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Hot off the press! E-brochure for the 9th annual Fleet & Asset Management USA Conference & Exhibition (17-18 November 2010, Atlanta, GA, USA).
Download your own copy at http://www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet/download-brochure.shtml

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Fleet & Asset Management USA 2010

  1. 1. Organized by: THE MOST FOCUSED CONFERENCE FOR THE COMMERCIAL TELEMATICS & VEHICLE ICT INDUSTRY SAVE $250 when you register by Friday 24 Sept 2010. Priority code inside FLEET & ASSET MANAGEMENT USA 9th Annual Conference & Exhibition, 17 - 18 November 2010, Atlanta, GA, USA Fleet ICT Poised for Growth: Prepare Multifunctional, Upgradeable Solutions to Meet Requirements and Drive ROI  ESSENTiAl MARKET FoRECAST & MoNETiZATioN STRATEGiES: Gain key EXPERT iNDUSTRY SPEAKERS intelligence on U.S. and international industry growth, emerging markets, M&A activity and more to ensure your business is set to succeed  ACHiEVE MASS ADoPTioN oF CoMMERCiAl TElEMATiCS: Examine the factors driving fleet penetration e.g. falling hardware costs and industry consolidation to guarantee your business a share of the growing market  ATTRACT PRiVATE EQUiTY iNTEREST: Get to grips with investment criteria and activity within the commercial telematics space and identify future investment areas i.e. software or services to safeguard your financial future  lEVERAGE VERTiCAl MARKETS FoR iNCREASED DEPloYMENT: Identify new markets that are primed to adopt your telematics solutions and develop roll-out strategies for minimum risk and maximum return  PRoFiT FRoM GREEN STRATEGiES THAT CoMPEl bUY-iN: Harness the momentum of hybrid & electric vehicle interest to develop and deploy green fleet initiatives that are tipped to maximize your ROI  CAPiTAliZE oN NEXT-GEN NETWoRK Roll-oUTS: Utilize infrastructure developments to benefit from new technologies including LTE and WiMax, and ensure your business remains competitive in a fast changing commercial arena  DEliVER WiNNiNG SolUTioNS FoR YoUR TARGET MARKET: Fleet managers speak out! Gain knowledge of the cost vs. benefit battle faced by fleet managers to equip your solutions to provide daily relevance, maximize ROI and compel market buy-in FACT! The US Mobile Resource Management 200+ Executive Delegates 20+ Hours of Exclusive Networking “market is set to grow from 3 million units in service by EoY 2009 to 7 million units in service by EoY 2012! be prepared for explosive 30+ Expert industry Speakers in-depth industry Case Studies expansion! See you at the 2010 show. 16+ business Focused Sessions Dynamic Panel Discussions C.J Driscoll & Associates ” SilVER SPoNSoRS: bADGE SPoNSoR: FolDER SPoNSoR: lANYARD SPoNSoR: USb SPoNSoR: Co-SPoNSoR: open now to view the full conference program, expert speaker line up, exhibition opportunities and registration options Visit www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet for all the latest announcements
  2. 2. Organized by: Welcome to Fleet & Asset Management USA 2010 Be Part Of The Growing Commercial Telematics Market: Mass penetration is on its way... make sure your solutions are prepared for increased demand NOW! Our international market research reports that `Examine the factors driving fleet penetration e.g. Fleet and Asset Management USA 2010 economic uncertainty has forced the Fleet falling hardware costs and industry consolidation is the most effective way to consolidate Management Systems (FMS) industry to drive a your 2010 business intelligence and enter ` to grips with investment criteria and activity Get rocky road over the last 24 months. However, global 2011 with a strategy that shows you mean within the commercial telematics space to recovery and increasingly visible use-cases for business! So secure a front row seat and safeguard the future of your business commercial telematics are promising to turn this unrestricted access to the key industry sequence of events on its head, and offer explosive `Identify new markets primed for the adoption of innovators! Reserve your place today via new opportunities for your business! your telematics solutions our website or the registration form enclosed `Utilize market momentum of hybrid & electric in this brochure. FACT: The FMS industry needs to equip itself for vehicle uptake The Telematics Update team looks forward to unprecedented growth in a market where only the `Fleet Managers speak out! Gain insight of the meeting you in Atlanta this November. fittest business strategies will survive cost vs. benefit battle faced by fleet managers Kind regards, This year Fleet and Asset Management USA Fleet and Asset Management USA 2010 brings 2010 (November 17-18, Atlanta) will focus on the together expert speakers to assess the latest deliverance of winning strategies to help your ground-breaking business models, technologies