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  1. 1. “With Xyngular, I’ve been able to help others improve their health, increase self-confidence, beginbuilding their own businesses and get them on their way to achieving their dreams! Personally, I’vedecreased my weight by 19 pounds and, more impressively, I have melted 27 inches from my body! Byenjoying the Xyngular products, I look better, feel better, my clothes fit better and my husband saysthere is less of me to hug! I told him to hold on tight-were just getting started!”-Joan Morehead
  2. 2. “I travel frequently in my job, eating anything I want. Flying, sitting and eating got my weight up to 244pounds and, despite exercise, I continued to gain weight.I got on XYNG and it gave me energy both mentally and physically while curbing my appetite. I beganeating less and moving more. I lost the first 46 pounds on XYNG and Super Fruit Global Blend. My goalweight was 190 so I did the IGNITE program for 8 days and lost 9 pounds, got down to 189, dropped 4pants sizes, and exceeded my goal! For the first time in many years, I feel I have control of my weight!XYNG, Cheat, Lean and Super Fruit Global Blend have given me control over my weight instead of myweight controlling how I feel and look. Thank you XYNGULAR”-Randy McClinton
  3. 3. David Whitaker of Detroit, Michigan, was one of Xyngular’s winners of the 60 Day Body TransformationChallenge. In 60 days, David lost 34 pounds and a total of 23 inches!“Don’t falter or give up, because if you stick to the program, the program sticks to you,” said David.“When other people see your success and weight loss, they will want to do the same and the businessopportunities will roll in!”To read David’s whole story, click here
  4. 4. “Xyngular’s IGNITE Program is the most AmaXYNG and easiest diet I have ever tried! I lost 15 pounds in8 days! Losing inches is just as exciting! Im still shocked at how simple and effective the program was.My sister Sara had to buy new jeans because she lost so much weight when she was only on day 6 ofIGNITE! Who knew there would ever been an easy way to lose weight in the winter?-Marie Bedell
  5. 5. “I lost my first 14 pounds taking XYNG, added the CORE4 and Super Fruit Global Blend, and went on tolose 28 lbs. and 9” off my waist in 90 days with a reshaping of my body. I no longer have cravings andmy appetite is suppressed. I didn’t have to change the way I ate, but the products changed me and I amin control of my eating for the first time in years! Referring the products to others so they canexperience the benefits that I have has enabled me to be able to pay for my own products and go toXYNGFLING! Going from a size 16 to size 8 has been life changing for me, and now I no longer wake upwith a sore throat from acid reflux while I am sleeping!Thank you Xyngular!”-Joanne Wolff
  6. 6. “Shortly after deciding to lose weight, a friend introduced me to Xyngular. I ordered a box of XYNGcapsules, and my weight loss journey began! Each morning my day started with a XYNG and a large glassof water. All my junk food went into the garbage and I stopped drinking about a dozen large cups ofcoffee daily loaded with sugar and cream. For the first time in my life I started paying attention tonutrition and buying foods that would be good for me! With XYNG, I found that I had energy all day long,and I started feeling better than I had felt in several years. I also noticed that my mind seemed to focusbetter. Today I have lost 40 pounds and eight inches in the middle! I wish to thank the XyngularCompany for these awesome products. I know for sure that Xyngular products made weight loss easyand fun for me, and I plan to tell everybody I know about this awesome company! “-Ren Rutledge
  7. 7. “I’m a person that is wide awake 6-7 times every night. When I took my first XYNG, I thought it wasanother product that wouldn’t work for me. However, the next morning I was awoken by my alarmclock! I couldn’t believe I had slept through the night! The next morning, I took another XYNG and within30 minutes, I felt such incredible energy and mental clarity and I wasn’t hungry! I also slept well theentire night again! Between using XYNG and the XYNGULAR IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM, I have lostover 30 pounds and 10 inches! I’ve never felt this good in my whole life and I love shopping for clothesthat are 4 sizes smaller! Thank you Xyngular!”-Brandee Clark
  8. 8. Thanks to all of Xyngular for the hospitality during our stay at Sundance! You made us feel like kings andqueens-the Xyngular Passport Program is amaXYNG!”-Nicole Gutierrez-Llenza
  9. 9. “I recently wore this shirt as a swimsuit cover up on a trip with my daughter. When she saw me in itnow, she was shocked, because the last time I wore it, I was much heavier. I must admit even I amsurprised at the comparison of the two photos! I lost 30 pounds in a little over 90 days and have kept itoff. In fact, Ive lost 4 more pounds just by doing maintenance with my Xyngular products. Theseproducts are revolutionary and for the first time in years, I am actually looking forward to hitting thebeach!Thank you Xyngular!”-Susan Langerud
  10. 10. “When I first heard about Xyngular, I was skeptical because I had tried many diets and products and wasunable to lose weight. However, once I tried CORE4 and XYNG, things started to change! My first month,I lost 35 pounds! My second month, I lost 40 pounds! After 4 months, I had lost more than 90 pounds!Now, I’ve lost well over 100 pounds and the weight is still coming off. I was wearing a size 62 pants and Iam now down to a size 50. I love to show people my old pants because it proves that Xyngular’sproducts work and I am evidence of that! Thank you Xyngular for literally changing my life. Theseproducts work and I am proof!”-Tito Marichal, Puerto Rico
  11. 11. “Im feeling amaXYNG today! I just hit Manager in a week and my girlfriend lost 15 pounds in 8 days!I love XYNG-laser focus, no jitters, incredible energy-I’ve never felt or seen anything like this! I loveXyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend too!Also, Xyngular’s Compensation Plan and Passport Program are so incredible! The more I learn aboutXyngular, the better and better it gets!”-Brent Niblo
  12. 12. “Xyngular’s Sundance Retreat was incredible. Thank you for being a wonderful company! Everything inthis company-products, Compensation Plan, leadership-is unrivalledd. Thanks for everything Xyngular!”-Bob and Cindy Mills, California
  13. 13. “Charlie started on CORE4 on January 23rd, 2011. In only one month, he lost 40 pounds! He has gonefrom a size 48 to a size 42! Also, he used to have to take 4 pills for his diabetes, but now he only takes 1!We are so happy and blessed that Xyngular came to our lives!”-Charlie Gerena and Betty Ann
  14. 14. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of weight to lose, but CORE4 helped me lose 7 pounds and I felt like I lookedbetter. However, the biggest benefit to me has been in my arms! I’m turning 50 and I’m a hairdresser, soI’ve always had tone and definition in my arms, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed my arms sagging abit. I know this happens to many women as they get older, but I didn’t like it! Taking Lean has helped mere-gain the definition in my arms! They feel more firm and they look better! It has been fantastic and Ifeel so much better! Thank you!-Laurie Pawich
  15. 15. “The first time I heard about Xyngular, I had my reservations. I have been on EVERY diet under the stars!I’d lost weight with some (and gained it right back), and had spent thousands on some with no results.But Xyngular’s products are so different! I lost 8 pounds and over 3 inches of fat in the first week withthe IGNITE system. I am now about 6 weeks in and I am down 18.5 pounds and 11 inches and I havenever felt better! This is truly the best! I eat my normal food and yet every time I get on the scale, I dropthe weight. All I have to say is TRY IT ONCE and you will also believe in the product as well! You havenothing to lose but the weight!”-Susan Mack
  16. 16. I take one XYNG every morning and on workout days I take one XYNG before my workout-wow whata difference it makes! XYNG gives me the added energy I need to push through my workout and mentalalertness too! This is by far the best supplement that I have ever tried!I’ve never been involved in a company that treats their Distributors as well as Xyngular does. TheCompensation Plan is by far the best I have ever seen. I look forward to building my Xyngular business!-Chad Franks
  17. 17. When I began to use XYNG, I weighed 170 pounds. XYNG gives me lots of energy and helps me controlcravings- thanks to this Ive lost 30 pounds in 5 months! Xyngular changed my life and my family istremendously grateful for this opportunity to help change other’s lives too!-Karem Carballo Ortega, Puerto Rico
  18. 18. “Over the past 6 years, I had gained 100 pounds as a result of dieting! There wasnt a single diet outthere that didnt make me rapidly gain weight. I began taking Xyngular products on November 1, 2010. Istarted with just XYNG, and began CORE4 a week ago. Since November 1st, Ive lost a total of 38 poundsand 4 dress sizes! I didnt realize that there was such a dramatic difference in the way I looked, until Ilooked at my before and after photos. Im very excited to have finally found something that works forme, and I cant wait to share this opportunity with everyone I know. Ive still got a bit more to go, andIm happy to have made Xyngular a permanent part of that journey.”-Jessica Kott
  19. 19. “I have lost over 60 pounds on Xyngular’s products! The products work! Thank you Xyngular!”-Charlie Carballo, Puerto Rico“Just one month after having my second son, my weight loss had already stalled and I decided it wasfinally time to try XYNG. Now, 50 pounds lighter, I’ve lost the baby weight from both boys and amfeeling better than ever! Thanks to Xyngular, I am getting my life back and looking forward to gettingback down to the size I was in high school!”-Shannon Schuster
  20. 20. “I’ve been using XYNG since September and I’ve had some outstanding results. I’m type II diabetic and Ijust recently went to the doctor and got my results. My A1C went down from 8.4 to 6.2 I’ve lost 16pounds using CORE4 for two months- and I have not exercised! The products are amaXYNG and theywork!-Mark Harvala
  21. 21. “I honestly didn’t think it was possible for me to lose weight. All my life, I’d been big. I graduated highschool at 195 pounds at 5 foot 9. I was a size 16 in high school and a size 16 when I got married, and Ijust thought that’s how it would be. Last year, a friend of mine there introduced me to XYNG and toldme it would kill my food cravings. After 3 hours on XYNG, I was shocked that I really didn’t feel hungry!Now, one year later, I am a size 8! I have lost 75 pounds and have maintained my weight for 2 monthsnow! I am so grateful to Xyngular for their products and I hope my story inspires others to lose weight-Inever thought it was possible, but thanks to XYNG, it is!”-Sara Beck“I’m very pleased with the XYNG product! I’ve lost 12 pounds on XYNG and I really wasn’t overweight.The beautiful thing is that I’ve lost my love handles! I also have more energy than I’ve ever had before.I truly believe in the product and look forward to sharing it!”-John Hovitch
