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Rebekah M Theory


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Rebekah M Theory

  1. 1. ConstructivismBy: Rebekah M.
  2. 2. ContentWhat is Constructivism?“The Father of AmericanEducation”Putting it into PracticeMy Future Classroom
  3. 3. What is Constructivism?It is a student centeredtheoryLearning is activeKnowledge is based onpersonal experiencesStudents build on priorknowledge to constructnew knowledge
  4. 4. What is Constructivism?Ideas and experiencescombined createsknowledgeThe ideal learner isinnovative and self-directedThe same experiencecan teach differentlessons depending onthe person
  5. 5. John Dewey1859 – 1952Known as “TheFather of Education”He was aneducationalpsychologist, philosopher & politicalactivist
  6. 6. John DeweyHe believed that education was a social processHe viewed school as a community thatrepresented a larger picture.In 1896 he began the University ElementarySchoolHe was part of the progressive educationmovementHis legacy is still found in classrooms today
  7. 7. Putting it into PracticeStudents can learnfrom eachother, collaborativelyUse hands on activitiesto teach lessonsRelies heavily onscaffolding Building on previous experiences
  8. 8. Putting it into PracticeTeaching lessonsthat relate to thestudents’ lifeexperiencesTeachers can useanchored instruction A model for technology-based learning
  9. 9. My Future ClassroomI would create groupsHave interactiveactivitiesUse scaffolding andanchored instructionEducate childrenphysically, mentallyand socially
  10. 10. My Future ClassroomUse technology suchas smart boards to aidlearningCreate a positiveatmosphere sostudents feelcomfortable askingquestionsAssign projects andexperiments