company capitalize on increasing demand for the and intelligence to help you overcome your biggest deployment of your technologies and capture new commercial telematics industry challenges. Rebecca Mantle revenue streams from fresh industry channels. Global Conference Director Fleet and Asset Management USA 2010 boasts: Telematics Update FACT: by 2012 the Mobile Resource Management `30+ expert speakers to share cutting-edge will achieve service revenues in excess of $2.5 strategies and market intelligence with you We keep a firm handle on the billion annually `16+ industry critical sessions to solve the industry to ensure Telematics Update The 2010 conference program shares key intelligence challenges facing your business in 2011 is in sync with you, and the best to enable your team to remain a step ahead of your ` buzzing exhibition area full of demos and A investment of your time! Our focused competition. Vital topics include: brand new displays events deliver tangible results and `Gain intelligence on U.S. and international industry `Unparalleled networking to ensure 2011 is grow exponentially year on year – growth, emerging markets and M&A activity crammed with meetings and prospects this is our guarantee to you! Expert Speakers Include: Vance C. Smith Jr., Clem Driscoll, Deborah M. Freund, Cileneu Nunes, Andy Fishman, Georgia Department C.J Driscoll & Federal Motor Carrier Zatix Vector Capital of Transportation Associates Safety Administration (FMCSA) Matt Spetzler, Bill Frykman, Ford Andy Douglas, Robert Furtado, Lojack Mark Smith, GE Capital Francisco Partners Motor Company PACCAR Supply Chain Integrity Fleet Services open now Leo Tang, Research in Motion for full program become a Telematics Update ViP and stay up-to-date with the industry at www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet
  3. 3. Organized by: Key Stats & Unique Selling Points of the 9th Annual Show See who you’ll meet and do business with on November 17 and 18 2010: Past events have attracted over 200 top level industry executives and innovators. Meet, network and do business with the thought-leaders and key decision makers in the commercial telematics space. Check out the attendee breakdown below: ATTENDEES BY INDUSTRY SECTOR ATTENDEES BY JOB TITLE 2% 4% 2% Other Consultants Other 13% 7% 7% 15% Fleet Operations/ Wireless Carriers Media CEO/CIO/CTO/ Presidents End User 11% 17% 5% Marketing Managers Service Providers Engineering 18% 12% General Managers / 14% Engineers Company Directors Solution Developers 14% OEMs 12% Business Development 10% Managers 15% Hardware Manufacturers Vice Presidents 14% 8% Device Manufacturers Account Managers WE GUARANTEE THAT YoU Will MEET SENioR lEVEl Interactive Delegate List Our ee! EXECUTiVES WiTH REAl Our exclusive Online networking Center means you can personally and directly iMPRo VE t SoFTW D ran DECiSioN MAKiNG PoWER Gua contact all conference attendees pre and post event – available for 2 months! ARE AND SiGNiFiCANT iNDUSTRY iNFlUENCE Sign up for your ticket today! Visit www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet Meet Your Conference STOP, THINK, WIN! Chairman: The Annual Fleet and Asset Management SToP attempting to chase down the OEM, fleet and business “ Conference is the one event industry executives must attend to stay abreast of market direction, technology advances, regulation and business stakeholders you need one at a time. Don’t waste another minute of your precious time, simply buy a ticket to Fleet & Asset Management USA 2010 and meet everyone who’s anyone under one roof. innovations. The event offers superb networking opportunities with decision makers as well as a CAll: (US TF) 1 800 814 3459 X 7585 or (GlobAl) +44 207 375 7585 complete agenda of relevant topics by the thought leadership in this ecosystem. I strongly urge fleet THiNK how much revenue you stand to gain by positioning yourself managers and telematics industry executives to alongside the best speakers and companies in the business… and don’t attend. See you in Atlanta forget the focused sessions designed to help you meet and beat your this November. ” targets. Save $250 on the full ticket price when you book for Fleet & Asset Scott McCormick, Management USA 2010 before 24 September 2010. President, EMAil: fleet@telematicsupdate.com Connected Vehicle Trade Association WiN over potential clients and partners with extended networking time. Face time is psychologically proven to be the most cost efficient open now form of communication, giving you the highest ROI and the best chance of meeting and connecting with new contacts. Work smarter than your for full program competitors and sign up now! ViSiT: www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet Call Telematics Update on (US tf) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 to speak to a member of the Fleet & Asset Management team