  22. 22. Ive lost 12 pounds taking XYNG! Im a mother of 5, work full-time and go to school, and XYNG helps metremendously with energy and focus! Friends and family are definitely starting to take notice of myappearance and attitude. I highly recommend it and know you will love it!-Mitzi Jock
  23. 23. “As a college student I am always looking for more energy and focus so XYNG caught my attention. I amnow able to focus for longer periods and have sustained energy!Im also excited about the Xyngular opportunity because the economy is changing and NetworkMarketing is the future!”-Nick Haubner
  24. 24. Ive lost 27 pounds and 5% body fat in 30 days using the Xyngular product line! I feel better, healthier,and more energetic. My friends that are using the products are having incredible stories as well. Thankyou Xyngular!-Anthony Schweitzer“A few months ago, I changed my diet a little bit, ate less overall, and began supplementing my diet withXyngular products. My goal was never to lose weight, just be healthier, and in the process an interestingside effect occurred-Ive lost a total of 17 pounds!I feel better, and know that I wouldnt have achieved this goal without Xyngular. Im confident that youcan achieve your goals too!”- Don Puchalski
  25. 25. “I had put on 15 pounds over the past 10 years that I just couldnt seem to get rid of. I live a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, and make green drinks every morning but still had excess weight. Within the firstweek on Xyngular’s products, I had lost 8 pounds. I was so excited! Instead of having a second portionof food at dinner and sweet snacks in the evening, I began to feel satisfied with one helping and rarelycraved dessert. The biggest change for me was not feeling so hungry that I was shaky beforemeals. Today, 15 pounds lighter and 3 inches smaller in the waist and hips, Im sold on Xyngularproducts and feel better than I have in years!”-Melinda Rossow
  26. 26. “The Xyngular IGNITE Program is a dream come true! I did 2 rounds of 8 days over 19 days time. I lost 14pounds and 2 sizes in less than 3 weeks, and 3 months later I am 17 pounds lighter, down 3 sizes and stillgoing!”-Anne Ziegenhorn
  27. 27. “It has been the best two months of my life so far! Xyngular has turned my life around! Physically, I felttired and wasnt motivated to go to the gym. XYNG has changed that, now I am ready to work out andfeel like I am 18 again!”-Isander Alvarez
  28. 28. “I am very happy with everything Ive accomplished with Xyngular’s products! In only 60 days I lost 52pounds and reduced 10 pant sizes and 4 shirt sizes! Xyngular changed my life and I am changing thelives of many people. I am very happy to be part of Xyngular!”-Ramon Marichal, Puerto Rico“Using XYNG, I’ve lost over 20 pounds! These pictures say it all-XYNG works!”-Jamie Taylor Stephens
  29. 29. My husband Joe lost 40 pounds in only 6 weeks using the Xyngular products. The IGNITE Program helpedhim lose the last few, and now he looks great! Thank you Xyngular for giving me my hot husband back!-Donna Aloia
  30. 30. I never thought I would have gained 50 pounds-I did not recognize myself in pictures. From January toJuly, I had a hard time losing 10 pounds. At the end of July I started taking XYNG, lost 5 pounds quickly,and got my youthful energy back! I then began using CORE4 and lost 17 pounds and 2 sizes in 9 weeks!I am now feeling great, looking younger and excited about my new home-based business. Now I canhelp others achieve their goals too.Thank You, Xyngular!-Vickie Gobbo
  31. 31. I cannot thank Xyngular enough for these life-changing experiences. The excitement in the Australianpeople’s eyes shows their excitement and their vision! We are in such a blessed place with Xyngular.Thanks again for this truly amazing experience!-Stan Townsend, who visited Australia through Xyngular’s Passport Program!
  32. 32. With Xyngular’s products, I’ve lost 36 pounds and 5.5 inches in waist! I’ve also lost 17% body fat!-Kathy Lynn Thompson
  33. 33. Hawaiis “XYNG Fling” was a huge success as we celebrated Marc Schenkels Birthday “Aloha style” with75+ Xyngular Distributors!-Laurie Bachran I lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks taking XYNG! The best part is, I lost my appetite for junk food! No moresugar cravings-I actually want to eat healthy food now!-Karin Platt
  34. 34. Before finding Xyngular, I felt like I‘d already tried all the diets in the world. Only Xyngular has helped mewith my obesity. I’ve lost 48 pounds in 4 months. I used CORE4 and the IGNITE Program. I am nowbeautiful and slim again! Thank you Xyngular!-Helena Danisova, Slovakia
  35. 35. I’ve lost 7.4 lbs and 7 ½ inches in just 8 days! I’ve also lost a total of 22 inches now! Xyngular’s productsare so safe, my 87 year old mother’s internist approved her taking them! Now the Holidays are upon usand the best gift you can give is XYNG! Have more energy, feel less stress and enjoy the gatherings andparties because you feel more confident.-Debra Myers
  36. 36. All I can say is WOW! What an amazing time my husband and I had at the Xyngular Sundance Retreat inUtah. It had beautiful accommodations, great food, Powerful meetings with Marc Walker andMarc Schenkel, and connecting with outstanding Xyngular leaders (now friends) from California toPuerto Rico.XYNGULAR cares for its people in a big way....thank you!
  37. 37. -Jennifer BradshawWhen I began to use XYNG, I weighed 170 pounds. XYNG gives me lots of energy and helps me controlcravings- thanks to this Ive lost 30 pounds in 5 months! Xyngular changed my life and my family istremendously grateful for this opportunity to help change other’s lives too!-Karem Carballo Ortega
  38. 38. I am a full-time personal trainer and have found something that is working for my clients as well asmyself-XYNG! I have now lost 33 lbs, 5.5 inches from my waist, 13% body fat and have gained the energythat I never thought I would see again in just 17 weeks. I am finally able to live my life as I want withenough energy to enjoy it!-Kathy Lynn Thompson
  39. 39. Through the Xyngular IGNITE Program, I lost 9 pounds and 12 inches in the first 8 days! I am nowwearing size 8 and have lost 50 pounds! All I can say is WOW! I have never felt better and I am soexcited to tell everyone about the way Xyngular has changed my life!-Angela Marler
  40. 40. The Xyngular Sundance Retreat was an amazing few days! My husband and I enjoyed meeting the entireteam at Xyngular! We haven’t stopped talking about the trip and how fortunate we feel to be a part ofthis incredible opportunity!-Lynda Elliott
  41. 41. With growing teams spanning the world, our Xyngular team insists on being “Best-In-Class” whilesettling for nothing less than the best incentives and blessings. Xyngular is a “Rolls Royce” businessopportunity!-Vince McCarver
  42. 42. Down 6 points in my body fat in 60 days – 30% of my body fat gone! What else can I say! TheXYNGULAR IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM works!-Greg Hartmann, FL
  43. 43. “After one month on the CORE4 products, I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6. Mystarting weight was 178 pounds and I am now 140 pounds! My waist has lost 11 inches! I feel great and Ialso look great with lots more energy and high self esteem!”-Anna Marie Alvarado Miskowski
  44. 44. I made over $2,300 in the month of September alone, all while working from home! I have a thrivingXyngular business that allows me to be a full-time mom and work from home, which benefits me and myfamily! Thank you Xyngular for enlarging my vision and helping me to grow personally in ways I neverthought possible!-Tami Castronovo
  45. 45. “It’s never been easier to lose weight than right now! I lost 13 pounds in 8 days on Xyngular’s IGNITEprogram! I have lost 15 inches off my waist and 25 pounds in 30 days-and the pounds keepdisappearing!”-Cala Stadel
  46. 46. On CORE4, I lost 10 pounds in 7 days! AmaXYNG! I went from 180 pounds down to 170 pounds in justone week, and now I am losing more to get down to my goal weight! Thanks Xyngular!-Leonardo Reyes, FL
  47. 47. The first time I took XYNG, it totally transformed my life and my body! These photos are after I had ababy. Thank you Xyngular for giving me my life back!-Alicia Tunby, NCIn 3 months on CORE4, I have lost 25 pounds and 2 inches off my waist! I am a mother of 2 toddlersunder the age of 4, and was in desperate need to lose my baby fat quite quickly and safely.Xyngular has improved my life for the better and I have never felt better!-Anna Rovis
  48. 48. Before I started taking XYNG and CORE4, I had resigned myself to the fact that putting on a few extrapounds and feeling lethargic were just part of getting older. Now, I cannot even begin to tell you howmy life has changed! I feel like the old me again! Healthy, confident and full of energy!-Susan LangerudI started XYNG 2 months ago .After the first week, I began losing weight and feeling GREAT! Within 7weeks I lost 17 pounds! I then started on IGNITE and lost another 10 pounds in 8 days!!-Tracy Boyd Hollywood Actor XYNGing to Lose Weight for Upcoming Role As a professional actor, I’m always looking for ways to get fit and to stay healthy. I have 5 years experience in the network marketing industry and a month ago I was introduced to Xyngular. I needed to lose weight and be
  49. 49. ready for a possible movie role, and it’s kind of hard shed those pounds the traditional way. After onemonth on the CORE4 plan I’m 22 pounds lighter and feel better than ever!I have reached the Manager level and have introduced Xyngular to 8 friends that have accepted thechallenge! Alaska, Puerto Rico, California, Atlanta, New York, Florida and Santo Domingo are part of theplaces that we are building a global team. This is an amazing journey and an opportunity to build a hugeglobal organization. Xyngular’s compensation plan has allowed me to make more than $500 in my firstmonth and thats not including my Corporate Sales Pool bonus. We are very excited” Our team (IGTX) ishelping others duplicate and present this opportunity, which I believe will be the next BILLION DOLLARcompany.-- Manny Marrero Jr., Actor, Prison BreakTop Enroller SpotlightJennifer Bradshaw is "On Fire" with Xyngular!! So far in May, she has enrolled 15 newpeople – five of which enrolled at 120 PV or higher and over 1,850 in new volume.Her own product experience has been extremely motivational and is the fuel behindher explosive growth. "Ive lost over 10 pounds and my husband, Ethan, has lost over5 pounds and a few inches in our first few weeks using XYNG! I love our products and Iam very proud to share them with everyone and anyone. In my first week,I achieved the Manager position, and made over $750!!! WOW! I made sure to get onall conference calls, use my up line for three-way calls, and share the opportunity togive samples out to everyone!""Im just a few enrollments shy of becoming SILVER!!!!! Thank you Phil and Freddie for sharing thisopportunity with me! I love my team and we’re growing fast here in Houston, TX. Look out for us, werecoming at you in a BIG WAY!!! :)" CORE4 at work – Trina’s Testimonial Im not a hardcore workout person. Im the off-and-on, hit- and-miss exercise person. I have done a fair amount of walking, but not on a regular basis. Im now 48 years old going through the “change of life”. I understand a pretty
