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Tharjuma Members Quotes

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  1. 1. “I like” because Members Comments“ Its one of the gateway for ITites like me to getin touch with Islam everyday. ” - Abdul Muthalib Soft. Eng., Chennai
  2. 2. “I like” because Members Comments“ Because in this speed age, I am learning lot ofthings about Islam.” - Haroon Abdul Rahim Safety Officer, Madurai
  3. 3. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like because improving Islam andRemembering Islam all topic. Alhamthulliah! ” - Mohamed Ibrahim Accountant , Dubai
  4. 4. “I like” because Members Comments“ It reminds me of the ayats and hadtiths to recalland to practice it.” - Hameed Hilmi Doctor, Chennai
  5. 5. “I like” because Members Comments“ Daily Small Small Aaya is Beautiful ” - Mohamed Ibrahim Executive HR, Dubai
  6. 6. “I like” because Members Comments“ Correct Hadeeths, and Real Quran Tharjuma ” - Thayab Khan Accounts , Dubai
  7. 7. “I like” because Members Comments“ Simple and Neatness ” - Haja Mydeen Accountant, Abu Dhabi
  8. 8. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like Tharjuma because ,everybody can able tostudy true vision of Holy Quran. ” - Hassan.A Manager, Dubai
  9. 9. “I like” because Members Comments“ I start my work after reading the Tharjuma email ” - Shahul Hameed, Advocate, Chennai
  10. 10. “I like” because Members Comments“ It is very narrative. Explanatory. ” - Sadique Saleem Internal Auditor, Colombo
  11. 11. “I like” because Members Comments“ No more expectation from you, your tharjumaservice is very good this service is useful andinformative to us ” - Naina Mohamed Officer, Riyadh ,Saudi
  12. 12. “I like” because Members Comments“ Its in JPG format. And Tamil + English is availablein the same post ” - Imthath Basar Dev. Sector, Colombo
  13. 13. “I like” because Members Comments“ ” - Hajanizamudeen HR Coordinator , Dubai
  14. 14. “I like” because Members Comments“ Like daily Aaya post, expecting daily hadeeth post(the Ramadan special Hadeeth service to becontinued in other months also). ” - Mohamed Seenimasthan Accounts, Dubai
  15. 15. “I like” because Members Comments“ Our busy life we cant see any other side but nowa days I am getting through tharjuma day to dayknowledge about our Islam ” - Nijamudeen, Operation Assist, Dubai
  16. 16. “I like” because Members Comments“ U r telling little bit, that is why I like it, coz if itslong or more then I may not read it daily, and thatmay not get into my mind and actions. ” - Abdullah Shift Leader, Qatar
  17. 17. “I like” because Members Comments“THARJUMA.COM IS ONE OF THE BEST ” - Mohamed Riaz .S Inspection, Kuwait
  18. 18. “I like” because Members Comments“ I was proud to read and understand the Daily Aaya& Tharjuma once a day. ” - Sathik Ali Abdul Sathar Computer Enginner, Kuwait
  19. 19. “I like” because Members Comments“ - Sheik Abdullah Travel & Tourism, Abu Dhabi
  20. 20. “I like” because Members Comments“ I LIKE THARJUMA BCOZ., CLEARLY UNDERSTOODALL QURAN WORDS ” - Jafarullah Accountant, Dubai
  21. 21. “I like” because Members Comments“ Reminds everyday the right target. ” - Ibrahim, Project Leader, Kuwait
  22. 22. “I like” because Members Comments“ IT ESCALATE QURAN & HADHEES KNOWLEDGE ” - Muhammad Irfan Executive - Accountant , Dubai
  23. 23. “I like” because Members Comments“ Yes. Because its reliable and good information ondifferent topic ” - Aisha Gengam Senior Administrator - Global Business Mauritian
  24. 24. “I like” because Members Comments“ Only this is very best social service in the world ” - Meeran Farook Basha Technician of Telecom , Riyadh , Saudi
