Instructional Geocaching 101


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Instructional Geocaching 101

  1. 1. Instructional Geocaching 101:An Introduction to Curriculum-Based GPS Scavenger Hunts Presented at AETC June 14, 2012 Dr. Robert E. Mayben, ALSDE Technology in Motion & Mr. Ken Lee, AMSTI The University of Alabama Robert Mayben | |
  2. 2. OURQUALIFICATIONSIt’s not about thenumbers, or is it?
  3. 3. Not So Quick Poll2.Do you own a GPS receiver?3.Is it automotive (used in your car)?4.Is it handheld (hiking, fishing, etc)?5.Have you ever been geocaching?6.Does your school have GPS receivers?7.Have you ever used GPS with your students? Robert Mayben | |
  4. 4. al V ersion n Recreatio TheGEOCACHING IN 2 MINUTES
  5. 5. Recreational Geocaching30-45 Minutes/20 Slide Presentation9 Minutes or less!Someone set the timer because we are addicts and can talk for days about geocaching! Robert Mayben | |
  6. 6. Recreational GeocachingDid I finish it?Do you have any quick questions?Emphasis on Quick! Robert Mayben | |
  7. 7. oo l! rS ch tY ouA
  8. 8. What isInstructionalGeocaching?Robert Mayben | |
  9. 9. Instructional Geocaching• Geocaching at Your School – Make it work for you!• A Few Differences from Recreational Geocaching – Distance – Logging Requirements• Content-Based• Not for the Public or to be listed on Robert Mayben | |
  10. 10. More Thoughts on IG1. Find some real caches first.3. Secure class set of GPS receivers. AMSTI? TiM?5. Groups of 2 to 3 students per GPS work best.7. The first few courses you set up will take lots of preparation and time. Trial & Error!8. Partner with another teacher to save time. Robert Mayben | |
  11. 11. One More Thought• Do Not Disturb Labels: You should also place contact info or at least your name if you are placing them at school.• Make sure your principal, custodians, and lawn maintenance workers know you are doing a scavenger hunt! Robert Mayben | |
  12. 12. Step 1: Plan the type ofgeocaching activity thatyou would like to create. HOW! Robert Mayben | |
  13. 13. Step 2:Teach the students how to use the GPS using Latitude & Longitude. Robert Mayben | |
  14. 14. Step 3:Students walk through ateacher-led introduction activity. Student Intro Activity Robert Mayben | |
  15. 15. Step 3a (Optional): Students hide objects(tennis ball, egg, etc.) andrecord the coordinates. Putcoordinates in a hat. Draw and find! Robert Mayben | |
  16. 16. Step 4:Teach the students how to mark points on the GPS.Hide examples for them to find during this activity. Robert Mayben | |
  17. 17. Step 5:Students participate in a content-based geocaching activity. Now for Examples! Robert Mayben | |
  18. 18. InstructionalGeocaching Activity (Sort of…) Robert Mayben | |
  19. 19. Puzzle IdeasRecreational Model for Instructional Geocaching•Animals in the Bible:•Druid’s Dichotomy:•The Gravel Pit and the Pendulum:•The College Years:  Robert Mayben | |
  20. 20. InstructionalGeocaching Activity Matching Puzzle Matching Example Robert Mayben | |
  21. 21. InstructionalGeocaching Activity Multiple Choice MC Example Robert Mayben | |
  22. 22. Other Activities• Words• Posted Info• QR Codes• The Hunger Games Robert Mayben | |
  23. 23. More Lesson Ideas• Digital Photography Scavenger Hunt• Leaf Collection (pictures or actual leaves)• Mean, Median, Mode• Creative or Descriptive Writing• Review Games• Latitude & Longitude• Related Topics such as Systems of the Body, Countries of Different Continents• Vocabulary Activities• Google Earth & Google Maps Integration• Landmark Puzzle (Pictures, Countries, facts) Robert Mayben | |
  24. 24. Even More Lesson Ideas• Classifications for Science• Parts of Speech/Descriptions of items• Math Shapes/Math in the Real World• Geometric Planes/Trig Activities• Measurements/Scale/Distance• Math Multiple Choice/Work Problems to find Coordinates• Relative vs. Absolute Directions for Social Studies• Discussion on how GPS would have affected historical events (Wars, etc)• Data Collection-AMSTI Globe & More• Video/Photo Documentaries Robert Mayben | |
  25. 25. How do I Set Up a Course at My School? Robert Mayben | |
  26. 26. Setting Up a Course1. Select a topic.3. Choose the type of course you would like to use. (Hard to Explain w/o Seeing!) a) Regular: Each team has their own caches. b) Rotation: Each team goes to the same caches. c) Association: Can be a regular or rotation. d) Single Word: Best used for introduction. e) Puzzle: Teams solve puzzle for coordinates. f) Posted Cache: Paper taped to wall, tree, etc. Robert Mayben | |
  27. 27. Setting Up a Course1. Using your GPS, mark the locations on campus where you would like to hide the caches. – Recommended: Write the coordinates on a chart as you are marking the points. (See Sample) – If possible, try to keep the caches at least 75 to 100 feet apart. – Remember: Buildings, Thick Tree Cover, Awnings, etc. may cause you to have bad coordinates. – Start at the end and work your way back.3. Create the containers with questions, words, coordinates to next cache, or prizes inside. – Color Code Caches – Each Team has a Color – Place a do not disturb label on the cache. Robert Mayben | |
  28. 28. Setting Up a Course1. Hide the containers at the locations that you marked. – This gives you an opportunity to double check coordinates.3. Create an instruction sheet or field guide for the students. – This is where you usually put the first set of coordinates. – Questions, Answer Blanks, Data Record, etc. Robert Mayben | |
  29. 29. Setting Up a Course1. Teach your students GPS basics & then turn them loose! – Which way to walk to go North, South, East, & West (Watch the lat & long change) – Use school landmarks to help them understand. – Allow them to do a hunt using only lat & long. – After they have mastered that, teach them how to use the map and waypoints. – Allow them to struggle so they can problem solve, discuss, and think to figure it out. Robert Mayben | |
  30. 30. Resources• UA TiM GPS Resources:• Instructional Geocaching Books• Instructional Geocaching Readings & Resources: http:// Robert Mayben | |
  31. 31. Questions• Other than why is Ken pushing me into the lake… Robert Mayben | |
  32. 32. Instructional Geocaching 101• Hands-on with a GPS Receiver & Instructional Geocaching Activities• An Authentic Geocaching Experience as well• STI-PD Title #: UATiMSUM31• Date/Time:June 29; 8:30 am – 12:30 pm• Location: Skyland Elementary School; Tuscaloosa• Did I mention free? Robert Mayben | |
  33. 33. Instructional Geocaching 101 Dr. Robert E. Mayben, ALSDE Technology in Motion & Mr. Ken Lee, AMSTI The University of Alabama Robert Mayben | |