  50. 50. high percentage of women tend to gain weight through menopause, but Yippiieee...Im not one of them,and I truly credit CORE4 for that! I have an incredible amount of energy since using the product(s).Last, but not least...unfortunately, the past 3 months weve been dealing with a family tragedy thatbrought on insomnia and anxiety thats required me to take some medication that typically causesweight gain. Im happy to say that CORE4 has been approved (by my doctor) to continue use, along withmy medication and Im still maintaining my success. My daily regimen Morning: Lean shake, use to be 2 Accelerate (now 1 Xyng). Lunch: Lean shake, 1 Accelerate (now 1 Xyng) or a low-cal meal w/Cheat. Dinner: Pretty much whatever I want to eat (in moderation) w/Cheat. Bedtime: 2 Flush with a large glass of warm water.I drink water w/lemon throughout the day. If I want a snack, I HAVE IT! Many nights I have a WeightWatcher’s dessert or the mini-size ice creams (100 calories).– Trina GallegoTami C: Losing Weight, Feeling Great!"A friend introduced me to CORE4 in October. I had been gainingweight for almost two years, and unable to lose despite working outand eating healthy most of my adult life. I had begun to consider thismight just be part of getting older and I actually got rid of a lot of mysmaller clothes thinking I would just try really hard to maintain mycurrent weight and size and just not get any bigger by increasing myworkouts. In this process, I found out I had hypothyroid whichexplained the steady gain. I showed my naturopath the products andhe gave me the OK to take them along with my medication. He likedthe natural ingredients and taking them along with my thyroidmedication caused me no adverse effects. I lost the weight I hadgained and then some. My energy improved and I am now down to a weight I havent seen since beforeI was married (just celebrated our 26th anniversary!) Now I use the products to maintain my weight. Ilove all of the CORE4 products and added XYNG when it was released earlier this year. I took XYNGeveryday on our vacation and it kept my appetite in check. Gaining no weight on vacation is a first! I’ve
  51. 51. had a LEAN smoothie with Super Fruit Global Blend and a banana for breakfast, healthy lunch, then anice dinner out almost every night. I used CHEAT on my dinner, but was satisfied with a much smallerportion because of the XYNG."– Tami Castronovo, ORSharing XYNG With Everyone!Here’s a copy of an email sent to Brenda Sioson, our wonderful Distributor, after she gave her nurse aXYNG sample! From: Princess V. To: Brenda Sent: Sat, May 8, 2010 9:13:05 PM Subject: Amaaaaaxxxxyyyynnngggg!! Thank you sooo much, Brenda, for bringing this product to my attention. You gave me a sample of Xyngular yesterday when I drew your blood and I LOVE IT!!!!! When I say I was doing laundry on a Friday night; that really is a big deal for me. I didnt mention it to you, but my son recently finished a 58 cycle of chemo to treat a brain tumor we found two years ago and although he is pretty much a normal kiddo, all his other therapies he attends throughout the week along with my working a full time job have left me drained, not to mention-stressed! And both of the girls you met also were impressed. This soooo did the job for me in the healthiest way too. The caffeine crashes and jitters from other supplements werent something that would have ever been good for me in the long run. Not to mention, patients look at you weird when your hands shake, kidding! I think this is also a product that some of Dr. Uribe’s area may be interested in too if you were in the area again, I can swing you by their area if you’re interested in giving samples, not sure if youre able to do that. I visited the site but cant see prices. Can you send me exact info? How long does it take to get it in because I sure could have used one after the Cystic
  52. 52. Fibrosis walk my son and I did this morning, lol!! Once again, thank you SO much!!! God crossed our paths at the perfect time! -Princess V.” Losing Weight for Xyngfest Continues to Inspire! Xyngular distributor Pennae Brunner set out to lose 25 pounds by Xyngfest. So far she is ahead of schedule. Below is her testimonial on how it has worked out: “In the last 6 weeks I have lost 15 pounds. Yes I have been working out but I have never lost this much weight in just 6 weeks! I recently injured my knee and I was unable to work out for 4 weeks and I was worried about gaining my weight back. I committed to myself to lose 25 pounds. Well, I recently got on the scale to see if I gained any weight back because I was unable to work out. I lost an additional 3 pounds! I’m now down a total of 18 pounds, only 7 pounds away from my goal! See you all in San Diego, with less luggage! I am soooooohappy! I love my Xyng and Core 4!”–Pennae Brunner, CAThe CORE4 Diet Has Turned Me Into A Walking Testimonial and Given MeA New Lease On Life!After countless diets, Xyngular distributor Marie Monroe finally found one that worked: CORE4! Hersuccess has turned her into a ‘walking testimonial’!
  53. 53. “A lot of women can probably relate to my story. I gained a lot of weight, mostly when I was pregnant, and then even more afterwards. I got depressed because I was overweight which led me to eat more. Ive tried Jenny Craig, The Protein Sparing Modified Fast Diet, Weight Watchers, the cabbage diet, the grapefruit diet, and countless more. The problem is that they work for awhile and then I get discouraged. I hate counting calories, points, portions, etc. I couldnt stand being carb-deprived either. I missed fruit so much. Thats what is sowonderful about Core 4. There is no deprivation and I can have my fruit. Ive been using the Core 4system for 4 weeks now and occasionally use Xyng (mostly when Im working night shift as it keeps mealert). Ive lost 24 pounds and 15 inches in 28 days! I havent counted a thing and I eat what I want, but Inotice that Im not as hungry with the products and eat smaller portions, but not because Im purposelyeating less. Im just less hungry. Ive been taking half of my food home when we go to restaurants andsometimes Im not even hungry at dinnertime and end up eating some fruit or veggies with a smoothie,but not because I have to, because Im truly not hungry.Ive had several "Aha!" moments last week and started going back to the gym, which is a major hurdlefor me. Mostly Ive been a couch potato for the past several years. Attending the last iPower meetingand the focus on personal growth has made me realize that I need to do this for me and do it now - noexcuses. I severely injured my ankle 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest son and severalcar accidents have messed up my back and made it difficult to exercise. Ive used that as an excuse notto do anything at all. Last week, I decided to go to the gym 3-4 days a week and do what I could and notfocus on what I couldnt do. Losing this weight so fast and becoming more active has really improved mymood and outlook. I actually look forward to going to the gym now, which is a first for me.I have a long way to go, but Core 4 has gotten me on the right track. I dont go anywhere now withoutmy Cheat and Im planning on taking a larger suitcase on our cruise next week so that I can bring all ofthe Core 4 products with me. Usually I end up gaining 5 pounds on a cruise and I am going to attempt tolose 3-5 pounds on this one. Core 4 and Xyngular have given me a new lease on life! Whats great isthat its affordable, extremely easy, and you arent deprived. I have become a walking testimonial forCORE4! People come and ask me how I’ve lost the weight and want to be signed up because they’veseen what it’s done for me! I just cant say enough good things about this program!”-Marie Monroe, AZXYNG: Cinderella’s Secret!My name is Cynthia but everyone calls me Cinderella (My family and friends called me that since I waslittle and it stuck!) A dear minister friend of many years, Laurie Bachran, blessed my husband and myselfwith a sample of XYNG! Our lives changed in one day! What fun! My husband wasnt taking naps
  54. 54. anymore and his speech improved! The first thing I noticed was my vision was better! The best thing forme is "No more brain cramps!" I had it bad! Now its like Im born again! I have a smooth focus with totalrecall! Talk about ‘enjoying the journey’!We are just so grateful! We have noticed other things like our clothes are too loose and we now get twodays of work done in ONE with joy! Our goal is to pay it forward! We have signed up our familymembers and close friends and now were on a mission to share this gift of better health and quality oflife (not to mention the fabulous money for paying it forward!) WOW! Dreams really do come true!Mahalo!-Cynthia Dymally, HICORE4: Down 49 Pounds and Counting!I started CORE4 with 60 pounds to lose. My doctor told me in July that I either would have to lose 20pounds by the next visit in October. (I have high blood pressure meds, not breathing well, asthma, etc.)So, I thought I would just find a new doctor to go to by October. When Margee Lennards friend Janecame down to San Diego in July they had not seen each other for many years. Margee told me she wasdown for a new company on weight loss. Margee, not needing to lose weight, slightly mentioned it tome. I, on the other hand, who have always had a weight problem for life, jumped on it. So, a month laterboth Margee and I joined. Within the first week, I was down 4 pounds and 5 inches all over and theweight started melting off! Now I’m 49 lbs lighter and my doctor was very happy! I went through theholidays with not one pound gained, but lost. I’ve built a team to Silver Manager and the weight is stillcoming off! I should be at my goal weight by August.-Maryanne Harrison-Kutsch, CA
  55. 55. Xyngular: The Time of My Life! I can truthfully tell you I am having so much fun with these products. This is so easy and the best thing is I know I am helping people! Im retired from Alaska Airlines and I cant think of anything else I would like to do than what I am doing. -Carolyn Fout, WAXyngular Gave Me A New Start And I Haven’t Looked Back!In late February Brenda Bartell contacted me via Facebook about Xyngular. I had given up on my firstMLM because of the legs I had to balance and the inventory I had to carry. The opportunity looked greatso I decided to take a leap of faith and borrowed $58 from my sister to sign up as a Xyngular Distributorand get one box of XYNG. I was in a very bad way financially as my home remodeling business haddwindled to almost nothing and I had recently moved back into my parents home to preventbankruptcy. Well the gamble paid off and by April I achieved the rank of Silver Manager and haventlooked back. Thank you Mike and Brenda Bartell for all of your support and thank you Xyngular for youramazing products and Comp Plan.-Ken Drury, FLXyngular: I’ve Never, Ever, EVER Seen Anything Like This! My name is Frankie Pagán. I am 54 years old and have had two open heart surgeries. I’m diabetic and have been in Network Marketing for more than 20 years. I have used all kinds of pills and seen all kinds of pay plans, but I’ve never, ever, EVER seen anything like this! XYNG takes my hunger away, and I can feel great all day just drinking water. Ive lost 12+ pounds in about 2 weeks just with the XYNG pill. I cant wait to get the CORE4 system! But, I keep gaining the weight with all the money Xyngular keeps putting in my pockets! Oh well, I can live with that! Take charge of your life, health and finances. This is the best opportunity in the last 100 years. Dont let itgo by you and do nothing. Join me in this great adventure! ¡¡¡Adelante Con Xyngular!!!
