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Gaming as Formative Assessment


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Gaming as Formative Assessment, Formative assessment using games

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Gaming as Formative Assessment

  1. 1. Gaming as formative assessment: I am able to track the progress of my students by viewing their performances in class quizzes. Online quizzes are set as homework and students copy screen prints of their scores on a sheet of paper that they submit to me. 1. Quizzes/games. The following links are examples of some of the online quizzes that the students have benefitted from. I utilise these with boys either individually or in a group coming up to the Smartboard to attempt these interactives and then later for the boys to revise on their class wiki. Gaming also provides an opportunity for boys to play online games against each other in a competitive sense. The following links are examples that boys have played on the Smartboard in class. and Multiple choice questions and answers
  2. 2. 2. Non computer games: such as Choose 9 directive terms from the following 15 below. Account Analyse Critically Define Demonstrate Describe Discuss Distinguish Evaluate Explain Identify Justify Outline Assess Recommend. Draw up a table with three columns and rows and put a directive term in each of the 9 boxes on your bingo card Make sure you know what that word means because you need to know to win!! Shout BINGO when you have a line or a FULL HOUSE! Teacher reads out the definitions and MUST keep a record of the words used 3. Giving powerpoint templates to students and getting them to create their own games such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. The game on the next page is called Roaming Bingo which I used as a pretest to reveal students’ prior subject knowledge.
  3. 3. Introduction to Geography To help you meet the people who will be in your class, find someone different to answer each question on your grid (even if you know it!) 1. Draw the map symbol 2. Name the highest 3. What is the world’s 4. Which country has the 5. Name three cities in for ‘Tourist Information’ mountain in Europe largest ocean? world’s largest Brazil population? 6. Why are deserts cold 7. Name one natural 8. Why do some parts 9. What is the largest city 10. Name one major at night? disaster from the last of the world suffer in the world Tropical Rainforest five years from earthquakes? (population)? 11. What is the world’s 12. What is a refugee? 13. Name one conflict 14. What is a glacier? 15. What is a favela? longest river? between two or more countries in recent times 16. What is the UN? 17. What is the ‘La 18. Why does North 19.In which city was the 20. Name one area of the Nina’? Sydney get more film Slumdog Millionaire world where people are rainfall than shot? affected by ‘Cyclones’ Warragamba Dam? 21. What is the largest 22. Name at least 3 23. Name one country 24. What is the EU? 25. Which ‘Tropic’ is river in Australia? things that a good map which borders found South of the should have Switzerland? Equator?
  4. 4. 1. Where there any questions which you thought had nothing or little to do with Geography? List these by number and discuss (later) with the teacher 2. Try to group some of the questions together under common themes (the teacher will discuss this with you). List these by numbers under a theme heading. Try to have between 3 and 6 groups. 3. The teacher will now talk to you about some possible groups which will simplify what Geography is about. Please list these below and now try to write numbers from the grid which might fit in each group.