UHI Millennium Institute, Institutional Vision (2009); originally delivered by James Fraser


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PowerPoint presentation concerning institutional positioning and vision; originally delivered by James Fraser, Principal of UHI to the Subject Network Leaders (2009)

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UHI Millennium Institute, Institutional Vision (2009); originally delivered by James Fraser

  1. 1. Creating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  2. 2. Development of Scottishuniversities The ancients (15th& 16thcenturies): St Andrews, Aberdeen,Glasgow, Edinburgh The chartered universities (1960s): Strathclyde, Heriot Watt,Dundee, Stirling The post-1992 universities: Abertay, West of Scotland,Robert Gordon, Glasgow Caledonian, Napier 2007: Queen Margaret University, EdinburghCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  3. 3. Development of UHI 1992 Project established 1996 Millennium Commission funding 2001 Higher education institution status 2002 Research funding 2004 Parity of funding for teaching 2005 Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Strathclydeagree to support university title application 2008 Taught degree awarding powers University title thereafterCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  4. 4. UHI missionTo be a distinctive and innovative regional university of nationaland international significance; a university with a pivotal rolein the educational, economic, social, cultural andenvironmental infrastructure of its region and which reachesout to the people of the Highlands and Islands and the rest ofthe world through its research and teaching.Creating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  5. 5. Why UHI? Meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce Provide local access to higher education for mature (non-geographicallymobile) students and a local study option for school leavers Attract young and mature students to the region to study and undertakeresearch Undertake research of regional and international significance in nicheareas based on the geography, environment, industries, culture andsocial needs of the region Create high-value jobs, through both direct employment and throughcommercialisation of research and spin-out businessesCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  6. 6. Structure of UHI Twelve partners Further education colleges Specialist colleges Research institutions Over 100 outreach learningcentres Using technology to help peoplelearn with and from each otherCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  7. 7. The UHIdifference A distinctive ‘new generation’ lifelong learning university A seamless combination of further (craft and skills) andhigher (university-level) education Research-based but with an applied and vocational focus Distributed partnership model – sustaining and enhancinglocal communities throughout the region Addressing local and regional needs, but outward lookingand of international significanceCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  8. 8. Profile Over 7500 students on university-level courses 60% of students over 25 years of age and 62% studying part-time Over 1600 undergraduate and postgraduate degree awards A developing research portfolio of international standing Independently assessed quality standards equivalent to longestablished universitiesCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  9. 9. UHI AwardsCreating the University of the Highlands and IslandsAward 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08HNC 418 719 867 985 982 945 1156HND 74 277 291 464 375 326 435Other SQA 19 58 137 219 242 304 412total SQA 511 1,054 1,295 1,668 1,599 1,575 2003Hons 0 9 11 16 14 21 48Ord 164 164 189 211 209 229 193MA/Sc 4 3 6 10 3 13 34total degrees 168 176 206 237 226 263 275
  10. 10. Funding 2007-08Creating the University of the Highlands and IslandsFunding Council (Teaching) £22.0mStudent fees and contracts £5.6mFunding Council (Research) £2.9mOther SFC grants £0.4mOther research grants and contracts £3.9mOther £4.1m£38.9m
  11. 11. Route to University Title 1999 Act – Route via Quality Assurance Agency taught Degree Awarding Powers (tDAP) … 2008 research Degree Awarding Powers (rDAP)(Replaced by sponsorship model: Aberdeen, Edinburgh andStrathclyde Universities) University Title … 20??Creating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  12. 12. Faculties and subjectnetworksCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesArts and Social Studies; Creative and Cultural Industries; Education; Gaelic andother contemporary languages; Theology and Religious Studies Business and LeisureBusiness and Management; Tourism, Leisure and Sport HealthHealth and Social Care; Beauty and Associated Therapies Science and TechnologyAgriculture; Natural Sciences; Sustainable Development; Marine Science;Engineering; Construction
  13. 13. Blendedlearning Face-to-face Video-conferencing / audio conferencing Electronic communications (e-mail, chat, discussion boards) On-line (Virtual Learning Environment) Printed materials Local or on-line study support Dedicated student advisorCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  14. 14. Regional DevelopmentCreating the University of the Highlands and IslandsRegional Development‘Great economies are built on great universities’Bill Joy, former CEO of Sun SystemsSmart, Successful Highlands and Islands,Highlands and Islands Enterprise:‘Priority for Action:Harnessing the University of the Highlands and Islands as a “globalmagnet”, enriching the region’s academic, cultural and creative mix andproviding a driver for knowledge transfer and commercialisation’
