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RM Insight -Charity Branding Market Research


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How can charities develop and tailor a brand to maximise donor penetration? Four easy steps explained to identifying messages that work and appeal to target groups. Age groups targetted using social media. Cutting edge and cost effective market research helping charities improve fundraising reach.

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RM Insight -Charity Branding Market Research

  1. 1. Appealing to your market by fine-tuning your messageAn effective charity communicates an identity and values that resonate with thepublic’s idea of what that type of charity should be about:A human rights charity, for example, is expected to be outspoken andcampaigning.A charity supporting older people, on the other hand, would be judged againstits reputation for being caring and compassionate.
  2. 2. The challenge for a charity is to:1. Identify the particular values that resonate with prospective donors.2. Identify the position of the charity in relation to this market ideal.3. Identify key attributes that need to be modified/strengthened to achieve this optimal mix.
  3. 3. Assessing charity’s market position among target groups
  4. 4. Survey - What values do you associate with this type of charity?What values do you associate with charities in this specificsector, i.e. ex-service people?How does the charity rate on the qualities identified?
  5. 5. brand values gained from survey
  6. 6. How will we reach target groups?Social media = cost effective solution that can target specific age groups and area of residence
  7. 7. 100,000 Facebook users 45 years and older who livewithin 10 miles of BrightonPrize draw offer provides incentive for people toparticipate and share survey with othersFacebook advertising used to target specific Brightonresident age groups
  8. 8. •1% click rate
  9. 9. Facebook advertisement survey reach Facebook 1% click rate 10% Estimated no. reach (10 miles completion rate complete Bton radius) surveyType 1- 75+ 86,760 (1+2) 867 86 19Type 2- 65-74 57Type 3- 55-65 82,500 825 82 82Type 4- 45-54 179,560 1,790 179 179Type 5- ? ?veterans, etc. Total 337
  10. 10. Social media distribution = 400 survey respondents
  11. 11. Booster face to face surveyto boost sample of older age groups
  12. 12. Total sample size = 530
  13. 13. Total pop. aged 45+ in Greater Brighton area = 100,000 Sample size = 530 95% confidence level Margin of error= +/- 4