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Erica geneva-moro


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An Open and low cost solution for EEG monitoring in Pediatric ICU

Published in: Technology, Business
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Erica geneva-moro

  1. 1. E.R.I.C.A.Electroencephalographic Resuscitation Index Computer AidedGianluca.Moro @ unipd.itTechnical Overview
  2. 2. The Goal:An Open and low costsolution forEEG monitoring inPediatric ICU
  3. 3. EEG reading: the challenge
  4. 4. EEG reading: what is it?
  5. 5. EEG reading: almost clear
  6. 6. Clear! But ... the meaning???
  7. 7. Professional Setup
  8. 8. Consumer Setup+
  9. 9. Professional vs. ConsumerQuality/CostProfessional ConsumerApplicationProfessional YES Work in progressConsumer WHY? YES
  10. 10. Project Overview: the Goal• Where: Pediatric ICU• Usage: Continuous bedside EEG monitoring• Requests:– Medical validation– Available for each patient– Low cost– Easy to use
  11. 11. Project Overview: the final setup• EEG:– dry sensor technology– Setup easy and confortable• User Interface– Usable by nurse and even relatives– Inspired to ASG (Augmentative Serious Game)theory
  12. 12. Current choices• EEG:– Emotiv Epoc• User Interface– Linux PC or Android tablet+
  13. 13. A feasibility test• EEG acquisition device: Emotiv Epoc• Preelaboration: Linux box• TCP/IP communication channel to– OpenVibe– Matlab– Android– …• Elaboration• The question is: can Emotiv record evoked potential?
  14. 14. Acquisition device• Emotiv Epoc– Dry sensors, wireless connection– HID (Human Interface Device) standardcommunication protocol– Packet encrypted (AES)– Raw data stream available via SDK– Independent/unofficial projects (EmoKit) exists onthe web to decode the realtime stream
  15. 15. Preprocess• Realtime acquisition box: a box used to acquirerealtime data and send to the desired application foranalysis or other:– a linux box (HID is supported in default kernel)– data decoding– Open a TCP/IP socket for data streaming tothe application
  16. 16. Process• When data are available, can be sent tospecific software …– OpenVive (to test EEG elaboration algorithms)– MatLab (with the EEGlab suite)– Quick and dirty Python tests :-)– Android specific app
  17. 17. … to OpenVibeEmotiv data acquired and visualized with OpenVibe
  18. 18. … to EEGlabData imported to EEGlab, with Oddball paradigm events
  19. 19. Oddball paradigm in Python2 seconds acquisition around a rare event (sample 128): a P300 evoked potential?
  20. 20. Conclusion• We can setup a measure chain from data to elaboration• With consumer devices and open source or commercial tools• For details:• Can Emotiv record a P300 evoked potential?• Ready to pass on to neurological signal elaboration experts!