  56. 56. My Xyngular Business Has Taken Off Like A Rocket Ship! When I first got involved with Xyngular, I knew that we had something unique. My business literally took off like a rocket ship from day one! The first month I began getting calls from all over the world about this exciting opportunity. Since March, my business has grown as much as 80% in a single month! This type of growth is unheard of in this industry. It is so easy to build this business. Everyone simply loves the products! -Darren Little, CanadaNothing Can Stop Him From XYNGing! I wanted to let others know there is hope with being a type 1 or 2 diabetic. I am living proof that you can live a normal life! I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic on February 20th, 2010 when I walked into my local Urgent Care with blurred vision from my blood sugar being off the chain. But I am here today to send out a simple message to others that are like me. You must follow the fundamentals, known as the doctor’s orders, but you must also commit to yourself that you will change some things in your life to assist in making things better and that will help to attain results like mine. My hemoglobintests went from my blood sugar being too high to my blood sugar being perfectly normal, and I feelgreat along with the loss of over 37 pounds! Taking my XYNG has allowed me to exercise moreeffectively in my cause to reach these wonderful achievements.-Bruce S. Ladd III, OH “XYNG is My New Best Friend!” Ive been involved in network marketing for the last 20 years, and never before, have I anxiously anticipated my auto-ship order as I have with XYNG! This product does exactly what I had hoped for and more; my appetite is curbed substantially and
  57. 57. the euphoric feeling I get is...well, Im "Jones-XNYG" for it right now! Truly, an amazing product and allnatural to boot, what more can you ask for? The juice literally relieves all my joint pain and XYNG is mynew best friend!Thanks for following through across the board, Xyngular!-Peter Cianci, FLSuper Fruit Global Blend: A Remarkable Product With Remarkable Results!"I have recently been having aches and pain in my right hand for a few months. I noticed one day that 15minutes after I tried the Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend, the pain in my hand was gone! I couldntbelieve it-truly remarkable! That intense pain has not returned due to taking the Global Blend. Besidesthat, I love the taste of the Global Blend. In years past, I tried a lot of those exotic juices on the marketbut none of them did anything for me and they all tasted like medicine. I have to be careful to not towant to drink more than the daily dose of Global Blend because it tastes so good. Even my husband withpicky taste buds likes it. I just feel healthier on it as well. It’s truly a remarkable product that givesremarkable results!"-Anney Rehm, TX Building Long-Term Relationships is the Key to My Xyngular Success! I got involved in the Network Marketing industry 16 years ago. In my last Network Marketing project my wife and I made over $250,000 working from home in the last 3 years. I started my new business venture with Xyngular this year. By February, I knew that we had something unique and different to help a lot of people in less time with this amazing line of products and powerful Compensation Plan. My business literally took off like a rocket ship from day one! The first month we became Manager, the second month Platinum Manager and by the month of May we’d reached Silver Director. Thanks to all the amazing leaders of my team and thepowerful support of Dr. Troy McHenry and Freddy Elias. I love when people on my team call me byphone or tell me in person, "Thanks for this opportunity, this month I can pay my mortgage!" If you
  58. 58. want to make an explosion and produce fast growth in your business, this is the secret: Don`t just do thebusiness, build long-term and strong relationships with people!-Omar Rivera & Tadia Collazo, Puerto Rico With CORE4 I’ve Dropped 4 Sizes! I have always had problems with my weight. I am 5 feet tall and those extra pounds weren’t doing me any good- I had a hard time going up the stairs and I was always tired. I started doing a workout called Zumba, which helped for a while. I did lose some weight but not in that area most of us women have trouble with once we reach that changing era in our lives-the midsection. In April of this year I ordered my CORE4 system and started to feel the difference right away. My mid-section started to reduce and other parts of my body also. I started at 165 pounds and now I am at 148 pounds, dropping from a size 8 to a size 4! I haven’t reached my goal yet but I will. Thanks Xyngular for your great products! - Anna Marie Alvarado-Miskowski, Puerto Rico CORE4: Down 38 Pounds and 4 Sizes! For over three years, I’ve tried many different things to lose weight. Between back pain and surgery, I’d put on 45 pounds and couldn’t seem to lose the weight. Before CORE4, I’d tried many other products, exercise programs and diets, but nothing seemed to work and I couldn’t lose a single pound! Since I started CORE4 in December, I’ve lost 38 pounds! During that time, I made it through the holidays and a 10 day vacation and still managed to lose! I feel like CORE4 has given me more energy and I’ve gotten my old self back. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 10! I love the products-I take XYNG first thing in the morning and use Super Fruit Global Blend-they’re so great! I’ve been recommending the products tomany people, and everyone who’s using them is having positive results!- Louise Smith, Canada
  59. 59. CORE4: 2 Belt Notches and 4 Pant Sizes Down!When I started on CORE4, I lost 5 pounds in 6 days. I’m now down 2 belt notches andhave gone from a size 38 to a size 34-all thanks to CORE4!- Patrick Hopkins, IL CORE4: My Husband And I Are Walking Billboards! I began CORE4 at 143 pounds and am currently 117 pounds (I am 57"), although I always lose a few more in the summer, so I just might! My cholesterol has dropped nicely as well and our doctor simply loves our results. So, all in all, my husband and I have lost together SIXTY SEVEN POUNDS. That is crazy! That is how much a second grade kid weighs! We both continue to use the system everyday and our bodies are walking billboards for CORE4! -Jennifer Wagstaff, UT My Sister Gave Me the Gift of Xyngular-And I’m Down 40 Pounds! Christmas of 2009 my sister gave me a present that changed my life. Her present was a 60-day Xyngular Pro-Pack that included Super Fruit Global Blend, Cheat, Lean, Accelerate, Flush and then two months
  60. 60. later the XYNG capsules. I was happy in my marriage, which can sometimes cause complacency, but mywife was always kind about my weight. Im 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds with a 40-inch waist size. Itried to watch my calories but nothing ever worked. When my sister sent this present I was initiallyskeptical but also excited because it had worked for her.I started the program and for the first 10 days saw no results and felt dejected. My sister was veryinspirational and convinced me to continue with the program and then three weeks into the program Iwas down 8 pounds. Once I passed the three-week barrier the weight started to pour off my body and Iwas so excited that I really maintained my faithfulness to Xyngular. After eight weeks I was down 22pounds and my waist was 36 inches. Since I had lost so much weight, my knees, which had alwaysached, no longer hurt and I started to play basketball two days a week. I felt really good competing withguys who were 20 years younger than me.Three months into the program I was down 32 pounds and was a size 34. I started to lift light weights onmy off days and included about twenty minutes on an exercise bike when I didnt play basketball. Ifaithfully continued using all the products and found that if I were to leave one item out my weightdidnt change and my overall feeling was not as peppy as before. These products work so well togetherand when I stayed true to the program my stamina was at an all time high and I looked great!Im almost 6 months into the Xyngular program and have lost 40 pounds and Im down to a size 32waist. Friends who I havent seen for a long time dont even recognize me and other people ask me if Ihad plastic surgery. I truly believe in the Xyngular program and Im so thankful that my sister thoughtenough of me to get me the gift of Xyngular.Take a look at my before and after pictures if you dont believe me. My wife says, "Its like having thesame great husband who looks twenty years younger!”-Read M. Boeder, AZ Jim Barnum: Xyngular is One Team, One Dream! Not too many years ago, Jim Barnum, could bench press 500 pounds! He is a man of focused determination and goals. As a sign of respect, many who know Jim refer to him as “Mayor” or “Governor.”