  25. 25. “I like” because Members Comments“ Deenyiath Service which attracted me ” - J. Ameer Iqbal Consulting ,Chennai
  26. 26. “I like” because Members Comments“Learning new things from tharjuma ” - Rahima, Purchase ,Chennai
  27. 27. “I like” because Members Comments“ Very good to read and understand as different languagesin one roof ” - Jamal Mydeen Sr. Officer Administration, Dubai
  28. 28. “I like” because Members Comments“ It makes us to remember Allah all the time as it is in ourinbox everyday. ” - Seyed Ali Fathima, Electrical Engineer, Sharjah
  29. 29. “I like” because Members Comments“ Its Fully Clear and better understanding ” - G. Ayub Office Assistant , Abu Dhabi
  30. 30. “I like” because Members Comments“ Daily, I have the satisfaction of reading and learning theQuran. Alhamdulillah. ” - Shahul Hameed A, Student, Canada
  31. 31. “I like” because Members Comments“ Easy way to study via email. ” -Shahul Hameed, Assistant Chemist, Dubai
  32. 32. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like because, it purify me. ” - M.M.Nizardeen Teacher, Sammanthurai, Srilanka
  33. 33. “I like” because Members Comments“ I am very much in interesting daily Aaya, History of Prophets Essa(S.W.A) and Prophet Rasool (S.W.A) receiving from my friend. I amvery much interest in receiving Hadith also. ” - Sheik Abdullah, Civil Engineer, Abu Dhabi
  34. 34. “I like” because Members Comments“I got so many benefits by reading tharjuma. Now I can understandthe Quran meaning because of your tharjuma service. I want to learnmore through tharjuma. So I need this tharjuma to be mentionbelow in each Arabic word. ” - Zahida Farook Secretary, Kuwait
  35. 35. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like tharjuma daily because in this machine life most of us areunable to recite the holy Quran. but by the service of your make iteasy to recite the Quran within their work time ” - Alam Munira Begam, Student, Nagai
  36. 36. “I like” because Members Comments“ The neat narration and meanings, tafseer. It is very helpful to knowclearly… ” - Peer Mohamed Sales Manager, Dammam
  37. 37. “I like” because Members Comments“ Follow Quran and Sunna so that I like, and no more Competitionbetween other groups... ” - Ansari Engineering, Singapore
  38. 38. “I like” because Members Comments“ Keeping us inline with Quran and Hadeeths ” - Mohamed Rafi QA Supervisor, Riyadh
  39. 39. “I like” because Members Comments“I CAN UNDERSTAND THE MEANING AND ALSOGETTING CHANCE TO RECITE IT AT WORK PLACE ALSOSO THAT I LIKE THIS ” - Syed Mohamed Afsal Accounts Executive, Chennai
  40. 40. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like Tharjuma because all the posts are based onQuran and Hadees ” - Syed Azam Ali, Mechanical Engineer, Dubai
  41. 41. “I like” because Members Comments“ It is teaching Islam to me daily, I find guidance andmore remembrance in Allah (swt). ” - Natalie Self Employed, USA
  42. 42. “I like” because Members Comments“ First work in my office is to read mails it gives us a pious and happy feeling. ” - Shaik Dawood Ansari , Lecturer, Papua New Guinea
  43. 43. “I like” because Members Comments“ Earning Islamic knowledge ” - Seyed Abubacker, Banker, Dubai
  44. 44. “I like” because Members Comments“ Best Service ” - Mohamed Absal Pharmacist, Dubai
  45. 45. “I like” because Members Comments“ I like tharjuma because better preparation, better selection, bettertranslation and correct Situation you send to us correct Hadeeths....Alhamdulillah . InshaAllah I will make Dua for your work. ” - Abdul kader Engineer, Abu Dhabi
  46. 46. “I like” because Members Comments“Help to increase our knowledge about Islam” - Yasmin Abubakkar Student
