%  of  the  company's  revenue.   •  Some  mothers  who  blame  the  reengineered   diapers  for  causing  rashes,  even  "chemical   burns,"  have  started  a  Facebook  page  to  detail   their  claims  and  press  P&G  to  reverse  course.     •  The  claims  quickly  gained  trac4on,  leading  this   month  to  a  lawsuit  and  inquiries  by  product-­‐ safety  regulators  in  the  U.S.  and  Canada  
  25. 25. The  downside  of  not  listening  to   your  customers  concerns   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  26. 26. MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Key  lesson  ?  
  27. 27. The  4’C’s  of  connec4ng   women  via  social  media   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Communica3on   •  Connec3on   •  Community   •  Convenience  
  28. 28. Women  talk  to  convey  emo4on,   men  talk  to  communicate   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   In  a  typical  day  a  women  speaks,  on  average,  20,000  words  while  a  man   speaks  7,000  
  29. 29. It’s  important  to  listen  to  women’s  needs   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Women  don’t  like  sweeping  the  floor.   •  Swiffer  has  made  the  job  faster  and   less  labor  intensive.   •  Women  look  for  technical  differences   and  how  features  contribute  to  beZer   peformence.   •  The  technical  and  func4onal  benefits   along  with  brand  values  and   reputa4on  of  the  company  have  to   combine  to  deliver  emo4onal  benefits   to  women..  
  30. 30. But  are  marketers  listening  ?   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Deep,  engaged  listening  takes   4me,  which  is  always  in  short   supply,  as  well  as  heart,  hard   work,  and  a  lot  of  nerve.  
  31. 31. An  example  of  not  really  listening  ?   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  32. 32. The  Dove  campaign  for  real  beauty   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   •  Dove  uses  “un-­‐models”  in  their  adver4sing.   •  The  campaign  resulted  in  a  lot  of  buzz   within  the  target  audience.   –  Over  650  million  impressions  in  summer  of   2005   •  As  women  cheered  Dove’s  second  year   sales  slowed  and  then  went  flat.   •  By  defining  the  brand  as  “you  look  great   the  way  you  are”  Dove  was  hard  pressed  to   convince  women  to  spend  more  money  on   mul4ple  SKU’s   •  When  the  heavy  spending  faded  women   could  see  through  the  ruse   –  You’re  telling  me  I  look  good  the  way  I  am   than  why  are  you  trying  to  sell  me  more   stuff  ?”   Source:  What  she  is  not  telling  you   Mary  Lou  Quinlan,  2010  
  33. 33. What  she  is  saying  vs.  the  truth   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   The  real  truth  ?   •  I  work  out  when  I  can  and  watch   what  I  eat  when  I  can  but  every   once  in  a  while  I  will  skip  my   workout  and  have  some  ice   cream  if  it  makes  me  feel  beZer.   •  This  maybe  the  way  my  body  is   going  to  be  but  that  doesn’t   mean  that  I  don’t  want  to  look   beZer.   •  I’ll  purchase  expensive  skin  care   products  if  they  help  me  look   beZer.  
  34. 34. Key  Lesson:  Marketers  have  to  learn  to  listen     Backroom  of  focus  groups   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE  
  35. 35. About  me   MARKETING  &  ENGAGING  WOMEN  ONLINE   Richard  Meyer   •  My  resume    hZp://www.richardameyer.com   •  My  marke4ng  BLOG    hZp://www.richsblog.com   •  MY  DTC  BLOG    hZp://www.worldofdtcmarke4ng.com   hZp://www.twiZer.com/richmeyer   hZp://www.facebook.com/richardameyer   hZp://www.linkedin.com/in/richardameyer