  61. 61. Jim knew he had a winner with Xyngular when he saw a great product and business results…and he wasable to help many of his team reach success they had never seen before! He knows these excellentproducts and the financial opportunity will change hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, in a verypositive way.Jim lost 36 pounds and went from a size 42 waist to a size 36 waist, in 6 months. He loves the mentalclarity and energy from XYNG! Plus he also is a big fan of CORE4 and Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend.From successful direct sales in home improvements and agricultural buildings, Jim fell in love withNetwork Marketing in the 1980’s, when he made over $200,000. Since then, he has been his own boss,working from his Moorhead, MN home as a full-time networker. He has been in 8 major companies inthe last 30 years, but he says he has NEVER seen a more exciting compensation plan, coupled with arock solid company with incredible leadership, finance and worldwide scope. Jim loves Xyngular! Hiswebsite ends with “IS GOING CRAZY,” which is also what his business and paychecks are doing everyday!Jim’s key to success is his DUPLICATION OF EFFORTS with the right vehicle-XYNGULAR! Sample XYNGand say, “You are going to feel like a million bucks!” Or, “Have you heard of Xyngular? You have to hearwhat I heard...”No other company can compare with NO structural requirements, 12% Bonus Pools and that all newDistributors, world-wide, fall below you in the team downline! Xyngular is truly ONE TEAM, ONEDREAM!At a minimum, Jim plans to reach a five figure monthly income by the end of 2010. He will be a Directorin June and his business is on a steady upward growth curve! He is one of the hardest workingDistributors that we know, yet he will always pass the credit on to his team, which he brags is “thebest!” Jim’s team will be one to watch!XYNG: There’s Nothing I Can’t Handle!You don’t know what XYNG has done for me at the gym. I have gone from a 50 year old trying to walk amile on the treadmill to working out 5 days a week with a trainer. After 40 pounds and more than 10inches gone, my trainer has not thrown ANYTHING at me that I cant handle...XYNG and CORE4 ROCK!!!-Karen Irizarry, FL (via Facebook)
  62. 62. XYNG-Down 24 Pounds Combined! Xyngular is the best MLM Company we have ever joined. We love all the products and know they will make our business a success! Dave has lost 16 pounds taking XYNG over 3 months and I have lost over 8 pounds! -Diane and Dave Pringle, AZXyngular Newbie: I’ve Never Seen Interest Like This! My Name is Freedom Duvais. I just started with Xyngular a few days ago and already the interest is exploding! I was in Amway and a couple other companies similar to Amway and have never seen interest like this so fast! The internet is where I have generated all my leads and it has just been amazing! In just 48 hours I have my first Distributor in my downline and 3 great prospects. My team is fantastic and the support is like none I have ever experienced in Network Marketing! The Compensation Plan is going to set this company apart from its competitors and put iton top in no time. Xyngular Rocks!-Freedom Duvais, TNCORE4 and XYNG: From Size 10 Down to Size 4!
  63. 63. I started CORE4 back in July of 2009. I did the program about 2 weeks before I noticed a change in mybody. It is also help me cut out the Route 44 Dr. Pepper I was drinking daily. I went from a size 10 to a 6in about 5 weeks!Then in January I was introduced to XYNG. Now this product rocks! I went from a 6 to a size 4 and I lovethe feeling it gives me. I still use the CORE4 system too. The Lean is probably my favorite. I feel healthierthan I have ever felt thanks to these products! Thanks!-Yolanda Louderback, KSLean is the Best!Lean is by far the best meal replacement Ive ever tried, and Ive tried a bunch of them. Not only is itonly 40+ calories, it curbs the appetite for hours!-Sue Mitricin, AZ (via Facebook)CORE4: Down 47 Pounds Since January!
  64. 64. I fell into a situation in life where all I did was work, work, and work and did not take care of myself. My life got in the way of my life. Sound familiar? In January 2010 I was 273 pounds and on the verge of a knee replacement. I got on Board with Xyngular in the pre-launch phase. I started with Super Fruit Global Blend. Later, I started using XYNG. I was 265 Pounds when I started CORE4.I started the CORE4 90 Day Plan on March 26th, 2010. By June 23rd, I was 226 pounds and my waist is41 compared to a 47. I simply followed the brochure that came with the 90 day plan package and havedialed in to Corporate Calls to gain knowledge. My focus is “calories in versus calories out.”I am on my way to 200 pounds then to 175, which was my high school playing weight in my jock years! Iwill be 55 years young in August-I’m on my way back to the future! My knee feels great now- I dumpedthe doctor and my lawn guy!I am a walking billboard for my Xyngular business! It works!-Jeff Marconi, FL XYNG Helps Eliminate My Migranes! I recently kept hearing that XYNG was good for headaches. I didnt really take note of it until the other day when I had a migraine and ran out of my Excedrin migraine medicine. Now if you have ever had a migraine, you know you dont want to move too far from the bed. I actually had a box of XYNG about 10 feet from me. I took one XYNG and within 30 minutes my migraine was gone! I couldnt believe it! So, not only does XYNG decrease my appetite, increase my mental clarity and give me energy, it also helps with migraines! Every time I hear someone say they have a hangover or migraine I am handing them some XYNG! Great stuff!-Michelle Alpha, TXXYNG Saved Me $500!
  65. 65. Last year I paid $500 to have my deck pressure washed and stained. I just wasnt up for doing it myself. Iwork out at the gym, but my weight had crept up to 220, and I was tired by the time the weekend gothere. I ate a lot of fast food on my way back to work from the gym. My blood pressure had gotten highas well.We got our first box of XYNG on March 8th and took it with us on a trip out of town where we would bebusy with meetings and not able to go to the gym. When I got back five days later, I had lost five pounds.Not only that, but I felt great, and sat through meeting after meeting without feeling sleepy. Instead, Iwas alert and interested in what the speaker had to say. By the end of two weeks I had lost 12 poundsand my blood pressure was normal.Fast forward to June, and I just pressure washed and stained my own deck. I feel great, saved $500, andIm now down to 200 pounds and I feel like a much younger man! Thanks XYNG!-Mike Castronovo, OR My Experience-From Poga to Xyngular I started with Xyngular on June 8, 2010. I immediately placed an order and within 7-10 days I received my first compensation check and my ordered products. I have now gotten a second compensation check, have tried all the products and I lost 3 pounds my first week. I feel more energy, more satiety from the LEAN, and the FLUSH works well too. I put the Super Fruit Global Blend in my LEAN vanilla shake in the morning plus water and ice and it’s very palatable. I also enjoy taking my Super Fruit Global Blend as it is, it tastes good!-Linda Devlin, R.N., AZMy Mom Hands Out XYNG to Everyone!
  66. 66. My favorite testimony comes from my mom. She has tried for 50 years to lose weight and has never been successful. She gave CORE4 a shot. She also includes XYNG and has lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks! She just went to the doctor and her blood pressure is down for this first time and her cholesterol! She feels great! My mom hands out XYNG to everyone! That is her favorite of the products. She is now positive all the time, has energy and does not crave bad foods like she used to! She loves telling her story and so many people have started Core 4 just because of her testimony! -Michelle Alpha, TX XYNG: Weight Down, Energy Up! Last Thursday during our regular webinars, Dave Pasquale organized a conference call with people in the United States, who shared with us their experience with Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend and XYNG. These people were from different parts of the United States and were of different ages. But what they had in common were their experiences of increased energy and vitality when taking these products.This is exactly what I would like to share with you as well. Weight loss is an important subject for mepersonally because I have experience with it. I came to the conclusion that diets lead only tounnecessary suffering. Long term positive outcomes can only be achieved through lasting change first inthinking and then in lifestyle. This changing in the way of life also includes physical activity.I often hear excuses such as: “I have no time for exercise,” or “I am tired and have no energy for anysport.” Maybe the second reason is not an excuse, maybe it is true.Let me give you a personal example. I am an eight time finisher of the “White Trial” a fifty kilometercross-country skiing race in the rangy terrain of Kremnické hills. Through improper way of life, I came tothe point where climbing three flights of stairs was a superhuman effort for me. When I started playingsports again, I really had no energy, I was simply exhausted. In April of this year I started regularly takingXyngular Super Fruit Global Blend and gradually my energy returned, perhaps through the influence ofAcai, which is one of the components of this blend. A month later I added XYNG and my power hasfurther increased. Now it is no problem for me to move five times a week to walk from six to sevenkilometers at a time. XYNG has also accelerated my metabolism and my weight is slowly declining. Yes, Ialso changed my eating habits but certainly I am not on a hunger strike!Folk wisdom says: "Better once to experience as ten times to hear." Make a decision and do it!
