Recently appointed administrators 2014


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January 2014 RAA Presentation

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Recently appointed administrators 2014

  1. 1. Recently Appointed Administrators FINDING, USING AND CREATING DATA ROBERT C. MCCRACKEN, ED.D.
  2. 2. Introduction Goals Provide a source and examples of:  Web 2.0  Cloud Computing  Google Expanded Tools  I Pad Tools  Other Free and Useful Applications/Tools  WiFi Creation
  3. 3. “The Data” The Importance of Data
  4. 4. Warm UpTask  Create a brief document that states your belief about faculty, staff and students use of technology.  E-mail the document to
  5. 5. Challenge and Debate Bob’s Opinions     Past Present Future Challenges 21st Century Skills Bring Your Own Device Early Pioneers o York County Schools o Albemarle County Schools
  6. 6. Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 for Dummies: Web2.0 apps QR Codes Dropbox Sendtodropbox Zumocast Google Drive Slideshare Twitter
  7. 7. Creating/Using Dropbox Account 1. Go to (Create an account) Create any document, Word, Excel, PDF and save it to your Dropbox account. 2. Go to Create a unique email address for depositing Dropbox documents via email
  8. 8. Cloud Computing Cloud computing DNLA server technology (The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a non-profit collaborative trade organization established by Sony in June 2003) Media Streaming Quizmaker App Box Cloud I Cloud
  9. 9. Google Tools Google: More than E-mail Google Voice Google Groups Google Chat Google + Google Chrome App’s
  10. 10. I pad Apps Ipad App’s Splashtop Pages File manager Dropbox Nook Reader Good Reader SLLA Test Prep prep/id435382932?mt=8 Cloud On
  11. 11. Engagement Activity/Practice  Either Individually or in Small Groups, pick one activity, application or idea you have learned thus far in the conference or something new you have discovered that you will try to implement and/or share with your colleagues/faculty. Create a basic five step plan of how you will implement/share that activity, application or idea. E-mail that document to:
  12. 12. Other Useful Applications Other Free and Useful Applications and Tools E-books Indistar Datacation CamStudio Sample Screencast Itunes: publishing-podcasts-to-itunes-other-platforms-using-cincopa
  13. 13. Other Useful Applications Prezi Webbly Wikispaces Blogspot Wordle Ning Read Aloud Driving Tiny Url Sample
  14. 14. WI - Fi WiFi Creation Locations Phones with Hotspot Hot Spot Devices PDA Net
  15. 15. Discussion Let’s see what You had to say!
  16. 16. Questions/Discussions/Summary Contact information Twitter: @rmccracke (not a compulsive user ) This presentation is available at: Or
  17. 17. Thank You I hope this information was useful