  15. 15. ResearchCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands Marine and Environmental Science (SAMS, Perth, NorthHighland) Health (Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science, Centre for RuralHealth, Clinical Research Facility) Renewable Energy (Lews Castle, Shetland, Orkney, NorthHighland, Perth) Nordic Studies (Orkney and Shetland Colleges)
  16. 16. Research continuedCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands Gaelic Language and Culture (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Lews Castle) Highlands & Islands History (North Highland) Centre for Remote and Rural Studies (Inverness) Agronomy (Orkney) Theology (Highland Theological College) Archaeology and Geophysics (Orkney)
  17. 17. RAE 2008 ResultsCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands2008 Rank order Institution12 University of Edinburgh=14 University of St Andrews=33 University of Glasgow38 University of Aberdeen=40 University of Dundee=45 Heriot-Watt University50 University of Strathclyde=56 University of Stirling=66 Edinburgh College of Art87 Robert Gordon University=93 Glasgow Caledonian University=96 UHI Millennium Institute=107 University of the West of Scotland=109 University of Abertay Dundee=109 Napier University129 Queen Margaret University Edinburgh
  18. 18. Creating the University of the Highlands and IslandsA Growing PartnershipIndividual small and remote institutions02000400060008000100001200014000160001800020000TheUniversityofEdinburghTheUniversityofGlasgowTheUniversityofStrathclydeGlasgowCaledonianUniversityTheUniversityofAberdeenAberdeenCollegeTheUniversityofDundeeJamesWattCollegeofFurther&HigherNapierUniversityAdamSmithCollegeTheRobertGordonUniversityTheUniversityofPaisleyEdinburghsTelfordCollegeDundeeCollegeTheUniversityofStirlingForthValleyCollegeOpenUniversityinScotlandTheUniversityofStAndrewsHeriot-WattUniversityStevensonCollegeMotherwellCollegeGlasgowMetropolitanCollegeUHIMillenniumInstituteReidKerrCollegeLangsideCollegeCardonaldCollegeUniversityofAbertayDundeeCentralCollegeofCommerceJewelandEskValleyCollegeStowCollegeClydebankCollegeLauderCollegeGlasgowCollegeofNauticalStudiesQueenMargaretUniversityAyrCollegePerthCollegeInvernessCollegeKilmarnockCollegeAnnieslandCollegeBellCollegeNorthGlasgowCollegeWestLothianCollegeAngusCollegeMorayCollegeBanff&BuchanCollegeofFurtherEducationSouthLanarkshireCollegeCoatbridgeCollegeCumbernauldCollegeDumfriesandGallowayCollegeBordersCollegeGlasgowSchoolofArtTheNorthHighlandCollegeJohnWheatleyCollegeEdinburghCollegeofArtElmwoodCollegeLewsCastleCollegeTheRoyalScottishAcademyofMusicandDramaOatridgeAgriculturalCollegeOrkneyCollegeShetlandCollegeofFurtherEducationTheBaronyCollegeSabhalMorOstaigHighlandTheologicalCollegeUHIS.A.M.S.UHINewbattleAbbeyCollegeNorthAtlanticCollegeUHIArgyllCollegeUHILochaberCollegeUHINessFoundationUHIHEIs FTE 2006-07AP HE FTE 2006-07FEC; FE fte 2006-7
  19. 19. Creating the University of the Highlands and IslandsA Growing PartnershipTogether a significantresource-2,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,00014,00016,00018,00020,000TheUniversityofEdinburghTheUniversityofGlasgowTheUniversityofStrathclydeUHIPartnershipGlasgowCaledonianUniversityTheUniversityofAberdeenAberdeenCollegeTheUniversityofDundeeJamesWattCollegeofFurther&HigherEducationNapierUniversityAdamSmithCollegeEdinburghsTelfordCollegeDundeeCollegeTheRobertGordonUniversityOpenUniversityinScotlandForthValleyCollegeTheUniversityofPaisleyTheUniversityofStirlingTheUniversityofStAndrewsHeriot-WattUniversityStevensonCollegeGlasgowMetropolitanCollegeReidKerrCollegeMotherwellCollegeLangsideCollegeCardonaldCollegeUniversityofAbertayDundeeCentralCollegeofCommerceJewelandEskValleyCollegeStowCollegeClydebankCollegeLauderCollegeGlasgowCollegeofNauticalStudiesQueenMargaretUniversityCollege,EdinburghAyrCollegeKilmarnockCollegeAnnieslandCollegeNorthGlasgowCollegeWestLothianCollegeSouthLanarkshireCollegeAngusCollegeBellCollegeBanff&BuchanCollegeofFurtherEducationCoatbridgeCollegeCumbernauldCollegeDumfriesandGallowayCollegeBordersCollegeJohnWheatleyCollegeGlasgowSchoolofArtElmwoodCollegeOatridgeAgriculturalCollegeEdinburghCollegeofArtTheRoyalScottishAcademyofMusicandDramaNewbattleAbbeyCollegeTheBaronyCollegeHEIs FTE (2006-07)FECs FTE (2006-07)UHI Partnership
  20. 20. The messageCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands Meeting the needs of lifelong learners with high qualityprogrammes and support Addressing skills gaps and employer demand Building a knowledge economy Overcoming geographic barriers Engaged with employers and the wider community Making best use of resources through networking and sharedservices Delivering the government’s priorities and objectives
  21. 21. University of the Highlandsand Islands DevelopmentTrustPatrons:The Rt Hon the Lord JamesMackay of Clashfern KTRobert L McDowell,Vice President InformationWorker Business Value,Microsoft CorporationCreating the University of the Highlands and Islands
  22. 22. University of the Highlandsand Islands‘Overcoming the tyranny ofgeography.’‘Helping make the Highlands andIslands wealthier and fairer,smarter, healthier, safer andstronger, and greener’Creating the University of the Highlands and Islands