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Misconceptions about skin and eye diseases


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Misconceptions about skin and eye diseases.

Interesting concepts.

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Misconceptions about skin and eye diseases

  1. 1. Misconceptions about Skin and Eye Diseases Chapter 21
  2. 2. Science Misconceptions video Why is it important to correct common misconceptions? What problems can misconceptions create in society?
  3. 3. Everyone who gets ringworm gets a rash in the shape of red circles False! Ringworm can come in a few different forms. It can infect the skin or it can infect the toes nails. Same fungus, different area of infection.
  4. 4. It is best to get pus out of pimples by popping them FALSE! • Even though it can feel good to get the pressure of pus out of the acne pustule, you really are pushing the infection deeper into your skin. This can make the infection worse. • If you can’t resist popping, use a comedone extractor! •
  5. 5. Dirt and fatty foods cause acne FALSE! • Acne is caused by the over production of sebum • Propionibacterium acnes encourages additional acne to form but the main cause of teenage acne is the increased production of sebum •
  6. 6. Multiple immunizations at one time will overload your body and make you sick FALSE! • There is no scientific evidence that multiple shots at one time will harm your immune system. • It saves time AND money. • You may feel queasy because of being injected, but not because of booster shots. •
  7. 7. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker FALSE! • Shaving only removes the hair from the surface of the hair. When it grows back, all the hair grows back with flattened ends simultaneously. •
  8. 8. Farting can cause pink eye FALSE! • Passing gas can’t cause pink eye. Pink eye is an infection of the conjunctiva. • Can be viral or bacterial. • Wash hands and good hygiene. •
  9. 9. There is such thing as a flesh-eating bacteria! FALSE! • There is no such thing as a “flesh-eating bacteria.” • Necrotizing fasciitis releases toxins which destroy your skin. The bacteria don’t munch away at you! •
  10. 10. Tanning beds are safe as long as they don’t have the UV-B rays FALSE! • Though UV-B rays are your typical “sunburn” rays. Tanning beds still have UV-A rays which actually penetrate deeper into your skin. • UV-A rays are your “tanning/bronzing” rays • Constant exposure to these light rays can alter the DNA •
  11. 11. Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections are always obvious because I can see them FALSE! • There is usually an incubation period where the opportunistic pathogen will colonize you before you start to feel the affects • STDs can lie dormant for years or never even produce symptoms •
  12. 12. Once I have an STD or fungal infection, I’ll never get it again FALSE! • Fungal infections and STDs may never go away. • Just because you rid the symptoms, doesn’t mean you no longer have the infection/disease. • Your body will recognize bacteria or viral infections, but fungal infections will persist. •
  13. 13. So….. What do we think now?
  14. 14. Misconceptions in Medicine Why are misconceptions important to address? Give an example of a misconception about skin and eye diseases? What stood out as most surprising? Does this information change the way you view anything in science? Poll-Everywhere