  67. 67. - Stefan Lieskovsky , SlovakiaWe Are Products of the Xyngular Products!We are both SO SO SO loving our new bodies, health, vitality and well-being. We adore the XyngularSuper Fruit Global Blend (great straight or mixed into the LEAN smoothie!), love our daily energy fromXYNG, and use the CORE4 system with our healthy diet, although we will admit to being chocolateaddicts. No worry there, as we carry extra CHEAT with us wherever we go!A year ago last spring, Chads doctor gave him an ultimatum that if he didnt get his gut off, he wouldhave a stroke before 50 years old, and told him he was borderline diabetic. He has taken off, and keptoff his weight, going from 226 to 185 pounds on CORE4! His cholesterol and triglyceride levels haveshredded down and he is looking so great and feels amazing. His body is so long and lean and he lookslike he did when he played hockey.As for myself, I was initially 143 pounds last May, and dropped 25 pounds! I went from a size 10/12 to a4 and I am currently so much more lean and toned and strong. I am currently at about 118 pounds, andat 57", it fits my athletic frame well. I was at the beach a few weeks ago and looked great in my bikinistanding around the 18 year-old high school grads! What is great as well, is that I too, have dropped mycholesterol levels and my neck and back pain has subsided greatly since the weight and pressure hasbeen removed. I have chronic neck pain from previous injuries and I am amazed at the overall physicalrewinding I have encountered with CORE4! I told Jim Ayers at the January conference that he put sometype of Fountain of Youth ingredient in there and it works!We both love being products of the products, promoting the Xyngular line, and earning money whilegetting healthy. Our friends and colleagues adore their results, and adore us for introducing it to them,so it is a complete win-win!- Tracy and Chad Wagstaff, UT
  68. 68. I’ve Never Seen A Better Comp Plan! I just wanted to tell you about my experience since joining Xyngular. I have been in several large direct marketing companies and a master distributor in two of them. I have never seen a comp plan that is so easy to make money with! All based simply on volume. Corporate really thought long and hard about how to set it up so that beginners as well as seasoned Distributors can easily make huge amounts of money! And the products are awesome. I particularly like XYNG. I started using this product two months ago and have lost over 12 pounds and I weighed 130 pounds when I started and now am a fantastic 118 pounds. I just took one a day in the morning and didnt even get hungry during theday. I am the same weight I was 30 years ago.Wow, people are really noticing the change. I am going to Hawaii in August and I am now ready for that hot bikini!Thank You Xyngular for this great company!- Linda LoweryXyngular: Giving Me the Opportunity to Achieve My Goals!Hi my names Derya I’m 26 years old and a hairdresser from Melbourne Australia. I was first introducedto Xyngular in May through a good friend of mine Marco Tolli, his passion towards the company andtheir products inspired me so I decided to try the products for myself. After being on the Super FruitGlobal Blend and XYNG I realized I have never felt so good, I was full of energy and feeling amazing!I then decided to join the company as a Distributor and was blown away from the interest i was gettingthrough my family, friends and my Facebook network! In my first month with the company I recruited10 people and made Manager, which was not hard as I had lots of support from my upline team and theproducts sell themselves! Everybody wants to get onboard because of the great Compensation Plan thatis in place. I am now earning extra income and feeling great as well as introducing people to betterhealth and wellbeing. I want to thank Xyngular and Marco for giving me the opportunity to be a part ofthis amazing company, achieving my goals and working with an inspiring team.- Derya Cakiroglu, Melbourne, AustraliaWith XYNG, We Lost Weight On Vacation! Hows this for a XYNG testimony...after losing 22 lbs on CORE4, my husband Jeff (shown in photo) has continued to take XYNG every day since it came out in March, continuing to drop weight and inches. We went on vacation last week and ate like total pigs...lots of fast food because we drove with our kids to Florida from Texas. He
  69. 69. even had several milkshakes! He lost two more pounds during that time we were gone...I am amazedand continued to be amazed at these wonderful products we have to offer!- Pamela Skross, TXMy Favorite Part of XYNGFEST Was…The Corporate and Support staff IS phenomenal: Marc and Marc, Dave, Jim, Glen, Mary; Vicki and Cindy- wow, two really dynamic women working so hard; meeting and chatting with our emerging leaders:Greg, Freddy, Kristie, Jill, Stan, and many more. Getting to know other distributors from around the USAand the world was amazing! Seeing the enhancements in the Comp Plan, global expansion, andincentive programs - Passport to the World - WOW! Being inspired by the stories of so many! Knowing Iam in the right place, at the right time, with the right people who have integrity: men and women withHEART! Personally experiencing more benefits from CORE4, XYNG, and Super Fruit Global Blend! Beingable to walk down the aisle of airplane without turning sideways or bumping the seats, and not needinga seatbelt extension - our products work and change lives. And most importantly - LISTEN - how usefulcan the product be for my prospect; why would he/she want to join me in business - whats in it forthem?Thanks to all who made this weekend such a success.-Cinda Weisgerber, CA My Favorite Part of XYNGFEST Was… It was great! All the excitement and energy in the room was awesome. I learned a "ton" of new things and watching Jim Ayers demo CHEAT was unreal - I finally get how the product works and why it is essential that we use it with the other products. They made a lot of announcements that will help our businesses grow and I cant wait to qualify for the amazing trips. -Sandy Weatherly, CAMy Favorite Part of XYNGFEST Was…
  70. 70. XYNGFEST was fabulous and more than fabulous! Meeting and greeting and putting faces to the voices on the daily calls was great! The" Marcsmen" gave and gave and gave; gifts when we arrived, bags, t-shirts, awards, recognition of leaders, trips, etc! It’s incredible for a company only 6 months old. You all are in the right place at the right time with leaders who want nothing more than to help you succeed and realize your DREAM! We will meet you at the next event! Many many thanks to all who served us so graciously and a big salute to all who came from all over the world.Aloha!-Laurie Bachran, HIMy Favorite Part of XYNGFEST Was… Xyngfest was amaXYNG! One of the things that struck me most was the high caliber of people with huge hearts that Xyngular is attracting. Meeting some of our new people from Australia, Puerto Rico and Israel was not only exciting, it was heartwarming. We truly are one Xyngular family and I can see that as we open up around the world this will be an experience of a lifetime for all of us. The second thing I realized and it just burned in me, is that the Executive Leadership of this company has strength and integrity that I have never witnessed before. I couldnt be more excited to share this once-in-a-lifetimeopportunity with people. It makes building this business so much fun! Thank you Xyngular! "One people,one heart, one world!"-Jane Freres, OR"I’m so excited about the opportunities that Xyngular has to offer. I am 25 years old and am lookingforward to a very successful life and career. My mom recently shared the Xyngular products and opportunity with me, and I was ready to jump on board. XYNG has helped me to focus and has given me the energy I’ve needed. I’m grateful for the confidence my family has in my abilities, and their continual encouragement and support in my future goals. I am realizing
  71. 71. the importance of surrounding myself with successful and confident people. I know that this is just thebeginning of a new life for me. No better way to start than to have such a POSITIVE experience bywinning such an awesome prize. Thank you for the opportunity to succeed in a new dream !"-- Cameron Bouwhuis “Winning this contest means a lot to me. I am so glad to be a part of a company that rewards in such wonderful ways. I went along with my business and got an opportunity to be rewarded in such a generous way. Xyngular will not know how far reaching rewards like this will help keep people motivated in building business in an inspired way. I am a happy distributor with Xyngular, which in return makes a successful one. Xyngular, keep doing your job and I will keep doing mine and together we will continue to create a great company to change many millions of lives.”- Dan Ribley Xyngular’s Products Will Change the World! I was introduced to CORE4 last August by a friend considering the business and wanting my opinion of the ingredients in each product. My dietetic background gave me an edge in research, and after my due diligence I realized what great products they were. Not being overweight personally, I decided to try them anyhow, before I would recommend them to others. The results after several months were an increase in lean body mass and a re-sculpting of my body! I have worked out for over 30 years, but had not noticed any change in my physical appearance. But after taking CORE4, I began noticing that I was firmer than ever, and even lost several pounds that I didnt know Ihad to lose! I thank Xyngular for offering such fabulous products that will help change America andother parts of the worlds obesity problem, one person at a time!-Margee Lennard, CACORE4 Makes Me Feel Amazing!
  72. 72. I began CORE4 at 274 pounds and am currently 257 pounds. It is really amazing how this works and howit makes me feel! I began to walk every morning to keep on track with my goals. I also use XYNGbetween 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning and I get the energy for the rest of my day. I am really excitedfor the results and the great opportunity to share it through the world. See you at the top!- Javier Ramos, Puerto RicoCORE4 Has Eliminated 30+ Years Of Fat!We love our CORE4 LEAN shakes. And, with the combination of XYNG and Accelerate, Flush, and Cheatinto the mix, were enjoying absolutely fantastic results.Melanie and I spent 30+ years storing fat and are just now reversing that noisome routine with dailyLEAN shakes by Xyngular. Since thermogenics is the key to fat loss, (notice the difference between"weight loss" and "fat loss" as the ideal loss is truly measured not in pounds but in INCHES!), prepare togive the CORE4 System time to alter what had become a lifetime routine of "fat storing" with "fatburning."It doesnt happen overnight! We both noticed a pound or three of loss within the first two weeks, but,again for both of us, the real "lost inches" finally hit during the third week on CORE4. Thats when the"meltin away" phase of the LEAN Shake journey really kicked in for us.
