Blogging staff development[4]


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Blogging Staff Dev - Jan. 25, 2010

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Blogging staff development[4]

  1. 1. Blogging Staff Development Link: passwd: AOLKids/Teachers’ Psswd: stemWant to keep password the same as BrainpopPut all the teachers’ names inCan’t comment on my BloggerBut make a posterous test blog for them and test at schoolTeacher’s task – gravatar, get a gmail account – using bloggerPosterous account – email something to posterous Embed LiveBinder into blog for websitesAudacity or Garageband: welcome parents/teachers/students to your blog with a audio file with a picof your avatar or vokiAVATAR TIPS:1. (Britt Glow’s blog – Australia)2. MS Paint, Photobooth, Picassohead, MS Clipart,Video tour of your blog or a voicethread365 Day Project – give a student the camera – tell them to take a picture of anything they want andwrite about it. You will be amazed of what you will be able to look over ---log of the school year.Voicethread, vokiBrainpopIssue of a powerpoint slide – read a book online isee a brown bear looking at me. Enchanted learning$20/yrVideo – Promethean board video – handwriting one I didVideo – YouTube – Download it will it show, TeacherTube, other sourcesPowerpoint video – digital storytellingSTMath- using ScreentoasterScribd for newsletter, spelling list, field trip info, homework assignmetWidgets: twitter feedHave a guest blogger appear on your blog = How coolOne post – Ask the kids what tools they think are best , why and how do they use it They could do a
  2. 2. screen cast. 2nd post – What would or school look like if no books just technology for learning what would it look like be like, etc Standard-based learning and technology – if you are doing a good job with your teaching practices and students need to learn the verbage to pass the test. Teach what is important to learning. Web tools can be use multiple uses and subject matter. Blogging – writing standards. Have blogs that are with that particular standard – expository, narrative, grammar, etc. whatever are you addressing. Wordpress, Edublog, blogger, pbspaces BES Blog – Berthoud Elementary School – Parent Resources on Blogging BrainPopJr – What is a blog? BrainPop - Blogs 2010 Edublog Awards Best Class Edublog 2010 The winners of the Best Class Edublog 2010…. 1.Winner: Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog 2.First Runner Up: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (B) 3.Second Runner Up: The Blog DogsBest Class Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!4.2KJ @ Leopold Primary School 5.Class 4JC
  3. 3. 6.2KM@ Leopold Primary School 7.Extreme Biology!8.6SS@NIST 9.Grade 1 and 2 at Ancaster Medow (B)10.Bailey Road Team 17 (B) 11.Into the Wild12.Billings Beta 13.Look What’s Happening in Room 102!14.Blog, Blog Blog Blog, Blog Some More 15.Middle Learning Unit BPS 16.Best Class Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!17.Mr. Austin’s Class 18.Techno Science19.Mr Baldock’s Class Blog 20.The Brainy Bunch’s Blog21.Mr. Salsich’s Class 22.The Blog Dogs23.Mr. C’s Class Blog (B) 24.The Mac Lab25.Mrs. Kolbert’s Class Blog 26.The Plugged-In Portable27.Ms Leydon’s Class (B) 28.The Ripple Effect29.Mrs. Yollis’ Class Blog! (B) 30.The Skinny31.Ms Mourad’s Absolutely Sensational Learners 32.The Ins and Outs33.Room 13 – Year 6/7 sharing their learning 34.Social Voice (B)35.TEAM TOA-Shanghai American School, 36.What Happened Today? (Easy One)Pudong, Third Grade Blog Scholastic Top 20 Teacher Blogs
  4. 4. Best Teacher Edublog 2010 37. Winner: Teacher Tom (B) First Runner Up: MR ROBBO – THE P.E GEEK Second Runner Up: The Scholastic Scribe (B) 2010 Most Nominated Edublog Awards Blogs: 1.Langwitches- 2.Spencer’s Scratchpad 3.Think Thank Thunk 4.What Ed Said 38. Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!1.A GeekyMomma’s blog (B) 2.Lisa’s (Online) Teaching Blog3.A Journey in TEFL 4.Lisa’s Lingo5.A Primary Blog for the 21st Century 6.Lucacept – intercepting the Web7.Blogush 8.MR ROBBO – THE P.E GEEK9.Bluebird’s Classroom (B) 10.On A Journey with Generation Y11.Cool Cat Teacher (B) 12.Online Sapiens13.dy/dan 14.Open 16.Philly Teacher (B)17.English Raven 18.Science Teacher (B)19.f(t) (B) 20.Speech-Language Pathology Sharing21.Finding Ways for All Kids to Flourish (B) 22.SpeEdChange (B)23.First Grader At Last! (B) 24.Spencer’s 26.Successful Teaching (B)
  5. 5. 27.Integrating Technology in the Primary 28.Tao of Te(a)chingClassroom29.It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages (B) 30.Teacher Reboot Camp31.Journey in Technology 32.Teacher Tom (B)33.Kalinago English 34.TeachMoore35.Langwitches 36.TEFLTastic with Alex Case37.Learning is Messy 38.The Book Whisperer39.The Digital Down Low (B) 40.The Nerdy Teacher (B) 41.Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!42.The Scholastic Scribe (B) 43.Think Thank Thunk44.ToughSledding What Ed Said45.Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom 46.47.TeflTecher : Tasks, Videos and Opinions for Tefl 48.Teachers49.The Cleaver Sheep (B) 50.51.The Innovative Educator (B) 52. Lifetime Achievement 2010 Here’s the winners for Lifetime Achievement 2010…. 39. Winner: Linda Yollis (Teacher) 40. First Runner Up: Steve Hargadon 41.(Founder of Classroom 2.0 & Co-Chair 2010 Global Education Conference42. Second Runner Up: Sir Ken Robinson43. International advisor on education
  6. 6. 44.5.Most nominated were: 45.6.Steve Hargadon7.Sue Waters8.Doug JohnsonVicki Davis