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Erica geneva-moro

  1. E.R.I.C.A. Electroencephalographic Resuscitation Index Computer Aided Gianluca.Moro @ Technical Overview
  2. The Goal: An Open and low cost solution for EEG monitoring in Pediatric ICU
  3. EEG reading: the challenge
  4. EEG reading: what is it?
  5. EEG reading: almost clear
  6. Clear! But ... the meaning???
  7. Professional Setup
  8. Consumer Setup +
  9. Professional vs. Consumer Quality/Cost Professional Consumer Application Professional YES Work in progress Consumer WHY? YES
  10. Project Overview: the Goal • Where: Pediatric ICU • Usage: Continuous bedside EEG monitoring • Requests: – Medical validation – Available for each patient – Low cost – Easy to use
  11. Project Overview: the final setup • EEG: – dry sensor technology – Setup easy and confortable • User Interface – Usable by nurse and even relatives – Inspired to ASG (Augmentative Serious Game) theory
  12. Current choices • EEG: – Emotiv Epoc • User Interface – Linux PC or Android tablet +
  13. A feasibility test • EEG acquisition device: Emotiv Epoc • Preelaboration: Linux box • TCP/IP communication channel to – OpenVibe – Matlab – Android – … • Elaboration • The question is: can Emotiv record evoked potential?
  14. Acquisition device • Emotiv Epoc – Dry sensors, wireless connection – HID (Human Interface Device) standard communication protocol – Packet encrypted (AES) – Raw data stream available via SDK – Independent/unofficial projects (EmoKit) exists on the web to decode the realtime stream
  15. Preprocess • Realtime acquisition box: a box used to acquire realtime data and send to the desired application for analysis or other: – a linux box (HID is supported in default kernel) – data decoding – Open a TCP/IP socket for data streaming to the application
  16. Process • When data are available, can be sent to specific software … – OpenVive (to test EEG elaboration algorithms) – MatLab (with the EEGlab suite) – Quick and dirty Python tests :-) – Android specific app
  17. … to OpenVibe Emotiv data acquired and visualized with OpenVibe
  18. … to EEGlab Data imported to EEGlab, with Oddball paradigm events
  19. Oddball paradigm in Python 2 seconds acquisition around a rare event (sample 128): a P300 evoked potential?
  20. Conclusion • We can setup a measure chain from data to elaboration • With consumer devices and open source or commercial tools • For details: • Can Emotiv record a P300 evoked potential? • Ready to pass on to neurological signal elaboration experts!