  73. 73. Believe me; we understand how difficult it is to lose inches. I just accepted those extra 10-15 pounds Iwas carrying around as fate. Hey, its normal. Although I never fasted for 40 days and 40 nights norspent any time in a POW camp, nothing I tried ever got rid of those pounds and inches! So, I justaccepted it.Well, the nutritional formulation and the thermogenic properties in CORE4 have effectively eliminatedthat "sheet" of core fat I was carting around for 30+ years. Gone! One month, 12 pounds, and two fullinches off the waist later, Im literally amazed and ecstatic with the results. Melanies dropped 15pounds, or, as the Brits would say, just a wee bit over a stone. Needless to say shes delighted.Now, essentially, were eating what we want, were more active, and were continuing with our LEANshakes every morning. CORE4 is not a diet! Its a revolutionary new all-natural nutritional fat-loss systemwhich includes clinically tested patent pending products delivering amazing results! CORE4 allows you tomanage your weight AND your health all at the very same time.CORE4 reduces calorie absorption of thefood we eat without any of the unpleasant side effects commonly found with other stimulants and fatblockers on the market today.After awhile youll just become naturally more selective as to what you do eat and CORE4 handles thefat reduction. Now, thats easy!-Jeff Wahlen and Melanie Wilson, FL Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend Has Alleviated My IBS! Ive had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 20 years. People who have IBS find themselves in the bathroom 3 to 4 times more than a normal person would be, and it’s incredibly painful! I’ve never had kids but they say the pain is worse than labor pains! So far, there is no cure! Ive tried different products that people said would help with the pain but nothing has worked. Then came along Xyngular! Two days after drinking Super Fruit Global Blend, I had NO MORE PAINS and my bathroom use was normal! I now can live my life without painand I can travel now! All I can say is thank you Xyngular for coming into my life. I can only imagine whatits going to do for me financially! Everyone needs Xyngular in their life!-Stacy Kimbel, CA
  74. 74. Xyngular: I Won’t Stop Until I Reach the Top! I tried Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend, and almost immediately started noticing a difference. Within the first week I had more energy. The second, I noticed my nails and hair changing. In the third week I noticed sleeping better and waking up refreshed. I was hooked! I started telling everybody about it and my father’s blood pressure was down and his energy was up in just one week! I’d never done Network Marketing before, so I listened to the conference calls daily and called my upline regularly. I have now made it to the Silver Manager level and Ido not plan to stop until I reach the top!The opportunity to have financial freedom, time with my loved ones, and to be a successfulbusinesswoman has only come to me via Xyngular! I have made so many wonderful friends and love thisbusiness opportunity!-Stefanie Wallerstein, AZ Personal Growth is Key to Xyngular Growth! I am so thankful to be involved with a company that has made it a true opportunity for financial success in these hard economic times. I have seen firsthand the immediate financial reward for the work and effort I am putting into this business. I am completely blown away how this is the real deal opportunity from every aspect from ownership and corporate management down to the Distributor level. This is something I can put my vision and life energy into because it can work easily for everyone.Being a doctor, I am selective about products and businesses I refer people to. The most outstandingpart of this business is the high quality products creating instant results which give people instantfinancial results as well. Seeing people getting paid on a daily basis is something that is very impressivewith Xyngular. This company has had a major impact on many lives already. Xyngular is a real blessingfor the whole world at a time when it’s much needed! What I think is most important to rememberabout building your Xyngular business is that achieving a rank is not about the reward, it is about whoyou become as a person while doing it. As you reach to achieve higher ranks in the company, keep inmind you will need to be a higher achieving person. Personal growth is key to success. Grow with yourrank and we will all have a business for a long time to come! This company has already been makingquite an impact on lives and that is awesome! People need HOPE right now.Thank You Xyngular!-Dr. Dan Ribley
  75. 75. Super Fruit Global Blend Has Alleviated My Perimenopause Symptoms! A couple years ago my doctor told me that I could not use the standard Hormone replacement medications such as Estrogen for perimenopause or any of the Menopause stages in order to gain relief. I was told I would just have to suffer the effects and learn how to deal with it for about 15 years! He did say I could look for natural health alternatives. Nothing I tried gave me any relief until I started using Super Fruit Global Blend. My moods have been much better; I have an overall great feeling and mysymptoms from the perimenopause have all but disappeared! I have added XYNG to my regimen ofXyngular health products and I feel fantastic and I am losing weight! Next I add CORE 4 to my situation. Ican hardly wait!-Freedom Duvais, TNThanks CORE4 For Giving Me My Life Back!As I stepped on the scale for the first time in over a year, I saw I was the heaviest I had ever been in mylife-169 pounds. I realized that wearing a size 16 (when Im only 52") is not a good thing! Throughchanging my lifestyle, I was able to get down to the 140’s, but I could not lose any more weight! That is,until I got a call from a good friend introducing me to CORE4!In my first 9 days on CORE4, I lost 9 pounds, and within 3 weeks, I dropped 15 pounds!After 5 weeks on CORE4 (and down 15 pounds), I went to the store to buy new clothes, as all my 10’sand 12’s were WAY TOO BIG now. I walked into the store wearing my baggy 12’s, and I walked outbuying 2’s and 4’s! So not only did I lose 15 pounds on the CORE4 system, I lost 4 dress sizes too!After 12 weeks on CORE4 I had dropped 24 pounds and 6 dress sizes! I am wearing size 0 Pants! IveNEVER been this small and vow to never be big again!The best part of all of this is my checks (that I receive daily) paid for my new wardrobe ... not to mentionpaying off my debt! Economic crisis? No such thing with this company! Thank you CORE4 for giving me
  76. 76. my life back!-Erin Rhindress, MAAfter Our Car Accident, XYNG Is Our New Best Friend! My husband and I were in a terrible car accident that totaled our car from the front end in April. We both were blessed to have lived through it. My husband’s arm was very badly broken due to him putting it in front of me trying to shield me from the impact which was on my side. The surgeon had to remove a bone, add a prosthetic bone in, and also add a plate to hold his elbow area together because it was so badly shattered from my air bag. Needless to say the recovery for both of us has been a grueling process. The therapy for my husband has been very hard,painful and long. My husband faces never being able to extend his arm fully as he once did. Everythinghe enjoyed doing that required his arm has been put on hold. I have watched him suffer for threemonths now, but never losing his determination to have full use of his arm again.I started him on XYNG over a month ago. His reaction to the energy and great feeling it gives him,especially in carrying out his therapy has been wonderful! He wont leave the house without his XYNG!He feels that the XYNG is helping him keep up with his therapy which is everything right now. He lovesthat it gives him the fantastic energy to keep pushing on and has the vitamin B6 that the doctor hasrecommended that he take. I am grateful for XYNG. Its wonderful to see him feeling so good after all hehas gone through! He truly is my hero and XYNG is our new best friend!Thank You Xyngular!-Ronald Robinson & Freedom Duvais, TN “I am so excited about my Xyngular business and the incredible products we have available to us! Not only have I had great results with our products, but I have witnessed so many people have life-changing results with them as well! I am so proud of my group and all they have accomplished. We are all excited to be able to share this awesome opportunity with everyone we know!”
  77. 77. Nothing Works As Well As XYNG! “I started using XYNG in early July. Ive lost 27 pounds without changing anything! Im still drinking my high-calorie coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. I havent given up anything I usually eat. Im not exercising, except for my normal work routine and house projects. Ive tried numerous weight loss products over the last 15 years and nothing has worked as well as XYNG!” -Wayne Watts, KSThanks to XYNG, My Baby Has Her Mom Back!Within the last six years I have had five miscarriages and one successful pregnancy. In this time, my bodyhas been through a roller coaster of weight fluctuations and after I had my child, I tried to power-walkoff my abdominal fat. I kept the baby bump and it was not until a sweet friend (Ms. Vivian May Edwards)introduced me to XYNG on Facebook that my abdominal fat started slipping off. What amazing results!Since taking XYNG now for three weeks, I have lost 24 pounds! I power-walk upwards of around 4 hoursstraight and I feel great! I have energy enough to keep up with my soon-to-be two year old and I’m 42!Before, I was so tired and physically drained every day. Now, my daughter and I are on the go and mybaby has her mom back! Thank you Xyngular for making truly amaXYNG products! I intend to grab life bythe Xyngular!-Alicia Tunby, NC
  78. 78. Nothing Works As Well As XYNG! “I started using XYNG in early July. Ive lost 27 pounds without changing anything! Im still drinking my high-calorie coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. I havent given up anything I usually eat. Im not exercising, except for my normal work routine and house projects. Ive tried numerous weight loss products over the last 15 years and nothing has worked as well as XYNG!” -Wayne Watts, KSThanks to Xyngular’s Summer Cash Promotion, I Won a New Travel Computer! Talk about a GREAT day! New Distributor James Kimbrough had just returned from passing out XYNG samples and signing up several new Distributors, when his phone rang. Imagine his excitement when he learned that he was the newest winner of the Xyngular Summer Cash Promotion and that a new travel computer would be his! No other company in the industry does what Xyngular does. In fact, just ask James!Here’s what he had to say:“I took my 1st XYNG about two weeks ago. Half an hour after taking it, I felt the XYNG kicking in and itsuppressed my appetite within 45 minutes!I knew that this was a product that would sell itself and is one that the world needs. There is aworldwide epidemic of obesity and XYNG is the answer!Here I am, 19 days later. I am 20 pounds lighter, and I have a tremendous amount of sustainable energy!I feel younger, I act and look younger, and my sugar readings for type 2 diabetes have gone from anaverage of 248 to 103! All I want to do is tell the world about XYNG!What I absolutely love about XYNG is that I dont have to diet at all! Diets fail. I no longer crave sugar,and I eat much smaller portions of the foods I like!The business I have built in less than 2 short weeks is another story in itself! A product that sells itself,brings in business that multiplies overnight, and belongs to a company that believes in its Distributorsand rewards them accordingly! Am I dreaming?”-James Kimbrough, CA
  79. 79. “After 2 weeks on CORE4, I lost 10 pounds! The weight loss was wonderful, but what I really noticed was my chronic headaches and fatigue was gone. I also started sleeping through the night and feeling refreshed the next morning. My energy level soared and thats when my husband noticed a difference in me! After 2 months I lost 20 pounds and I have now kept it off for over a year! I am now laser-focused at work and muchmore productive. I also have not been sick since January when I started taking Super Fruit Global Blendeach day. All of the products have positively changed my life forever! I really look forward to the futurewith this great company!”Losing Weight and Making Money: The Perfect Combination!After 7 days on CORE4 I lost 10 pounds, and after one month I was down 18 pounds! My family andfriends have noticed the difference and they have let me know that I look better! I am using XYNG andI’m active, I concentrate better, and I feel happier! Thanks to Xyngular I have been losing weight andmaking money- a perfect combination!-Luis Barros, Puerto RicoSuper Fruit Global Blend: Is My Skin Airbrushed?!After two weeks of taking Super Fruit Global Blend, I thought that my skin looked airbrushed! I couldn’tfigure out if it was the makeup I’d been using or something else until it occurred to me that the onlychange was that I was now taking Super Fruit Global Blend and I had no makeup on. I was stunned! Onmy vacation, so many people told me “wow, your skin is beautiful! What are you using?” So manypeople are interested in Xyngular now! My face is proof that this stuff is SO good for your body! I lovebeing a walking billboard for Xyngular!-Raquel Soto, IL Congratulations to Gale Smith, Summer Cash Promotion Week 4 Winner! The Xyngular opportunity is indeed a prosperity-boosting opportunity! I can truly say, I made a smart 360 PV investment and encourage all to do the same! Thank you Xyngular!