  4. 4. 17 November - 18 November 2010 Keynotes and Forecasts: OPENING FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL Georgia DOT Set the SPEACH Get to Grips with DISCUSSION SIMRAV 245 EYE OPENER Scene the New EOBR and Arising Hear about current and future telematics (Electronic On Board Recorder) Opportunities in the Brazilian and iCT programs and how ga is working Rule Market to promote the wider deployment of your technologies. evaluate eObr regulations to ensure your We uncover rapid growth in the brazilian business has the information to remain head commercial telematics market and define Learn about georgia’s arra highway ` and shoulders above the competition. how your company and the US market may be stimulus appropriation to gauge intelligent Follow the development, testing and ` affected. transportation and infrastructure developments implementation stages to see how your ` to grips with the unit volumes involved get solutions will work alongside other by regulation SiMraV 245 and its impact on Understand the strategic state-wide freight ` stakeholder groups the brazilian MrM market to foresee mass and logistics plan and transportation Hear how to realign your tech portfolio to ` deployment tends investment programs that accommodate freight growth and logistics needs satisfy basic eObr data requirements to identify the key players involved in ` increase the uptake of your solutions SiMraV 245 and the resulting supply chain discover opportunities for your business to ` `gain insider knowledge on the final eObr alterations to ensure your business has a develop, partner and deploy its solutions rule. We explore the basics, the phase-in, the secure role in regulatory revenue channels in sync with the ga dOT and its stimulus programs technical elements and the added incentives ` the status and future schedule of Plot deborah M. Freund, Senior Transportation SiMraV 245 to assess how you can realize Vance C. Smith Jr., Commissioner, Specialist, Federal Motor Carrier Safety uptake and achieve long term association Georgia Department of Transportation Administration (FMCSA) with resulting lucrative developments OPENING Cileneu nunes, Technology Vice President, Zatix The Essential Annual KEYNOTE Value Proposition for FMS End- Mobile Resource TOPIC IN to-End Management & Fuel The Role of Private HIGH DEMAND Market Update! Consumption Optimization Equity in the The volume of MrM units in services are set exceed 7 million units by eOy 2012 (from 3 Offerings Commercial Telematics Space as the industry emerges from the recession million eOy 2009). Capitalize on opportunities Private equity investors increasingly examine for your business in the booming US industry we examine the market trends and the need growing technology sectors. Hear from private and the world stage. for increasingly efficient fleet and driver equity firms and plan the future of your business growth accordingly. ascertain the drivers behind the MrM market management solutions. ` recovery and align your company strategy to `examine U.S and eU penetration rates Private equity investors speak out! identify ` take full advantage of lucrative channels across heavy, medium and light commercial the focal points of equity interest to ensure vehicles and trailers to factor market status your business can maximize its appeal to examine global market developments i.e. ` into the strategic deployment of your potential financial backers Latin america, to identify opportunistic regional agendas that your business can solutions `ascertain the necessary criteria for long term profit from build your FMS value proposition within the ` investment to guarantee your tech portfolio evolving spectrum of end-user demands, we complies and renders your business eligible ` the latest update on market get consolidation, M&a activity and stakeholder examine rOi, driver behavior management `discover which future market segments are synergies to ensure your business and fuel efficiency amongst others predicted to receive substantial investment will capitalize on approaching market analyze game changing developments from ` and speculation. We examine software, movements existing and emerging telematics leaders to services and more Clem driscoll, Founder & Managing Partner, put market progress in context andy Fishman, VP, Vector Capital C.J Driscoll & Associates Sandeep Kar, global Program Manager, Matt Spetzler, VP, Francisco Partners Mark Licht, President, Licht & Associates Commercial Vehicles, automotive & Moderated by: C.J driscoll, Founder & Managing Transportation, Frost & Sullivan Partner, C.J Driscoll & Associates expert speakers include Call Telematics Update on (US tf) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 to speak to a member of the Fleet & Asset Management team