  47. 47. “I like” because Members Comments“Yes, The translation is having most of the languages so that I can forward it to all my friends from different states.” - Rizwan Ahamad Engineer, Bangalore , India
  48. 48. “I like” because Members Comments“The information provided is helpful in improving our inner soul and apply in our day to day life.” - Parveen Executive - Support Sales, Chennai , India
  49. 49. “I like” because Members Comments“Because daily its making me to read a verse from Quran and i could able to know hadith.” - Fazlun Nachi.A
  50. 50. “I like” because Members Comments“I like because it is reach all the people easily and regularly” - Rias Ahmed Head constable, Pollachi, India
  51. 51. “I like” because Members Comments“I used to read the daily as soon as before starting my duties in my office. I believe that the Almighty Allah will be giving good day for me for my activities, by reading daily the Quran Tharjuma. ” - VSA. SARBUDEEN ADVISOR (CIVIL ENGINEERING) CHENNAI, India
  52. 52. “I like” because Members Comments“YOU ARE REMINDING BY ALLAHS VERSUS, SO THAT ATLEAST WE CAN FOLLOW IN OUR DAILY LIFE” - Salamullah Material Officer, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  53. 53. “I like” because Members Comments“I start my day with some beautiful Ayat from Allah. Im very happy and satisfied” - Aminah Beevee Bte Shahul Hamid Teacher
  54. 54. “I like” because Members Comments“Daily i am learning new Hadees.” - Mohamed Abubucker Siddiq Sales, Dubai , UAE
  55. 55. “I like” because Members Comments“Tarjama from various scholars of the world” - S.Dawood Shah Director - Crescent School, Chennai , India
  56. 56. “I like” because Members Comments“I have improved much better now and my knowledge in islam ” - Aasif Rashad. S HR Dispatch Executive, Ramanathapuram, India
  57. 57. “I like” because Members Comments“Masha Allah! really helpful to improve our Islamic knowledge and will help to earn the most precious gift in Aahirat from Allah! Jazahallahi Hairan!” - Mymoona J Student
  58. 58. “I like” because Members Comments“Exactly meaning and eagerness learning” - Jamaluddeen Trichy, India
  59. 59. “I like” because Members Comments“I am a Revert ( formerly Christian) and everyday, learning something new about the Quran and Islam. ” - Muhammed Ali Trainer
  60. 60. “I like” because Members Comments“I CAN READ EASILY AND CLEARLY. ” - Nilamlafeer heavy driver, Doha , Qatar
  61. 61. “I like” because Members Comments“I would like to bring my actual life after read the tharjuma and hadeed ” - Mohamed Dilshad Administrative Assistant, Doha , Qatar
  62. 62. “I like” because Members Comments“My Eeman increased through TARJUMA” - Muhmmad Peer Adam Senior CADD Engineer, Chennai , India
  63. 63. “I like” because Members Comments“If NO time to read Quran, hadith; it help me to read in the MAIL Daily... Alhamdulillah...” - Mohamed Ameen Civil engineer, Abu Dhabi , UAE
  64. 64. “I like” because Members Comments“This is very useful for running my life.” - Abdul Kader Sales
  65. 65. “I like” because Members Comments“EXPLANATION IS GOOD” - Asjath Ahmed Secretary, Jubail , Saudi Arabia
  66. 66. “I like” because Members Comments“This service very useful and when i read the Quran tharjuma mymind is Obey and afraid of Allah. I have been sending to face book daily This Quran tharjuma. So i really like it.” - Amjath Khan.H Garment Factory Manager, Tirupur, India
  67. 67. “I like” because Members Comments“In a short time learn more” - Allahbakash Business , Mumbai , India
  68. 68. “I like” because Members Comments “I like becoz it enhances my knowledge, make morefaith in Islam, remembrance of Allah, its reminding me every day the dos and dont, I can learn good habits & practices via Quran & Hadith. ” - Rahmathullah Electrical Engineer , Abu Dhabi , UAE