UHI Millennium Institute, HoTLS, Preparing for Subject Review, 2008-09


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PowerPoint presentation of preparations required for internal Subject Review 2008-09

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UHI Millennium Institute, HoTLS, Preparing for Subject Review, 2008-09

  1. 1. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 1Preparing for QAA SubjectReview 2008-09
  2. 2. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 2Introduction• In November 2009, UHI will carry out a subject reviewin the area of– Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure & Sport• Note: unlike the 2005-06 review, this will not be beingconducted by QAA – but many of the processes andoutcomes remain the same• These slides explain the process of subject review andlook at how Academic Partners can prepare for it.
  3. 3. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 3Why have a Review?• Subject review is an important element ofUHI’s quality assurance processes. It providesassurance to UHI and to external stakeholders of the standardsof awards and the quality of the learning experience for highereducation provided within the institution.• Internal subject review is required for allScottish Higher Education Institutions, to meetthe requirements of the QAA and the ScottishFunding Council.
  4. 4. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 4Purpose of a Review• To provide assurance that the requirements of thestandards of awards and the quality of students’learning experiences are met.• The subject review is complementary to programmebased quality processes such as annual monitoring,programme approval and external examination andmoderation.• The review will make evidence-based judgements onhow effective current provision within a subject is,identify best practice for sharing within UHI and makerecommendations on how the subject area mightdevelop.
  5. 5. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 5Features of the review process• Review of all Higher Education provision within theSubject Network– Undergraduate– Postgraduate– CPD• Peer review– by reviewers who understand the subject• Review against the aims of the subject provider (theseare in the self-evaluation document: see slide 7)
  6. 6. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 6What will the reviewers do?• The reviewers will:– consider the self-evaluation document (see slide 7)– look at documents– compare provision along outlines from QAASubject Review Handbook– meet staff– meet students– consider teaching facilities– consider support facilities– consider online and distance learning material
  7. 7. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 7Self-evaluation document• The self-evaluation document is central to theprocess of subject review.• A self-evaluation document (SED) will beprepared for each subject area beingreviewed in UHI.• The statements made in the SED are testedby the reviewers. It is important for staff toknow what is in the SED.
  8. 8. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 8Aims of provision• The aims of the provision are set out in theSED. The aims of a subject provider look at:– What the subject provision seeks to achieve– How the aims relate to external indicators (e.g.employer expectations)– The general attributes of that subject’s graduates• UHI reviewers will be interested in how theseaims are being achieved and in how thelearning outcomes relate to the aims.
  9. 9. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 9What areas are being reviewed?The review will look at three major areas:• Academic standards (degree courses only)• Quality of learning opportunities (both degree and HN courses).Within this area, 3 aspects are examined:– Teaching and learning– Student progression– Effective use of learning resources• Maintenance and enhancement of standards and quality
  10. 10. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 10What do reviewers look at in these areas?• In academic standards, reviewers will check that– learning outcomes are clear and appropriate– curricula and assessment allow learning outcomes to beachieved effectively• In learning opportunities, reviewers will examine– effectiveness of teaching and learning in relation to aims andcurricula– student progression: how students are managed through theprogramme (recruitment, academic support, progression)– what learning resources are available and how effectively theyare used• Maintenance and enhancement of standards and quality– how quality issues are dealt with across the institution
  11. 11. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 11Who’s involved in UHI?Subject Review Subcommittee Committee of UHI Academic Standards andQuality Committee: manages subject reviewsSubject leaders Co-ordinate the writing of SEDs; leadpreparation of subject teams; collect andmanage documentsSubject review facilitators Liaise between reviewers and UHI subjectleaders; help colleges to present themselves toreviewersFaculties Support subject networks and leaders; provideguidance throughout processAcademic Registry team Support subject leaders and review facilitators;manage review and approval of SEDs; liaisewith QAAAcademic Partner staff Meet with reviewers; may be involved in subjectteam preparationsAcademic Partner students Meet with reviewers
  12. 12. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 12What evidence will thereviewers want to see?The following are examples of the types of evidence ordocuments that the reviewers will want to see.• Student handbooks• Student work, with feedback• Student evaluations• Course and subject documents• Course annual reports• External examiners’ reports• Exam board minutes• Quality committee minutes
  13. 13. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 13Who will the reviewers meet,and why?• The reviewers will meet with staff, and will want toknow about teaching strategies and how these relateto the assessments and learning outcomes of thecourse.• The reviewers will not observe teaching, but will meetstudents and look at learning materials and studentevaluations.• The reviewers will want to meet either employersdirectly related to delivered provision or graduates ofprovision in local employment.
  14. 14. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 14Preparing for review visits• Review visits should allow the reviewers tomeet relevant staff and students (who shouldunderstand the purpose of review), examineappropriate evidence, and see the strongestfeatures of the provision.• The subject review facilitator will help eachAcademic Partner to prepare a programmefor the review visit.
  15. 15. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 15What will the reviewers expectstaff to be aware of?• The purpose of subject review• The SED for the subject area• UHI Academic Regulations• UHI Staff Guide• UHI Academic Register• Staff development
  16. 16. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 16What will the outcome of thereview be?• Once the review is complete, UHI will publisha report on the subject provision.• The report may name examples of goodpractice and weakness in individual AcademicPartners.• Therefore, managing the review visits so thatreviewers see the best aspects of provision isvery important.
  17. 17. Preparing for UHI Subject Review 2008-09 17The review report• The subject review report for each area willcover:– Description of review process– Aims of subject provider– Evaluation of quality of learning opportunitiesprovided and academic standards provided– Conclusions and judgements– One-page summary