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Women discrimination in india


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Women Discrimination In India

Published in: Education
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Women discrimination in india

  1. 1. Women discrimination in India Presented by : Rahul Mehrotra PGDM ITS, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad.
  2. 2. The big reason………..AN AGE OLD ‘PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY’ IN INDIA Property rights only for sons Son as the status symbol Baap ko kandha dene wala Ladki paraye ghar ka dhan Ladki ghar ki ijjat
  3. 3. Some questions ????????Why only Seeta had to give Agni Pariksha And not Lord Rama ??Why do only the sisters , daughters, wives and mothers have todo fasting for the good of their fellow man and not the others wayround ?Why does the Groom walk ahead of Bride during the marriage ?Why can’t boys bring dowry like the girls do ?Why can’t a girl inherit the property of her father?
  4. 4. Thinks of the world without Women Sex ratio will decline in India Correlation between development and sex ratio 78% of labour force in agriculture are women folk Almost 100% kitchen work, child care and household work is takencare of exclusively by women.
  5. 5. Female infanticideIn china and India,women choose toterminate theirpregnancies whenexpecting daughtersbut carry theirpregnancies to termwhen expecting sons
  6. 6. Child labourA 9 years old girltoils under the hotsun, making bricksfrom morning tonight, seven daysa weak. She wastrafficked with herentire family fromunder-developedstate…
  7. 7. Children like this young girl are prizedin the carpet industry for their small,fast fingers. Defenseless, they do whatthey are told, toiling in cramped, dark,airless villaege huts from sunrise untilwell into the night……..
  8. 8. Child marriage •Beginning: presents for the departing daughter •usually resources to begin her new married lifeEarlier, child marriages to extraordinary size •slowly developed were highly •groom´s family young list to bride´s familyprevelent in India. Thegives agirls would •bride has to give otherwise no marriagelive with their parents till they reached •today it is forbidden  6 month prisonpuberty. They were to the custom: •reason behind this person much •poor economical conditionselder to them………. •unawareness of legal rights among women •general bias against women
  9. 9. Dowry SystemDowry is the money given in the formof shelter to bride at the time ofmarriage so that she is well maintainedby the Bride Groom………And those who fail to pay dowryeither daughters are ill-treated and theyfinally commit suicide
  10. 10. Domestic violence
  11. 11. 1 23 4
  12. 12. Honor killing What: Killing of women that can be defined as acts of murder in which awoman is killed for her actual or perceived immoral behavior.Who: Women who have failed to keep marriage contracts, refused toagree to arranged marriages, requested divorce, flirted with men other thentheir husbands, or for ‘allowing’ themselves to be raped.Where: Most prominent in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, andNorthwest Africa.Why: For violating sexual norms or being victims of rape or other sexualrumor. This is a custom where women are treated as property and businesscontracts.
  13. 13. What we can do ??? Educate yourself about the rights of the Girl Child. Contact local, state, and national politicians. • Write letters asking for their opinion on the rights of the Girl Child. Talk to your parents about the CRC. • Educate the adults in your life! Advocate for awareness of the CRC. • Begin a social awareness/ human rights club.
  14. 14. For more informationUN High Commission on Human Rightswww.unhcr.orgUNICEFwww.unicef.orgAmnesty Internationalwww.amnesty.orgYouth Advocate Program
  15. 15. OR