  5. 5. DAY 1 17 November 2010 breakthrough Technologies & Market game Changers John Deere Case ExCLUSIVE CASE STUDY Focused Working Group Discussion Raising the Bar for SUPER PANEL Study: Telematics Develop Winning Solutions for Your your Asset Management, Cargo Hardware Design & Manufacturing Target Market Tracking & Security Solutions This is your chance to sit at the table with Understand the hardware options available U.S. cargo theft resulted in a loss of $487 end users and engage them with your ideas, to your business and why a rugged design million in 2009, a 67% increase over 2008 products and solutions. brainstorming, sharing is vital to the success of your fleet and asset (Wall Street Journal). design, manufacture intelligence and feedback is the order of the day. management initiatives. and deploy competitive offerings in areas Through industry cooperation and of market demand. identify your core business strengths i.e. ` communication you can, and will, develop software or intellectual property items, to evaluate methods to increase in-transit ` stronger and more market competitive spot collaboration opportunities that will visibility and protection of physical and solutions! gain industry insight from the Fleets add value and sustainability to your tech intellectual assets across multi-modal themselves as to how your solutions can portfolio transportation. We examine the ocean, provide daily relevance and be best positioned rail, highway and aviation supply chains Quantify the benefit of partnership ` to compel market buy-in. gauge how your solution development ` with an on-vehicle hardware design evaluate the cost vs. benefit battle faced by ` needs to combat battery life and power and manufacturing specialist to assess fleet managers in order to grasp how your draw for remote asset tracking to ensure how joint ventures can add profitable offerings must operate to deliver increased your portfolio will compel end user dimensions to your business rOi and encourage adoption buy-in ` a look at the new John deere Take assess which value added services will ` compliment your portfolio and provide identify new and lucrative verticals ` telematics system made possible through primed for the adoption of your tracking the expanded capabilities of a custom fleet managers with the flexibility and functionality in demand across in-house, solutions and ascertain which method, embedded telematics hardware module rFid, gPS etc. is best positioned to leased and mixed fleets Todd a. braun, Manager, succeed in distinct markets Understand the fleet MrM purchase criteria ` business development, robert Furtado, President – CeO, Lojack to strengthen your market offerings and Phoenix International Sci Ken Connor, director of Sales, ensure your business will attract end user Louann Hausner, Quake Global buy-in Telematics Strategic Marketing Manager, Moderated by: roger dewey, All speakers and delegates to participate John Deere Managing Member, M2MV Exclusive Networking Event Insurance JUST ANNOUNCED Top 3 Reasons to Attend With over 200 industry leaders in Telematics in Practice 1. benefit from key industry intelligence attendance you’ll want a relaxed Full session details will be announced soon. and you will gain more in 2 days than you environment to meet, build relationships Check out the up to date online program at could from weeks of market research. and do business - with those professionals www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet for more details 2. Hand-picked experts will share vision important to your company. That’s why and insight with you. Profit from this we’ve organized the Telematics Update knowledge and create powerful new networking party as a fruitful conclusion strategies to overcome your business to day 1 of the challenges. conference – 17 november 2010. 3. Claim your seat at the table with the industry elite to ensure you leave Make sure atlanta with your briefcase full of you keep your valuable contacts. diary free for Be sure you tell your industry this important colleagues about this event as you’ll networking event! maximize team learning by booking to attend in a team! expert speakers include Call Telematics Update on (US tf) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 to speak to a member of the Fleet & Asset Management team