  80. 80. Xyngular’s First Annual Sundance Retreat Was A HUGE Success! The Whole Group“Having never done Network Marketing before, I wasn’t sure if I could do this. But Xyngular’s productsare so great, the Comp Plan is so fair, and it has completely changed my life. I absolutely love thiscompany and those whom I am able to help through it!”– Kandy Abernathy Jack Voorheis and Anne Ribley Arriving in Salt Lake City“I love Xyngular’s products, but I really, really love Xyngular’s Comp Plan. I LOVE it! Did I mention howmuch I love the Comp Plan? NOTHING compares to it!”– Jack Voorheis Christopher Hummel with Marc Schenkel, Marc Walker, Glen Oliver“I took one look at Xyngular’s Comp Plan and knew this was it-the opportunity I had been waiting solong for. This is something that only comes along once, and I am so proud to be a part of such anincredible company.”– Chris Hummel
  81. 81. Monty and Amy Stratton“I lost so much weight on CORE4 that I knew I had to get into the company. Xyngular’s Comp Plan worksand its products work, and I love being a part of it.”– Monty Stratton Carlos Carballo and Ortega Aida Arriving in Salt Lake City“My wife, daughter, son, and I have lost hundreds of pounds combined through using CORE4 and XYNG.Because these products work, I know Xyngular is the company for me!”– Carlos CarballoThrough the Xyngular Passport Program, Distributors who reached 10,000 GV were invited to a specialtrip at Robert Redford’s World-Famous Sundance Resort in Utah, which included a stop at Xyngular’sheadquarters. As each Distributor shared personal experiences and ways Xyngular had changed their lifeand the lives of those around them, Mike Page with Marc Schenkel, Marc Walker, Glen Oliver
  82. 82. the excitement was palpable! By the time Xyngular Co-Founder Marc Schenkel and President MarcWalker had finished discussing Xyngular’s bright future, each Distributor was even more on fire withenthusiasm for this incredible company! The Sundance Retreat included airfare for two and two nightsat the incredible Sundance Resort and Tom Matthews with Marc Schenkel, Marc Walker, Glen OliverWhen Carlos Carballo was first introduced to Xyngular’s CORE4 Product Line, he knew he was on tosomething huge. What he didn’t know was that in a few short months, Xyngular would be sending himon a FREE trip to Robert Redford’s world-famous Sundance Resort! Marc Walker, Carlos Carballo, Aida Ortega and Marc Schenkel“My wife Aida and I took CORE4 and later XYNG and we both lost weight. Our son lost 27 pounds andour daughter lost weight too. We knew these products were incredible! Carlos Carballo and Aida Ortega
  83. 83. What I really love most about Xyngular, though, is the amazing Compensation Plan. It totally blows everyother Comp Plan in the industry away. I have made more in 4 months with Xyngular than I did in 4 yearswith my last company! My son is also a Distributor and after 4 months he is earning enough to make hishouse payment! I can’t believe it!“Sundance was a 5-star resort, with a 5-star company and leaders. But dont take my word for it- goGold Manager and see for yourself!” Marc Walker, Kandy Abernathy, Jayna Jayna Dyer, Marc Schenkel and Dyer, and Glen Oliver Kandy AbernathyWith XYNG, I’m Down 26 Pounds and 3 Sizes!
  84. 84. Zili Gotfrid before and afterMy name is Zili Gotfrid, and I live in Israel. For the last five years I was trying to get rid of 15 kg (33pounds) with no luck. It was so frustrating for me and it influenced my confidence and moods. Recently,I met with my good friend who was so excited to tell me about these new products for health and losingweight. I knew right away this was my chance! XYNG worked immediately and felt like magic! I startedlosing weight from the first 4 days and felt so good and focused-this was exactly what I was looking for!Now I am 12 kg (26 pounds) lighter and 3 sizes down and all my friends are asking me what have I done.I tell everybody that this magic is called XYNG! Thank you Xyngular for bringing me back my life!-Zili Gotfrid, IsraelXYNG: Focus, Clarity, Energy, and Weight Loss![Insert before and after photos of Evelyne Barber]My challenge with diets was always the necessity for sweets and snacks. I used to hold up for a certainperiod of time and torture myself by not eating what I loved, but I’d eventually start eating the foods Icraved and I would gain all the old weight back and usually more! About two months ago, a dear friendintroduced me to Xyngular and its products, promising that they would work. I started with a capsule ofXYNG, which gave me focus, clarity and energy for the day- the capsule stopped my desire for munchiesand I saw the changes right away! A month later, I added CORE4 and the latest results are here beforeyou: in 2 months, I’ve lost 7.5 kg (16.5 pounds) with a constant smile and without dieting!-Evelyne Barber, Israel
  85. 85. “I wanted to wear my 1974 flight attendant uniform to a flight attendants reunion this year. XYNGhelped me lose the first 13 pounds in 6 weeks and the IGNITE program helped me lose the last 5pounds!The marketing of my thin figure in the uniform was a launching point to distribute samples to all myenvious friends!Thank you to Xyngular in helping me break my plateaus and give the flight attendants a shock when Iwalked in with the same figure I had 36 years ago!”-Patty Swisshelm
  86. 86. For the past 15 years, I thought I never had the time to get and stay healthy, and the pounds startedadding up. I bounced between 140 - 170 pounds and worn sizes 12 - 18. Being only 52" with a smallframe, this is considered grossly obese ... something HAD to change!So, in January 2009 (at 142 pounds, and a size 12), I started taking the CORE4 System as directed.Within the first 9 days, I lost 9 pounds ... and within 3 weeks, I dropped 15 pounds!!! By week 12, Idropped 24 pounds and 6 dress sizes ... and was wearing size 0 and 2 Pants!The best part of all of this, is that after sharing this with everyone I talk to, I get referral checks in themail (which paid for my new wardrobe, not to mention my new house)!Thank you CORE4 and Xyngular !Erin Rhindress
  87. 87. In 3 months on CORE4, I have lost 25 pounds and 2 inches off my waist! I am a mother of 2 toddlersunder the age of 4, and was in desperate need to lose my baby fat quite quickly and safely.Xyngular has improved my life for the better and I have never felt better!-Anna RovisBefore I started taking XYNG and CORE4, I had resigned myself to the fact that putting on a few extrapounds and feeling lethargic were just part of getting older. Now, I cannot even begin to tell you howmy life has changed! I feel like the old me again! Healthy, confident and full of energy!-Susan Langerud
  88. 88. I started XYNG 2 months ago .After the first week, I began losing weight and feeling GREAT! Within 7weeks I lost 17 pounds! I then started on IGNITE and lost another 10 pounds in 8 days!!-Tracy BoydWhen I first heard about Xyngular, I was intrigued about the power of the Super Fruit Global Blend andthen I started feeling the health benefits for myself – more energy and better mental clarity! Combinedwith the business opportunity and the wonderful products we continue to produce – Xyngular haschanged my life!Since I am new to Network Marketing, I plug into daily conference calls and webinars, stay in closecontact with my uplines and read whatever I can get my hands on! It takes consistent effort and it hasbeen worth every minute!Working for myself, networking with family and friends, meeting new people and sharing health andwealth – what a way to live! Thank you Xyngular!-Joanna Little, AZ
  89. 89. On CORE4, I lost 10 pounds in 7 days! AmaXYNG! I went from 180 pounds down to 170 pounds in justone week, and now I am losing more to get down to my goal weight! Thanks Xyngular!-Leonardo Reyes, FLThe first time I took XYNG, it totally transformed my life and my body! These photos are after I had ababy. Thank you Xyngular for giving me my life back!-Alicia Tunby, NC
  90. 90. We both love our new bodies, health, vitality and well-being. We enjoy Super Fruit Global Blend, loveour daily energy from XYNG, and use the CORE4 system with our healthy diet! We have lost a combined66 pounds and have never felt or looked better!-Chad and Tracy Wagstaff, UT
  91. 91. As a native Jamaican, I not only LOVE my ancestrys splendid food but thoroughly enjoy dining on it aswell…sometimes a little too much!Recently, I was introduced to XYNG. XYNG not only energized me, but put a healthy dent in my appetiteand uplifted my mood so much so that I took it daily. I wasnt looking to lose weight, but I weighed 272pounds back in June, and after XYNG Im now tipping in at 228!Im amazed. My friends are amazed. Portions of my wardrobe that had gone unwearable for years arealso amazed! But, 44 pounds later (and lighter!), I feel fantastic, I look younger, I THINK younger, andIm busy amazing my friends!Thank you XYNG!-William Brown
  92. 92. “I used to only do sit ups to try and get my abs in shape, but only when I started CORE4 did I get theresults I was looking for. As a professional soccer player, I love the all-day energy that XYNG gives meand CORE4 helps me stay ripped and feel my best!”-Marco Tolli, Australia