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Erica geneva-mancin


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Erica geneva-mancin

  1. 1. E.R.I.C.A.Electroencephalographic Resuscitation Index Computer AidedRoberto Mancina study about mutism inPediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
  2. 2. InputSensoryOutputFree will MotorChild-Computer-InteractionFirst InchMUTEMUTEMUTE01011
  3. 3. Last mileSensory Free willASG EEGLast mile vs First inch in PICUFirst Inch
  4. 4. ERICA: a study about mutism in PICU• Access to Assistive/Augmentative SeriousGame (ASG) by children who can hear butcannot talk• Medical: inopportunity to speak but can hear• Selective: inability to speak but can hear• LIS (akinetic): voiceless and paralyzed but…• CLIS: Complete Locked-In Status but ???• Brain death
  5. 5. 29/8/1992: from bike to coma
  6. 6. From Deep Coma to RecoveryDeep ComaArosual (eye opening)Awareness (no reflex movements)Phase 0: inability to answer: yes/no/?Phase 1: ability only to answer: yes/no/?Out of ICU(…)Out of hospital(…)Recovery
  7. 7. Phase 0
  8. 8. Demo:
  9. 9. ERICAElectroencephalographic ResuscitationIndex Computer Aided• It is assumed that theyounger is the patient themore severe and potentiallyirreversible are traumaticeffects
  10. 10. ERICAElectroencephalographic ResuscitationIndex Computer Aided• In phase 0 awarness level isvariable with time• A Computer Aided Index is avery important tool• to evaluate awarnesslevel in PICU many timesduring the day• to listen to the deep…
  11. 11. Questions?