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Resume Fall 08

  1. 1. Rahul Malik 105 E. Armory Avenue - Champaign, IL 61820 Tel: 216-262-2691 Email: EDUCATION UnIVERSITY oF ILLInoIS AT URbAnA-ChAMPAIgn (UIUC), Champaign, IL College of Engineering: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (2009) Specialization: Human and Computer Interaction and Social Visualizations EXPERIENCE Entrepreneur/President/Lead Developer - - Champaign, IL January 2008- September 2008 • Designed a productivity tool to handle the overload of social network notifications in your inbox. • Lead 5 employees to deploy an alpha level product in under 6 weeks. • Trained employees to use Python, Django Framework, and the MVC design pattern. • Networked with other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers and accountants. • Prioritized features and managed the development progress towards our alpha release. • Designed deployment process using Apache, PostgreSQL and Gentoo Linux Software Developer Intern - Yahoo! Inc - Santa Clara, CA May 2007- August 2007 • Designed a social mapping platform that allowed users to embed, share, and create custom maps. • Researched and prototyped a procedure for overlaying custom data sets from Yahoo! Pipes onto Yahoo! Maps to compete with Google’s Mapplets. • Researched the capability of utilizing elevation data sets to create a three dimensional map display option. • Prototyped a “mashup builder” that extends the social mapping platform by incorporating code generation. • Produced over 20 code usage examples and documented the Yahoo Maps AJAX API v3.7. Vice President - Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Alpha Alpha Chapter - Champaign, IL Fall 2006 • Administered over 12 chairman positions and coordinated all internal fraternity activities • Directed efforts toward meeting charter requirements • Designed the Enlightened Leaders Academy, a leadership-training program that has been implemented nationwide starting Fall 2008 to over 100 universities. • Designed and Implemented a new academic plan that raised chapter GPA from 31st to 10th among all frater- nities and exceeded the “All Men’s Campus Average GPA.” Recruitment Director - Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Alpha Alpha Chapter - Champaign, IL Spring 2005-2006 • Coordinated 28 men to execute an 8 week rush period. • Increased membership by 71% to 48 members • Designed a Recruitment Plan in order to ensure success in recruitment in the future. RECENT PROJECTS Speakli ( • Developed a site to produce niche microblogging services in under 24 hours • Yahoo University Hackday Overall Winner (2nd place) Fall 2008 • Best Mobile Hack Award and use of Yahoo Blueprint. • Developed application to provide instant messaging capabilities to any site that has a social graph. • Architected the application such that new networks could be added with ease and that we could facilitate cross network communication via Jabber/XMPP. MyMapr (internal to Yahoo! Inc.) • Wrote client-side Javascript to interface with Yahoo! Pipes, Yahoo! Maps AJAX API, Flickr API, Upcoming API, and Yahoo! Local API. • Finalist at the LMC Yahoo Internal Hackday competition, Summer 2007 YApplets (internal to Yahoo! Inc.) • Reverse engineered Google Mapplets • Created a prototype using Yahoo! Pipes as a data source to compete with Google Mapplets. • Prototyped a simple specification to demonstrate the concept for LMC Hackday. SKILLS Languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, OCaml, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C/C++/C# Web Frameworks/Libraries: Django, Ruby on Rails, YUI, JQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Mootools, WPF Tools/Enviroments: SVN, CVS, Firebug, YSlow, JUnit, VIM, Trac