Cafeteria 123 alondraantonelsandramartinlupita


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Cafeteria 123 alondraantonelsandramartinlupita

  1. 1. “Strawberries and chokolatte”Cafetería bar. “La vida es un pastel “<br />IntroductionIn thisprojectwewillknow in depthmarketresearchfortherealization of a café bar. Despitethegreatexpansion of restaurants feeltheneedtofocuson a projectthatmeetstheneeds of anyonelookingfor a dual environment.Wehaveallfelttheneedtofind a place tospend time withourfriends and ableto converse comfortably in a pleasantatmosphere in our country sincethis concept doesnotexist.<br /> <br /> <br />
  2. 2. “Strawberries and chokollate”<br />Approach and RationaleDuringalltheseyears has had a majorgrowth in tradebeginningwiththeconstruction of manydesignsforentertainment centers, restaurants, bars and nightclubstobe a nightlife.<br />
  3. 3. “Strawberries and chokollate”<br />THE PROBLEMOurenthusiasm and dedicationtomakingthisproject a realityentertainment and do ourdream has not come toseethelack of a place whereitwasagreedthelife of entertainment and a good cup of coffeewiththeoption of anenclosedoroutdoor and powertoenjoy a good time withfriends. Thelack of these places in town Rosemary Nicholas has ledustovisualizethisproblem.Itiswellknownthenumber of bars and restaurants thatexist in Mexico City butnonewiththefeaturesthatweoffer, whatmakesusunique in ourclass<br /> <br />
  4. 4. “Strawberriesand chokollate”<br /> <br />PurposeTheimportance of thisproject can beseen in terms of thepurposetosatisfythepublicneedtogetoutto a place and enjoyaneveningoutdoors in thecompany of friendswhile a youthful and funatmosphere.Moreover, itisimportantforusnotonlypleasetheaudienceifnottobecomethefirstchoiceforthem.Theimportance of thisproject can beseen in terms of thepurposetosatisfythepublicneedtogetoutto a place and enjoyaneveningoutdoors in thecompany of friendswhile a youthful and funatmosphere.Moreover, itisimportantforusnotonlypleasetheaudienceifnottobecomethefirstchoiceforthem.<br /> <br />
  5. 5. Strawberries and chokollate”<br /> <br />Project DescriptionCafeterialocated in thestate of Mexico, Municipality of Nicolas Romero, May Florida Avenue, # 410.A cafeissurroundedbywood in thefrontisenabledwithcomfortablechairs and table in the center of thesameoutdoorsetting at thebottom of twoenclosedwithglasswalltosaveelectricity.Wealsohave a specializedcuisine in thebestdesserts and coffee (drink) in theworld. parking with up to 20 locations.Sanitarypermitforoperation of theestablishmentthatisvalidfor 1 year and monthlyinspections are performedtotheestablishment.Commerciallicensetype b.Furniture & services (ITBUS) <br /> <br /> <br />
  6. 6. “Strawberries and chokollate<br />Project ObjectivesObjectiveMeet a general needfor a specificpopulationregularlybetween 18-30 years of age. Accomplishedwithsuccess and recoveringtheinitialinvestmentprimarily in thenottooolderthan 6 months.SpecificobjectivesDemonstratefeasibility in theprojectthroughcost, investment and EF. ProjectedTake place withoutanymajorEstablish a strategy, effective and accessiblemarket.Staying in themarket.Objective of surveyTheobjective of oursurveyisto capture a new consumermarketfortheacceptance of a coffee bar withqualityservicefast, efficient and affordable<br /> <br />
  7. 7. “Strawberries and chokollate<br />FinancingForpurposes of thisproject, thefundingwill come fromtwosources (bankloans and equity of shareholders). The capital investmentrequiredforthissetting up and execution of the restaurant is $ 57,590.52 whichincludesfixedassetequipment and machinery, renovationskeyassets and working capital neededforinitialoperation of theproject. <br />Thecontribution of thepartnersis 30% of total investmentthatis 17590.82 whichwillbeusedtocoverinitialprojectcostsincluding nominal assets, inventory and installation of basicservices in thecafeteria. Thebankfinancingisconformedby a $ 40,000 loan with a fixedrate of 12% per annum on balance for a period of 5 yearswhichwillmakecontributions of capital and interestmonthly 889.78 Ourstaffwillbeabletowork at maximumcapacity 150 peopleattending at thesame time as maximumcapacityit can holdthe place. Fortheattention of ourcustomers. Wehaveanextensive bar in which are placed 10 peoplesittingcomfortablywithinit, wehavetwowaiters and a cashier. Out of itwillhavesixwaiters and a securitywithinthekitchen and cook<br />
  8. 8. “Strawberries and chokollate<br />OrganizationOrganisationalstructureHumanresourcesrequiredAdministratorIsthepersonresponsibleforcarryingoutthemonitoring of funds, inventories.Personal BusinessMustensurethatthestrategicobjectives of theownerstorun.SecretaryItistheresponsibility of providingsupport in managingthedailyactivities of theadministrator (lower sales, deposits, tiny box, accountmanagementproviders)Cook, waiters, cashiers, security.<br />
  9. 9. “Strawberries and chokollate<br />OurvisionMeeting theneeds of ourcustomersOurmissionTake place at short notice and bethefirstchoice of thepublic.<br />
  10. 10. “Strawberries and chokollate<br />material requerido <br />Maqueta <br />Acetatos<br />Cascaron<br />Pintura<br />Abate lenguas<br />Silicón<br />Pasto artificial<br />Muebles(sillones, mesas, sillas)<br />Madera<br />