UHI Millennium Institute, Business and Leisure - Network Vision (2010)


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PowerPoint presentation outlining Subject Network vision statement (2010)

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UHI Millennium Institute, Business and Leisure - Network Vision (2010)

  1. 1. Subject NetworkLeadershipBusiness and LeisureDr Rob MacphersonNorth Highland College UHI20thApril 2010
  2. 2. “the aim of subjectnetworks is to improvecollaboration andenhance the studentexperience”At inception:
  3. 3. UHIFaculty ofBusiness, Leisure& ManagementFaculty ofHealthFaculty ofScience & TechnologyFaculty ofArts & HumanitiesComputing and ITSNArgyllNorthHighlandLochaberLews CastleInvernessShetlandPerthOrkneyManagementSchoolBusiness & Leisure SNThe network
  4. 4. How to engageeffectively with thesubject network
  5. 5. Through: communication strategic and operational planning organisation management leadership team building and staff development motivation
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION engaged open responsive respectful courteous trusted internal first timely accurate honest consistent positive
  7. 7. NETWORK STRATEGY planned participative purposeful prioritised pragmatic (when it needs to be)
  8. 8. ORGANISATION experienced administratively competent known to new network staff good relationship with Dean visible approachable
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT forecasting the future planning for that future organising activity/opportunities directing activity co-ordinating staff teams monitoring and “controlling”
  10. 10. LEADERSHIP recognising UHI’s future path planning for change, growth and risk organising responses to challenges directing innovative approaches co-ordinating network effectively monitoring and controlling quality
  11. 11. TEAMWORK responsive to needs instruction/training mentoring/buddying group “brown bags” (e.g. HEA) non-threatening flexible and adaptable recognise the need for cultural shiftto develop comfort with UHI’s context
  12. 12. STAFF DEVELOPMENT scholarship at the heart student experience will benefit teaching and learning pedagogy sharing existing good practice comfort with blended learning qualifications upgrading research valued and encouraged
  13. 13. MOTIVATION interesting work involvement/responsibility recognition of effort pride in achievement professional development personal development
  14. 14. How to progress theFaculty Plan
  15. 15. 1. DEFINE GOALSFor the network, these should be: clear apparent relevant achievable challenging fulfilling
  16. 16. Achieve this by: regular, effective communication inclusion of all network members subject network meetings (not committees) (micro-)network development days working groups engagement with LEARN & others
  17. 17. 2. PLAN TARGETSFor the network, these will relate to: curriculum flexibility (not called consolidation) sustainability student access and progression local/regional/national relevance short-/medium-/long-term awareness distinctiveness
  18. 18. Achieve this by: curriculum knowledge partner knowledge financial awareness student consciousness political antennae originality and innovation
  19. 19. 3. KEY PEOPLEEngage with key internals/externals: early adopters are powerful allies collaboration = clarity of purpose can persuade fence-sitters can help combat “foes” vital in communication chain
  20. 20. Achieve this by: listening regular, effective communication academic & industry collaborations value of scholarship/research engaged with external environment promotion and marketing
  21. 21. 4. MONITOR, ENHANCE& REPEAT/CHANGEFor the network, these will relate to: never forgetting the student quality assurance quality enhancement risks can be worth taking cost/price must not be the sole factor not afraid to say “we were wrong”
  22. 22. Achieve this by: annual monitoring process regular quality testing sharing best practice managing risk building staff confidence promoting reflection and flexibility
  23. 23. BENEFITSWith a clear network operational plan, strongly linked tothe faculty and UHI strategic plans (and aware of theneeds of different academic partners and communities)it would be hoped that the following would benefit: students staff academic partners businesses Highlands & Islands communities
  24. 24. My contribution
  25. 25. PERSONALITY competent energetic decisive reliable persistent flexible knowledgeable
  26. 26. BACKGROUND research active – tourism, business viability teaching active (SCQF 6-12) “hard” networker inter-faculty PGT mentor Research/Dissertation supervisor Cross-faculty experience Future teaching? – SQCF 9-12– Management & Leadership
  27. 27. PERSONAL GOALS Provide a clear focus on key issuesand concerns on the right things Get the whole network involvedthrough effective communication Act consistently over time, to embedtrust Demonstrate - through actions - care,respect and awareness of issues Create empowering opportunities thatcan involve all network members
  28. 28. Thank You