Developing bipv opportunities in toronto v3 apr-12


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Developing bipv opportunities in toronto v3 apr-12

  1. 1. Economic Development & Culture Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Initial Thoughts on Industry Development Opportunities for Toronto Rob McMonagle Economic Development & Culture City of Toronto
  2. 2. Economic Development & CultureNew Construction in Toronto Toronto has more high rise construction than any other North American City 200 178 180 January 2011 160 January 2012 140 120 97 95 100 8888 80 74 60 40 24 22 16 1616 20 4 7 12 8 9 10 9 8 9 4 7 2 4 3 3 2 2 0
  3. 3. Economic Development & CultureCost of BIPV vs. Conventional Building Cladding City is currently doing a study of building cladding costs in Toronto (completed summer 2012) International studies indicate that BIPV is comparable to medium-high end cladding costs  Note: cladding cost is $/m2 not $/watt – so less efficient modules may be attractive for cladding
  4. 4. Economic Development & CulturePV Technologies in the BIPV Market All technologies are currently in use. Ontario’s solar manufacturing is primarily crystalline technologies.
  5. 5. Economic Development & CultureLeading Countries in Deploying BIPV
  6. 6. Economic Development & CultureMoving Beyond “Modules” Becoming part of the supply chain for the building industry is critical to develop a naturally sustaining market – making PV plates into other products – windows, curtain wall, etc Customization (as is done for windows in commercial development) is also critical for success 1. PV Glass 2. Glass Strip 3. Spacer 4. Sealing
  7. 7. Economic Development & CultureBIPV as Art The City requires that at least 1% of the construction costs be contributed to public art through the Public Art Program BIPV could meet the requirements (hence providing significant cost savings) A public art approved project A BIPV project at Harbourfront
  8. 8. Economic Development & Culture Key Elements of a BIPV Industry/Market Development Strategy Education, Awareness Policies & Financing Industry and R&D Market Enhancement & Capacity Building Mechanisms Enhancement• Stakeholder • Standards & • Techno-economic • Industry and workshops Guidelines analysis international• Project database • Local product • Best practices study collaboration• Resource website development & • Design of support • Technology transfer• Establishment of database mechanisms • Cost reduction and working groups • Demonstrations & (policy/financial) system optimization showcases for local conditions • Upgrading of local industry capacities
  9. 9. Economic Development & CultureBIPV and the FiT Program – Maybe not a good fit? FiT program is designed for retrofitting (and ground mounts) – does not take into the unique attributes of BIPV  City of Toronto has done a report on the barriers that BIPV face in FiT Examples:  BIPV is typically small systems in a large building – series metering connections are best and reduces installation costs (but not allowed in FiT)  Ontario content point system does not reflect the BIPV elements (i.e. points for the mounting system)  Building design and build cycle can be 36+ months – new rules restrict it to 18 months  Builders cannot wait 8-12 months to know if there project is FiT approved (as the BIPV is part of the building) Net Metering may be the best option to consider for BIPV
  10. 10. Economic Development & CultureResources The City of Toronto is working with stakeholders to advance the adoption of BIPV in the Toronto area. There are a number of opportunities to engage on this.  Toronto BIPV resource page: 91  Toronto Building Integrated Photovoltaics LinkedIn Group – join to share information  Send an email to  Working group of interested stakeholders being established to identify opportunities (and challenges) – if interested see me! Sarah Hall Studios (a unique Toronto resource!):
  11. 11. Contact Information Rob McMonagleSenior Advisor, Green Technology and Green Energy Economic Development & Culture Toronto 11