  6. 6. DAY 2 18 November 2010 Winning business Models & Future Trends Hybrid & Electric SUPER PANEL CE Device Market Volume Boosts Opportunity Knocks as New Vehicles Present New Opportunities Use-Case for Handheld-Based Verticals are Spotted on the for Commercial Telematics Telematics Solutions Telematics Radar interest in electric and alternative fuel vehicles Handheld-based commercial telematics is assess how best to align your business ` (eVs & aFVs) and green fleet technologies gaining momentum via the connected Pnd, high with fresh industries and new market is on the rise in correlation with regulatory performance gPS-smartphones and more. demands to enter alternative verticals development. ` evaluate the pros and cons of handheld-based with minimum cost or risk associated Understand the Clean energy Jobs 5 and Oil ` solutions to ensure your business develops and with the venture Company accountability act of 2010 which delivers market competitive offerings discover which vertical markets will ` offers game changing transportation-related `Leverage remote and connected displays to offer maximum rOi for your cross- initiatives for natural gas-powered and plug- achieve compelling in-vehicle user experiences industry expansion and deployment, in vehicles for increasingly flexible, upgradable MrM we examine oil and gas, mining, smart identify tech elements vital to your eV and ` application sets grid and healthcare amongst others aFV portfolio to achieve longevity and daily `Utilize the mobile device ecosystem to speed time Hear how other industry leaders have ` relevance e.g. locating charge points, and to market, extend your work force management successfully sought out and entered battery charge level to overcome range portfolio and remain in synch with your new verticals to future-proof your anxiety connected enterprise customers strategies and benefit from best evaluate the next steps in development of ` Chad Sallman, Manager - business development, practice zero emission and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles Commercial Fleet Management, Garmin ron Meade, director – Sales, Pointer to understand how this future area offers new Cyril zeller, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, revenue channels for your company Mobile Devices The Convergence JUST ANNOUNCED andy douglas, national Sales Manager, Leo Tang, Senior Marketing Manager, Field Service, Kenworth Trucks, PACCAR Research in Motion of Green Technologies Jason Koch, President OnTrack division, Telogis We examine the amplification of business considerations and opportunities A New Agenda for OEM INSIGHT presented by emerging technologies JUST The Open and Mobile ANNOUNCED Remote Vehicle Diagnostics (RVD) & in the telematics, smart grid, electric Platform for Small and Driver Behavior Management vehicles space. Medium Enterprise The FMCSa Comprehensive Safety analysis 2010 Combining automotive, utility, and ` The future of competitive MrM solutions (CSa 2010) initiative ensures driver behaviour clean tech expertise to utilize cross lies in delivering increased functionality and management remain areas of continual focus and industry know how and achieve interoperability via flexible software platforms. development. dominance in the commercial green `assess the CSa 2010 compliance model for a new fleet space. discover which platforms will best offer ` cheap and upgradable application nationwide communication system to understand Mark Smith, VP Strategic Consulting, environments to drive penetration in small the opportunities arising for your business to GE Capital Fleet Services to medium fleets seize profit assess OeM methods to align offerings at ` `reveal how implementation of driver behaviour the appropriate price-point to increase fleet management systems and concise workforce data penetration rates and tap into the lucrative aggregation can reduce risk and liability for your small feet market end users identify the relevant features and enterprise ` `identify and implement key data streams to aid LbS applications OeMs will enable to build fleet managers minimize costs i.e vehicle routing, Registration consumer loyalty and long term buy-in from fuel efficiency and driver behaviour to strengthen the commercial fleet market your commercial tech portfolio options bill Frykman, business & Product development Manager, Ford Motor Company Colin Sutherland, Vice President - Sales, Geotab Mike McQuade, Chief Technical Officer, Zonar Systems and prices Silver Sponsors: badge Sponsor: Folder Sponsor: Lanyard Sponsor: USb Sponsor: Co Sponsor: Call Telematics Update on (US tf) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 or (Global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 to speak to a member of the Fleet & Asset Management team
  7. 7. 9th Annual Organized by: FLEET & ASSET MANAGEMENT USA 17-18 November 2010, Marriott Atlanta Downtown, GA, USA HOTEL DISCOUNTS! Remember that Telematics Update has regiSTer nOW in 3 eaSy STePS secured you a preferential hotel rate at the Marriott Atlanta Downtown. Full details will be sent to you upon registration. 1. Select Your Registration Package EARLY BIRD PRICE LAST CHANCE FULL Pass Type SAVE $200 SAVE $100 PricE Expires September 24 Expires 22 October 2010 GOld Pass • 2 day conference pass • Access to all conference presentation slides $1,595 $1,695 $1,795 • Full audio recording of the conference sIlVer Pass • 2 day conference pass $1,495 $1,595 $1,695 • Access to all conference presentation slides All Passes Include: 16 Focused Industry Sessions Exclusive Networking Event DISCOUNT CODE: Full Access to the Exhibition Floor 2 Months Access to TU’s Online Networking Suite Networking Coffee and Lunch Breaks Post-Conference Presentation Slides This is your unique discount code, use it online and you will get an extra $50 off 2. Enter Attendee details Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: Company: Position/Title: Telephone: Fax: Email: Address: Zipcode: Country: 3. Payment Options I enclose a check/draft for: Credit card number: (Payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Expiry date: Security number: Please invoice my company: Name on card: Purchase Order Number: Signature: Please charge my credit card: Amex Visa Mastercard CaLL 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 (US t/f ) or MORE FaX THiS FOrM baCK TO WAYS TO FaX: +44 (0) 207 375 7585 (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7576 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 REGISTER eMaiL: fleet@telematicsupdate.com OnLine: www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet TerMS & COndiTiOnS if you have to cancel: Places are transferable without any charge. Limited in a timely manner. if your payment has not been received before the event a credit card Cancellations before 27 august, 2010 incur an administrative charge of 25%. if you cancel payment will be required at the time of check in. discounts: Only one discount at a time can your registration after 27 august, 2010 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note: be applied. individuals cannot avail of 2 discount schemes simultaneously as per management you must notify Telematics Update in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to guidelines. Super early bird and early bird Price are discount offers. For example, if you are using a charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program without discount code, the discount will be deducted from the standard price of the conference pass i.e. notice. Method of Payment: in order to guarantee that your check-in process is fast, efficient gold Pass price $1795, Silver Pass Price $1695. and all lines are avoided please make sure your payment is received by FC business intelligence
  8. 8. Organized by: THE MOST FOCUSED CONFERENCE FOR THE COMMERCIAL TELEMATICS & VEHICLE ICT INDUSTRY SAVE $250 when you register by Friday 24 Sept 2010. Priority code inside FLEET & ASSET MANAGEMENT USA 9th Annual Conference & Exhibition, 17 - 18 November 2010, Atlanta, GA, USA Fleet ICT Poised for Growth: Prepare Multifunctional, Upgradeable Solutions to Meet Requirements and Drive ROI Why You’ll Benefit From Attending Fleet & Industry Buzz about Fleet Asset Management USA 2010 & Asset Management USA 1 KEY FlEET TElEMATiCS iNTElliGENCE: You’ll get up to date on the latest industry developments and learn what your business needs to deliver to remain “ Fleet & Asset Management was extremely valuable - both during the conference presentations and the competitive in this highly competitive market networking opportunities GET NoTiCED, GET iNVolVED: Every session has been created with your 2 business as the priority. Make the most of our expert speakers, interactive power panel sessions and over 20 hours of networking to make key contacts NETWoRK, NETWoRK, NETWoRK: 200+ delegates in just 2 days! 2009 was fantastic! We met all the 3 Make the most of every opportunity including the pre and post show online networking center “ decision makers for key companies, as well as decision makers for new 4 HAND-PiCKED CoMMERCiAl TElEMATiCS SPEAKERS: focused sessions, latest technologies and next gen trends showcased at this event to innovative companies make it worth your time Focused and valuable agenda around 5 No SAlES PiTCHES: Fleet and Asset Management USA 2010 is an independent forum committed to providing you with the tools and perspective to drive your business forwards and push end user adoption to new heights. “ new telematics industry concepts, partnerships and technology along with the ability to catch up with industry Every single presentation is rigorously reviewed to ensure you get nothing but contacts the best industry insight OPEN NOW! Dynamic • For the Full Program • interactive sessions bRAND Conference • Top-notch speaker line up • Exclusive discount & registration form NEW F Program, New oR Speakers & 2010 Industry Topics FACT! Re-Invent 9th Annual Fleet 200+ Executive Delegates 20+ Hours of Exclusive Networking & Asset Management USA 30+ Expert industry Speakers in-depth industry Case Studies looK iNSiDE for what’s new in 2010! 16+ business Focused Sessions Dynamic Panel Discussions MARKETiNG PARTNERS: open now to view the full conference program, expert speaker line up, exhibition opportunities and registration options Visit www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet for all the latest announcements